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21 KMPX-FM - San Francisco
22 WMMR-FM - Philadelphia
23 KSAN-FM - San Francisco

The Jive 95. Rock 'n Roll will make you rant and rave, and put you in an early grave. Wow!, What a way to go! The City late 60's thru the 70's. Free form radio, San Francisco Bay Area.

24 KISS-FM 106.1 - Seattle, WA
25 Cool FM - United Kingdom
26 Capital - United Kingdom

Capital is the best

27 CKLW-FM - Windsor, Ont.
28 Y108 ROCKS - Hamilton, ON

The best rock, even if they suck occasionally, they always come back and rock my world again. - theforgiventeen

29 KEXP-FM - Seattle, Wa
30 WCFL-AM - Chicago
31 WFMU-FM - Jersey City
32 Q107 - Toronto

Home of Psychedlic Sunday (Best Sunday Show on the dial)! -

33 WBCN-FM - Boston
34 Kerrang! 105.2 Birmingham
35 KYSR/98.7 - Los Angeles
36 KAAY-AM - Little Rock, Ar.

I grew up listening to this station late at night back in the 70’s. Very popular.

37 WFUV-FM - New York

It's pretty much the current incarnation of WNEW. A lot of WNEW's best personalities went to WFUV (Dennis Elsas, Vin Scelsa, and the late Pete Fornatale, most notably), and they have some great personalities of their own as well. Very underrated and underappreciated station- easily the best in the NYC area.

38 KBCO-FM - Boulder, Colo.
39 99X 97.9 - Georgia

Old wet willie, &CDB and Lynyrd Skynyrd Pickin down in Jacksonville & Atlanta HOT 'Lanta, don't forget grand Funk Railroad and Tri-Cities WQUT 101.5 & Knoxvilles'Tennessee, 103.5

40 Today FM - Ireland
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