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41 The Bax and O'Brien Show

These two are so friggin funny! You cannot not love them! - fireinside96

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42 The Kane Show

This is the only show telling truths. I listen everyday. Thanks to this team I'm more informed of the facts. Thank you, we love you all here in Davenport Florida.

Kane show!

43 Johnjay and Rich

They are awesome

44 The John Boy and Billy Big Show
45 Diane Rehm (found on NPR)
46 Bob the Blade
47 Uncle Floyd

New Jersey's king of comedy

48 The Russell Brand Show

With Russell Brand and Matt Morgan, seriously the funniest radio show you'll ever hear. On Saturday, BBC Radio 2, 9-11pm.

49 Johnny Dare Morning Show

Johnny rocks! From the guest to the whole crew! You should check it out.

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50 Art Bell

I have been listing to him for two months and he is just amazing

Dude - Art Bell, is not in the Top Five? Rush, Stern, King, Harvey and Hendrie would put him in their Top Five. I truly believe this...You can be a person that associates 'Area 51' with a parking deck area at Ikea and still know who Art Bell is... Furthermore, 'I'm Tery Gross...' over the body of work Dr. Demento brought to AM...? I love this list. I'm 36 and started listening to AM at night to put me to sleep... Where is Dr. Gene Scott?

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51 Bill Shapiro (Cyprus Avenue)
52 Jian Ghomeshi
53 John and Ken, KFI

Belly laughs all the way!

54 Dan and Phil (BBC Radio 1)

Love these two adorable and hilarious young men! I never let my daughter watch or listen to them without me!

55 Jason Ellis

This guy is the heir apparent to Stern.

56 The Mike Calta show
57 Mark Levin V 1 Comment
58 Don and Mike
59 The Boers and Bernstein Show

There is no other program on the radio that can both piss you off and make you laugh you @$$ off in the span of less than a minute. Not for everyone, but definitely for me.

60 Brother Wease
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