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21 Lucky Lucky

Why is this in the 24th place, this song is so great it so deserves to be in the top 5, for me it goes fake plastic trees, karma police, lucky, street spirit and codex

IT IS TRULY THE MOST AMAZING SONG WORK PIECE OF MUSIC EVER##. But really, this should be higher up on the list just because its Lucky. Great Song. Woohoo!

This is Radiohead at their best. The music, lyrics and singing are full of emotion. It's pure hope & inspiration in a song. Brilliant!

Thom said that when they had written it, they knew that this one is definitely their best song. In my opinion it's their 4th (after Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android and Just). But still it's an amazing song and one of my favourits.

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22 Optimistic Optimistic

This is by far their best song. From first listen, I was emotionally committed to this band. Amazing music, amazing lyrics, amazing vocal performance, and has probably the best outro I've ever heard in a song. Shame on all of you for not voting TEAM OPTIMISTIC!

This song is so beautiful and haunting. It gets stuck in my head for days on end & I can't get enough of it. It's almost like crack- though there are quite a few other songs that are equally addicting.

A great songs that resembles something you'd hear on an earlier like "The Bends" By far the highlight of Kid A, and should be at least top 10 on this list. Very disappointed - The_Acid_Queen

This song is so beautifully blissful, one of the best songs ever written. The switch up at the end is just...
It makes me want to play the song again, and again, and again...

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23 The National Anthem The National Anthem

The bass. The brass. The Radiohead. This song is amazing! One of my all time favorites! Absolutely under-rated!

I was under the impression this song had a bigger following.. This song is easily top ten and in my opinion their best. It is a great example of Radiohead at their best, where they just chew up whatever they might be listening to and spit back out something totally unique.

How can this be at 31? This is an absolute masterpiece, one of the greatest bass lines ever, the brass section! This is radiohead as it's best.

Pretty damn good song. One of the best bass lines of all time in my opinion.

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24 Climbing Up the Walls Climbing Up the Walls

This is the stuff that haunts you at night. Perfect representation of some of your darkest feelings and moments, and an even better representation of the hell people with depression and such go through.

Sick twisted nightmare of a song. It's amazing what music can make you feel

This is such a great song. People, this song deserves a better place!

Whiney but my favorite song by Radiohead. By the way, Thom Yorke was really thinking about the tone!

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25 15 Step 15 Step

Was going to pick "Paranoid Android", but I noticed that one of my other favorites was feeling a little lonely. A great opener for In Rainbows with a truly epic progression that'll make you feel things you've never felt before.

These are the type of lyrics today's society are missing!

"How come I end up where I started? How come I end up where I went wrong? Wont take my eye of the ball again, you reel me out then you cut the string..."

Amazing song! I'm loving it so much... Since I watched Twilight this song impresses me a lot... I feel like I'm addicted to it... I'm new... I mean this is the first Radiohead's song I've listened, I'm imagining... If this song's great... The most voted song it's what? I'm going to do some research...

Worst song in their entire catalogue

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26 My Iron Lung My Iron Lung

It's not famous, but it's a song worth listening to. The lyrics are outstanding and the guitar riffs are just out of this world. Must be in the top ten!

Listen this one then you'll know... This song deserves a much better spot.

One of the lesser known radiohead songs... But easily top ten material...

Come on! This song is amazing! Those quiet/loud shifts, the guitars, and the feeling through all the song... There's a reason it's one of the only pre-OKC they still play regularly at shows

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27 A Wolf at the Door A Wolf at the Door

Beautifully arranged cascade of images run through the verses and chorus, images that seem random on first pass. But the brilliance of the song is how on each listen through "A Wolf at the Door" can seem extremely personal -- an intimate, smothering struggle with one's own personal demons (or "wolves," to push the metaphor) -- or very abstract -- the whirling mass hysteria that is our modern world, and that strange sense of betrayal we all feel when we confront it daily ("slaps you in the head, knifes you in the neck, kicks you in the teeth...takes all your credit cards"), and yet the betrayal seems deserved ("Stepford wives, who are we to complain? "). There are no heroes and villains, just pathological victims victimizing themselves. Such an elevated work of art!

Such a unique song from them-- unlike anything they had done before. I really enjoy this song, it's individuality, and it's catchiness. Also, it gives off such a clear vibe of edginess, danger, and aggression... Love it.

What...? This one is the most awesome n meaningful song ever whats wrong with you guys?

Best closing song to an album EVER!

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28 Codex Codex

A truly beautiful piece of music, The build is incredible and when the lyric comes in and the change in key takes place I drift into a special place only this song can take me. Big headphones, close your eyes and drift off. Special

Into a clear lake... No one around! Beautiful, sad, this song makes me feel far and in peace.

It happenend recently, I found myself in the middle of nowhere on the border between France and Italy, the mountains around and facing a very small lake. Nobody else but me and dragonflies. Scary and beautiful, as this song is.

This should be in the top 10. This is my favorite Radiohead song ever.

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29 Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner) Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury & Executioner)

Why is this so low? How Thom's vocals have the same melody like that bassline in the 1st verse is amazing!

Please excuse if my English is not that good, I'm from Germany

This really jumpstarts the final part of hail to the theif. The song absolutely smokes

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30 Airbag Airbag

Is only me or this music also makes you imagine flying in a tiny spaceship, charged with anti-matter bombs, ready to save the Earth (after had ruined it... ) by destroying a bunch of crazy androids made by yourself?

