Top Ten Best The Raconteurs Songs


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1 Steady As She Goes
2 Salute Your Solution

An overall great song. I cannot think of another song by thins group (or any other) that compares to this song in any way. To bad the white stripes broke up they where one of the few groups on par with this one.

Damn Killer Riff Hot damnium

3 Many Shades of Black
4 The Switch and the Spur
5 Broken Boy Soldier
6 Old Enough

This is the first song I heard of them. I think is amazing. You look pretty in your fancy dress But I detect unhappiness. You never speak so I have to guess, You're not free. Deep lyrics

My parents cover that song and it was better than the original. - Danteem

7 Consolers of the Lonely

Refreshingly different, this song kicks a$$!

You might love this song IF YOU'RE LOOKINg' FOR AN ACCOMPLICE - xandermartin98

8 Level
9 Top Yourself
10 You Don't Understand Me

WHAT?! Where is this song? With its smart, thoughtful and relatable lyrical content, accompanied with some awesome piano playing from the start to finish, this tune certainly deserves to be in the top 5 at least.

The Contenders

11 Together
12 Carolina Drama

Great story AND a great tune?!

I literally don't understand how this song is so low. Without a doubt should be at the top. From Jack's hauntingly beautiful voice to the amazing instrumentals throughout and a thrilling, open-ended, ambiguous story. Should be top three just from the la la la la alone.

13 Blue Veins

The live version in Holland is awesome!

14 Yellow Sun
15 Floating
16 Attention
17 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
18 Hands
19 These Stones Will Shout
20 Five On the Five
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