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81 A Punch Up at a Wedding.
82 Go Slowly

My top ten list (of radiohead's songs) certainly includes this. I have listened and watched it many many times from their in rainbows live from the basement album, it really is one of the most beautiful meaningful song to me.

Scrolling scrolling scrolling... Ah! Here you are! All the way at 61... Well, I absolutely love this song and although I wouldn't make it number one, it definitely deserves to be higher on the list.

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83 In Limbo

One of the greatest Radiohead tunes ever and it couldn't even make the top 101?

I suppose it's also the most underrated.

Not only my favorite Radiohead song, but my favorite song of all time. It mesmerizes me every time I hear it. Sad to see how underrated it is.

I love the lyrics and I think the music fits extremely well with the theme of the song. It makes me feel like I'm spiraling down

84 Vegetable

I actually like this song.

This song is terrible.

I also like this song

85 Anyone Can Play Guitar

A classic from Pablo Honey

God you guys must be kidding... I mean all you so called Radiohead fans... Not a single vote... At least listen to this song guys... Damn it you r missing one part of Radiohead here!

I have listened to this song more than a thousand times and it never gets old

A great Pablo honey track. - Quart

86 Pop is Dead


Probably the greatest Radiohead song

Obviously this is the answer. Can we get it to no. 1 yes?
Memes aside, that guitar part is pretty neat though, it gets bullied too much

87 The Gloaming

A very unique, diverse song. One of their most experimental songs. And guess what? It's awesome!

The live version of this song is INCREDIBLE.

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88 Supercollider

This song is so underrated no one even cares that it has the wrong cover.

Fantastic often overlooked Radiohead song, one of the extras from the King of Limbs album.

89 Palo Alto

Palo Alto is awesome and like nobody has voted for it. Why. It's simple and it's great and smart musically and lyrically. It makes you feel just happy and energized

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90 I Can't

This song should be in the ten first! - CristhianR

91 Banana Co

It's sad that this song isn't even on this list. I had to add this. This song is one of the lost gems of the Radiohead library (A B-side on the alternate Street Spirit (Fade Out)). If you haven't heard it, listen to it and see what you're missing

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92 The Numbers
93 These are My Twisted Words

All Radiohead non-album tracks do not get the amount of recognition they deserve. This is definitely one of them. It's a Psychedelic-Krautrock fusion masterpiece that demonstrates just how much of a range Radiohead has.

94 Ill Wind
95 Stop Whispering

Not as sophisticated as their later work but gets inside your head like a good song should

The ending to this song is so great! Very underrated song from Radiohead.

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96 Morning Mr. Magpie

Catchy and well made with lyrics

This is one of my personal favorite songs...

Listen to the Austin city limits version

Superb song... Love it

97 Gagging Order

Beautiful acoustic song. Really different for the band, especially since it's presented on the COM LAG EP next to songs like "I Am Citizen Insane" or "Where Bluebirds Fly" which are totally electronic. Great contrast.

I think this song is great, and very underrated

98 Maquiladora

This song at least deserves to be one of the highest up among the B-sides. Great song!

99 Dollars and Cents

Underrated song from an underrated album.

100 Staircase

This song is genius! One of their best! - RandomPerson1234

Hey guys listen that song, please

What...more needs to be said!
Got into staircase recently, now I'm spiralling down, but will never get to THE bottom of it, incredible...and so emotional!

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