Song Legends {Episode 11} - Paranoid Android (Radiohead)

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"Paranoid Android" is a song by Radiohead, released as the lead single from the 1997 album OK Computer. I'm genuinely excited to do this song as its my favourite I've reviewed so far.

The lyrics are loosely based on a bad experience at a bar but it's been manipulated into being an abstract, dark song about themes such as insanity and violence. This is one of those songs that can't be over-analysed or you take away the confusion and weirdness from the lyrics. Both of those I think are needed because this song is supposedly from the perspective of an insane person who would view the world with confusion and would no doubt see the world differently to everyone else. The lyrics remind me of "One" sometimes because they tell a story through emotions rather than through events. It also has the comical, humourous element with the title based off Marvin the Paranoid Android. Easily some of my favourite song lyrics and definitely a 10.

I'll do the next two sections part by part as they are all very different. The first part is mainly acoustic guitar layered with electric guitar with very cool distorted guitar (I think) in what is effectively the chorus to part 1. I'd also like to mention the percussion for the first part, which uses shaken percussion (hand-held) which has a cool effect. The first part I'd describe as having a eery, slightly mystical feel to it.
Then the second section starts with a more passive aggressive riff which is a very noticeable change in tone for the song. Then suddenly the guitar gets heavier, angrier and thrashier, followed by a heavily distorted guitar solo which is excellent.
The third section is mainly vocally centered but there's a solid beat and an acoustic guitar in the background.
The final section is an amazing piece of guitar with lots of cool effects which sound like something from a spaceship - a great ending to the song.

In part one the vocals have that enchanting element typical of Thom Yorke. It also shows his impressive vocal range as he hits the very high notes perfectly.
In part two the vocals, like the instruments, are more aggressive until the climax where Yorke clearly let's it all loose with angry, violent vocals fitting to what is effectively the bar fight scene.
Part three is almost entirely vocal based with complex harmonies throughout which act like an instrument and back the main vocals. The amount of layers of singing makes this part feel epic which I think it's meant to (this is the "epic"-est scene in the music video and the lyrics at this point are very dramatic).


This is effectively four songs combined together and all of them flow into each other perfectly. None of the parts are too long or too short and I can't fault it at all.

It charted at number three in the UK, giving Radiohead their highest chart position. Also, at one point Radio 1 played it up to 12 times a day and it got good reviews from most critics as well.

My Opinion:
One of my favourite songs of all time. I prefer it to "One" but that'll beat it by list positioning sadly. Definitely 10.

That's a perfect score, 60/60, leaving it second behind "One" by list positioning. Some people are metalheads, I guess I'm a Radiohead (see what I did there).