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81 Lift

Simply cannot get enough. Yorke uses verse triplets altered slightly with each phrase. This songwrting approach embeds tunes deep into the psyche. Lift, There There and especially Present Tense are mind bendingly beautiful melodies.

82 Vegetable

This song is terrible.

I actually like this song.

83 Pop is Dead


Probably the greatest Radiohead song

84 Give Up the Ghost

A very underrated but extremely good song. Should be way higher on this list. - Jiorl

One of thom's best vocal performances

This is the best work I have ever heard from radiohead and it sounds very different from the usial stuff they do, so come on put this in

85 The Gloaming

A very unique, diverse song. One of their most experimental songs. And guess what? It's awesome!

The live version of this song is INCREDIBLE.

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86 Supercollider

This song is so underrated no one even cares that it has the wrong cover.

Fantastic often overlooked Radiohead song, one of the extras from the King of Limbs album.

87 I Can't

This song should be in the ten first! - CristhianR

88 Banana Co

It's sad that this song isn't even on this list. I had to add this. This song is one of the lost gems of the Radiohead library (A B-side on the alternate Street Spirit (Fade Out)). If you haven't heard it, listen to it and see what you're missing

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89 These are My Twisted Words

All Radiohead non-album tracks do not get the amount of recognition they deserve. This is definitely one of them. It's a Psychedelic-Krautrock fusion masterpiece that demonstrates just how much of a range Radiohead has.

90 Ill Wind
91 Stop Whispering

Not as sophisticated as their later work but gets inside your head like a good song should

The ending to this song is so great! Very underrated song from Radiohead.

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92 Morning Mr. Magpie

Catchy and well made with lyrics

This is one of my personal favorite songs...

Listen to the Austin city limits version

Superb song... Love it

93 Gagging Order

Beautiful acoustic song. Really different for the band, especially since it's presented on the COM LAG EP next to songs like "I Am Citizen Insane" or "Where Bluebirds Fly" which are totally electronic. Great contrast.

I think this song is great, and very underrated

94 Maquiladora

This song at least deserves to be one of the highest up among the B-sides. Great song!

95 Dollars and Cents

Underrated song from an underrated album.

96 Palo Alto

Palo Alto is awesome and like nobody has voted for it. Why. It's simple and it's great and smart musically and lyrically. It makes you feel just happy and energized

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97 The Numbers
98 Inside My Head

One of Radiohead's heaviest songs.

99 Nobody Does It Better (Cover)
100 Paperbag Writer

It's great that Thom plays this live with Atoms For Peace. Such an underrated song! To me, it's the band's greatest b-side.

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