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61 Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)

Little brother of Paranoid Android, and it's a great song

62 Sail to the Moon

The song is majestic, in my opinion it's also some of Thom's best vocals and everything seems to hang together, if you don't believe me give it another listen...

I honestly don't understand why this is SO far down! Better than paranoid android and creep if you ask me. Listen for yourself I swear you will love it

The live version of this song with just thom and jonny playing is one of radiohead's best moments. this song is way trippy

63 Faust Arp

Most beautiful moment on In_Rainbows in my humble opinion.

I simply cannot believe that this is so low on the list. While it is no masterpiece it does deserve to be in the top 20 at least. Very nice Beatles-esque acoustic ballad short, simple, and sweet.

64 Sulk

Wow... This song should be way higher. Extremely powerful vocals, an understated, yet well composed riff. Oh well, all I can do is shrug my shoulders.

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65 Pulk / Pull Revolving Doors

A "song" about a computer coming to some sinister truths about doors.
I like it, but I know it's not for everyone.

66 Blow Out

Amazing. No doubt it's one of Pablo Honey's best songs, and I even consider it one of Radiohead's best songs. It doesn't get too many votes since it's not a really well known song, but I honestly think it should be at least in the top 20.(I'd personally vote it within the top 10)

Don't understand why people always hate on pablo honey. It is a good album. Still, their other albums are just as good and they all have certain qualities that make them stand out, but anyway this song would definitely be in my top 10 and if Lurgee was on this list I would make it number one. And faust arp should be in the top 10. It is amazing.

51, really! Come on people! I agree, Pablo honey is definitely not their best album, but blow out would definitely make for an awesome soundtrack... The long guitar riffs are just amazing.

This song proves that Pablo Honey is not just a "one-hit wonder album." Great closer, something that Radiohead often does so great.

67 The Daily Mail

I kind of figured this would be really low down the list since it's one of their new songs and it's only a B-side. I love King of Limbs, but the fact they didn't include this song on it is probably one of the things that I still don't understand. I love the buildup to the amazing climax, as well as the beautiful beginning as well.

Wouldn't necessarily call this my "favorite" Radiohead song, but it should be definitely notified as one their bests and is always going to be in my top 5 favorites.

Way too low on this list! Even though this is a B-side this song is amazing and is just as good if not better than any song on King of Limbs.

Definitely a top 10 Radiohead song. Not many people know it though because it wasn't released on a studio album. - gerrick

We are Legion, for we are many.

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68 Thinking About You

Why is this so low? Beautiful song, this list is right except for how low this is. Should be #3 or something, not 78!

Listen to this guys, it's the best song if you love someone who you may never get

I cannot believe thet 'thinking of you"is not in first ten. Is a awesome song! With mixed senses, inspiring... oh man, just I love that song!

69 Spectre

I can't stop listening to this song! Radiohead's take on the "Bond" Theme! Perfect!

70 I Promise

I like this song, just it!

71 I Will (No Man's Land)

I think it has a lot of deeper meaning,...I love this song, yet it is SO underrated.

Slow and simple but with a much deeper and sinister side to it.

Best radiohead song

72 Morning Bell

This is 113. Are you serious. My third favorite Kid A song behind Kid A and how to disappear completely, this is Radiohead's scariest song. Cutting kids in half? Yeah. Anyway, how on earth is this behind the disc 2 songs? Also, it deserves top 10. I would actually put this ahead of paranoid android. One of their great masterpieces. And it didn't even crack the top 100. I thought Radiohead fans were better than this.

Can't believe this is so low. I'm not saying it's their best but definitely up there, the transition between Idioteque and this song is just mesmerising. I recently purchased Kid A on vinyl and I was absolutely blown away by it.

Should be 1,2, or 3. Only "Everything in its right place" or "Paranoid Android" could be higher.

It should be in Top 20, not at 82. Fantastic song with eerie lyrics.

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73 Decks Dark

Amazing, the part where it's like "the spacecraft, blocking out the sky" is just...beautiful

Listen to live Paris version. This song is amazing.

Instant classic. Easily on my new top 10

Gorgeous song, beatiful melodies.

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74 Go Slowly

My top ten list (of radiohead's songs) certainly includes this. I have listened and watched it many many times from their in rainbows live from the basement album, it really is one of the most beautiful meaningful song to me.

Scrolling scrolling scrolling... Ah! Here you are! All the way at 61... Well, I absolutely love this song and although I wouldn't make it number one, it definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

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75 Scatterbrain

Extremely underrated song. One of the saddest in the entire Radiohead discography. Scatterbrain, Daydreaming, Like Spinning Plates and Street Spirit (Fade Out) are these songs that don't left any hope in their lyrical content but their musical beauty, their minimalism is priceless.

Absolutely fantastic song, completely underrated.

This is the penultimate track on HT and is a nice emotional war like song with some very minimalisticly complex melodies, a hidden gem persay. In my personal Top 5 Radiohead songs. The fact that it wasn't even mentioned made me a little bit mad.

76 Bones

I love distorted guitar that's why I'm voting this one up.

My fave song from them takes you away and makes me think about lost youth and I'll never have it back

Nothing from the Bends should be below the top 50.

Bass lines

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77 In Limbo

One of the greatest Radiohead tunes ever and it couldn't even make the top 101?

I suppose it's also the most underrated.

Not only my favorite Radiohead song, but my favorite song of all time. It mesmerizes me every time I hear it. Sad to see how underrated it is.

I love the lyrics and I think the music fits extremely well with the theme of the song. It makes me feel like I'm spiraling down

78 A Punch Up at a Wedding.
79 Burn the Witch

I fell in love with this song the first time I listened to it... Such an amazing band : they never to the same thing, they keep producing new pieces of music that I absolutely adore.

The best since In Rainbows. Vote for this. This is their next step, yet it's so familiar. It combines all of their albums' sounds with ease.

Belongs in the top 5. Such a marvelous piece of art. Can't get it out of my head and can't stop playing it.

40th? Gotta be kidding me.

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80 Anyone Can Play Guitar

A classic from Pablo Honey

God you guys must be kidding... I mean all you so called Radiohead fans... Not a single vote... At least listen to this song guys... Damn it you r missing one part of Radiohead here!

I have listened to this song more than a thousand times and it never gets old

A great Pablo honey track. - Quart

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