In Rainbows


I'm undecided on the best album: either OK Computer or In Rainbows. I am definitely decided on the best album after OK Computer: In Rainbows over Kid A.

12 years removed we should be able to put Kid A in perspective. Radiohead was riding a high wave of acclaim after OK Computer. Kid A is much anticipated, and it delivered, like a bolt from the blue, an experimental departure with great merit. But this can distort a musical assessment of Kid A. As a "Pitchfork" reviewer observes: "our tireless and self-conscious canonization of OKC and Kid A have undone some of their magic; when I listen to those records now, I hear our own projections and cultural ghosts just as loudly as I hear the music. In Rainbows, though, remains... An architectural marvel with requisite balances between light/dark, simple/complicated and utilitarian/vanguard intact. "

In Rainbows brings the experimental departure and Radiohead's earlier musical artistry together in a more coherent and masterful way ...more

The greatest album ever recorded, that's not an opinion, it's a fact. This album, like the cover art, is a plethora of colors and feelings. It seems so raw, It sounds like the were much more free to do what they wanted to do but couldn't because of their record label. It takes musical genius to create this album. Favorite tracks: Reckoner and Weird Fishes

Why so much hate against Faust Arp? In my opinion I believe that Faust Arp is basically a short song to calm everyone down and get ready for the next song, Reckoner. And did you see on Wikipedia that this album got a 88 out of 100 by judges. This means it got a A+! I LOVE THIS ALBUM!

I love the songs on this album they give off this sad dumb feeling, it's like a music-high. It's incredible. I love this album to death the worst song is Fraust Arp but the rest of them are great. My top favorites off this album are "Nude", "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" and "Weird Fishes"

It's hard to describe why I really love this album as my favorite Radiohead album. The overall feel just really connects. It wasn't trying too hard, It wasn't just a quick release, It was just that, In Rainbows. The songs are a perfect balance between the artistic creative side of Radiohead on albums like Amnesiac and The King of Limbs, while also retaining the grunge-filled emotional development and rock traditions of albums like OK Computer and The Bends.

This album is one of the most incredible albums ever recorded. This is the album that introduced me to Radiohead about a year ago, and it blows my mind how a group of people could actually make this!

Favorite song: 'Videotape' - alk

One of the most recent ones, and such a big hit! The recommended songs to hear are: 15 step, Nude, Weird Fishes, All I need (the best), Reckoner (also the best), House of cards, and the last two. See how epic this album is?

I Feel safe listening to this album. Whether I am happy, sad, angry, or in distress I listen to this album. It is Defiantly the mothership of all their albums. You can't spell harmony without Thom Yorke.

The penultimate Radiohead album. All the albums before led up to these 10 masterpieces, which all perfectly showcase Radiohead's extraordinary musical ability.

One of my favorite albums ever, it's in my humble opinion that this is Radiohead at their most emotional and masterful. This one's their best. It's a masterpiece.

I could respect a statement referring to this as the greatest album of all time. Every song is so unique and layered. - Virtuoso

It's all a matter of opinion but this is my favorite RH album. Faust Arp is so underrated! My favourite song is Reckoner though. Least favorite is HOC and minus the 1st and last songs the rest are tied/equally amazing... ; The bonus disc is pretty great also. in my opinion. - abcrgb

First Radiohead album I bought. This album shows just how good Radiohead are. Synths are minimalistic in this album and the band relys on their instruments and musicianship, not synths, to do the talking. This album is one of-if not THE best album that they have crafted. This has a real pub-like quality, which rings homely and true to this album- it feels like you've reunited with an old friend. A masterpiece.

Groundbreaking. Moving. A testament the meld of electronica and rock. Radiohead breaks new boundaries!

Everything is so perfect about this album. There is not a single song that I don't like on this album!

Reckoner is my favourite song of all time. No doubt. Even without it, In Rainbows would be my favourite album of all time. And even with In Rainbows, Radiohead would still be my favourite band ever! As it is, they all exist, and so I am a very happy chappy.

This album is utterly amazing from start to finish. Hands down the chillest album ever created.

In Rainbows, THEN Ok Computer. These two albums are significantly better than their other albums. Said differently, if you take away Paranoid Android from OKC, I'm sure In Rainbows would collect almost all votes for their best album to date.

This is an absolutely beautiful album. every time I listen to it, I get blown away. It gives me peace while listening to it, and every song is magnificent. Nude, Reckoner, 15 Step... those are songs that will forever stick with you. Absolutely love it. 10/10.

I absolutely love this album as it's the first Radiohead album I listened to, It's beautiful.

This is by far the best Radiohead album and one of my favorite albums of all time

Just think this album is what Radiohead are all about...pure masterpiece

This album is so beautiful this is one of the best album in the world

Up on the ladder, nude, reckoner, jigsaw fall into place

Best album I ever listened to, very organic