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61 Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now
62 SSX Tricky

Not exactly a game, but it have a lot of realistic car physics in the normal used and in the crashes and the scenarys are great and they give to the player a lot of options to destroy his car or even have an normal drive.

Duh best and most realistic driving game to date

Most realistic racing game ever. - MrVixen

64 PGR 3

This is the most realistic game I have seen so far this. People don't like this game because they can't play. This game determines the true talent of gamer

This deserves WAY higher than 70th place.

Full realistic

66 South Park Rally
67 rFactor

Lot of car, track & other

68 Need for Speed: Rivals

I've had this game on Xbox 360 and I loved it. It has action, adventure, and excitement. 8.9/10

Most Awesome Game I've ever seen!

69 NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Best racing game of all time: you can add mods, tracks, cars - not just NASCAR either! The physics are amazing and the car setups are easy to understand but challenging to create. You can modify almost anything in this game - graphics, etc. And it still runs great despite its age!

This is what I would get if I had a Windows 7 computer. My mom says I should be 16 but she doesn't see WHY I want Windows 7. It plays the 2 greatest PC games of all time: Minecraft and NR2003

Probably the only NASCAR game that has aged well. Despite the developer being killed by EA, the community has kept the game going strong, with updating cars and tracks, etc. It is a realistic racing game and has been regularly played by several NASCAR drivers, including a rookie driver who won at Pocono on his first try (Very difficult track) after practicing it in this game. Its extremely modable so it can be updated with the latest cars and tracks and a functional online multiplayer (50+ active racing leagues).

70 Need for Speed: Shift

Why is this so low? In my opinion it has to be in the top tens! And in my opinion it's better than all those street racing stuff..

One of the best on handheld console - yasirzxzxzx

Professional racing at it's peak! Shift offers many cars that are customizable in many ways. The tracks are tricky and challenging. - avi_026

71 WRC: FIA World Rally Championship
72 Sonic Sega All Stars Racing
73 SpongeBob's Boating Bash
74 F1 2011
75 Flatout: Ultimate Carnage

The most realistic racing game of all time.

76 F1: 2012
77 Dirt Rally

This game was recommended when one day I asked for a good game for my g29 and he recommended this game and when I first played this I fell in love with it

This game is amazing I got it for my lodgitech g29 and it was awesome this game should be 1

78 Trials Evolution
79 Deca Sports


80 Crash Nitro Kart
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FM6. Best ever
Hidden Gems #20 Crash Nitro Kart
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