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21 Pugs and Kelly

105.3 fm dallas. This is THE talk Show that Rocks!!!!

22 Phil Hendrie

Phil Hendrie is the last bastion of true performance radio. Never disappointing.

Too funny and a great talent. Major media xm should give him s uncensored show..

23 Dr. Laura Schlessinger

I love her show...

24 Preston and Steve

One of the best, funniest and most relatable morning shows on radio today - you don't dominate a market like Philadelphia without being wildly talented - these guys do it DAILY.

I like it that show.


25 Charlamagne Tha God

Breakfast Club

26 Mike and Mike In The Morning - ESPN Radio
27 Chris Smith - WNXT
28 MJ Morning Show
29 Bubba the Love Sponge

He is true and a bad ass at the same time great crew

30 Dr. Drew Pinsky
31 Walton and Johnson

The best radio show in the south. It should be a national radio show. You can find them on Bayou 95.7 New Orleans only classic ROCK or Walton and Johnson. Com

Use to love these guys, they would always be in some sort of trouble for what they said.

Funny guys listen every morning

To bad they went off the air in Biloxi Mississippi.

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32 DIFFERENCES Radio Magazine Show

Great show! Lots of national guest good subjects,Great interviews and great music a one stop shop a real feel good show!

Great show with a wonderful host and a stellar line up of guests!

Great show very informative denice barnes has a knack for staying current and getting current event"s out to the masses locally or nationally

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33 Rob, Arnie & Dawn

Best show out there

34 Troi Torain aka Star

TROI is the truth.. Hilarious

35 Casey Kasem

I Love this man. Made my teen years the best.

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36 Sean Hannity Sean Hannity

Works hard and all the time. Doesn't seem to take anything for granted. A genuinely good person that just loves the art of debate and conversation.

I love it that he is a thinking American. Wish congress would follow suit.

Ultra conservitive takes on Rocky Anderson

37 Nights with Alice Cooper

H3LL YEAH! This is like the best radio show EVER! Alice is funny and plays awesome music. For me it goes:
1. Nights
2. Undergroud Garage
3. Bax and O'brien (funny ass bastards) - fireinside96

What a great radio host! When he was discussing certain liquids in cans he said this classic line: "I wonder what would happen if they put Coke (Coca cola)in a CAN! Now THAT would be something! "

38 2 Live Stews

Sports talk with hot sauce

39 The Kane Show

This is the only show telling truths. I listen everyday. Thanks to this team I'm more informed of the facts. Thank you, we love you all here in Davenport Florida.

Kane show!

40 The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show
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