The way this song starts off is amazing, cello in one ear, an grinding rough guitar in the other both playing the same riff. It then you hear the third guitar start to play too, and the drums kick in as one of the catchiest tunes ever starts to play. Thom Yorke starts his singing and carries you on a 4:44 minute journey. Yeah, Radiohead are back to save the universe.

Come on! This is one of my all time favorites by them. It shows Thom's signature singing voice, and all of the music is great. Especially the intro This should be in at least the top 10.

One of their best songs, easy. Criminally underrated.

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31 The Bends The Bends

I think I've reached the minimum quality requirement... No, not yet... Almost there... Come on... Ugh.. Got it!

Without a doubt my favourite Radiohead record, this song captures the 90's in 4 minutes!

This is great music, a true masterpiece

Clearly the best song by Radiohead.

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32 2+2=5 2+2=5

A very manic song with an epic explosion! This is the music where the new and the old radiohead come together. Aggressive, Intolerant, Angry and Emotional

A soft, "everything is perfectly fine" opening melody. Then it wakes you up...

It's basically a mini and more polished version of paranoid android. Best radiohead opener to an album hands down

Probably the most underrated Radiohead song, I rate this alongside Idioteque and Paranoid Android.

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33 You and Whose Army? You and Whose Army?

I know that this is not usually considered one of their "greatest" songs by most fans, but I feel that this song is the perfect mixture of the intense riffs that Radiohead is so good at procuring out of the airwhile still being as emotive as ever. I just think it is beautiful.

This is the second best on amnesiac

No.39? Are u kidding me?

This is my favorite song on Amnesiac, and its in Incendies.

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34 Lotus Flower Lotus Flower

WHY IS THIS SONG ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE! It's SO AMAZING! THE BEAT OH MY GOSH THE DRUM BEAT! AMAZING! THE HAUNTING VOCALS AHH caps lock. Anyways, the drum beat is addicting, the vocals are brilliant clear and soothing, every sound in the song is perfectly incorporated into one, beautiful, haunting, driving, intense sound.

Come on guys. Lotus Flower being all the way down here is a disgrace to the song. Definitely the best song off of King of Limbs. The entire album is so easy on the ears. So catchy and the music video well... You should check it out.

It's like an explosion in my mind every time I hear to this song... I think it should be at least in the top ten..

It shouldn't stay here, it's so ethereal...
moreover, it's not so simple as it seems.
In my opinion it has to be on the top 5

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35 Kid A Kid A

Why the heck is this song so low down?!?! Clearly people just don't understand how amazingly well written this song is... You try writing an electronic four minute masterpiece with enough meaning in the music alone to have comprehensible lyrics! It makes you feel tense, worried, relieved, and a plethora of more emotions in the short four minutes of this song alone... People don't understand Radiohead...

This song is the most beautiful thing on Kid A and everything else that Radiohead have done. Street Spirit? Nah. High and Dry? Do me a favour. Creep? Bugger that! I love every single one of Radiohead's songs (yes, even Creep), but Kid A takes the top spot on my list. It's beautiful, adorable, relaxing, and it has a slight lullaby feel with the beginning melodies that are played before the amazing electronic vocals kick in!

The unimaginable nostalgia this brings back... Creates a such a sound that sound like children's toys being played with at the beginning. Kid A leads everyone into a new life and a new realm of music.

I guess the only way to really enjoy some of their songs is to picture yourself in some strange place

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36 Planet Telex Planet Telex

I'm not sure why, but this song is calming and energizing at the same time. What a sublime song, and so early in radiohead's career. I wasn't a fan until I heard this masterpiece.

This song kicked the crap out of me when I listened to it for the first time. It was shocking how much they evolved from Pablo Honey to the Bends, which became more evident as I listened further.


To think they recorded this drunk just shows their musical abilities. This song showed they were more than Nirvana-lite - averthein14

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37 I Might Be Wrong I Might Be Wrong

A song about being alive, a song about dying, a song about what makes you happy, and a song about depression. And how all those ideas can change in one instant... Such a good song. Inventive guitar riffs with some electronic percussion thrown in. You can just set this song on repeat and listen for hours. For anyone that didn't put in a vote for this song, please rethink, "I might be wrong".

This is the greatest song of Radiohead, but I might be wrong..

Amazing sound with simple lyrics that nonetheless take you places. This should definitely be ranked within the top ten.

Personal favorite song of all time, that is if I'm in a certain mood. I might be wrong like the other guy said but this is their best song.

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38 Separator Separator

Beautiful! The moment in which the little and delicate guitar riff enters, really touches me...

The most underrated Radiohead song. Absolutely beautiful. This was what made The King of Limbs worth listening to. Might be my favorite song of theirs.

For me king of limbs is like the fruit of all the previous radiohead's albums, and SEPERATOR is their best work so far, this song is not less than paranoid android or everything in its right place.

Possibly my favorite Radiohead song. Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream is exactly how it makes me feel. Could listen to it all day.
Wish everyone would stop complaining. Every song post has someone saying it's their best song and should be top ten. Disgraceful and annoying!

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39 Electioneering Electioneering

Maybe not their best song, but it should be in the top ten. - beasthound

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40 Burn the Witch Burn the Witch

I fell in love with this song the first time I listened to it... Such an amazing band : they never to the same thing, they keep producing new pieces of music that I absolutely adore.

The best since In Rainbows. Vote for this. This is their next step, yet it's so familiar. It combines all of their albums' sounds with ease.

Belongs in the top 5. Such a marvelous piece of art. Can't get it out of my head and can't stop playing it.

This is such an amazing song. I can't stop listening it - Constanza

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