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101 Ripcord V 1 Comment
102 Cuttooth

Nobody is going to vote for this song because it is not from any of Radiohead's actual albums, it comes from the knives out EP, so not many people know of it. Despite this, this song is absolutely amazing and I cannot stop listening to it.

103 Inside My Head

One of Radiohead's heaviest songs.

104 Nobody Does It Better (Cover)
105 Paperbag Writer

It's great that Thom plays this live with Atoms For Peace. Such an underrated song! To me, it's the band's greatest b-side.

106 Faithless the Wonderboy

This one and Pearly

107 Down Is the New Up

Great! Their b sides are better than most bands A sides.

108 Pearly V 1 Comment
109 Worrywort
110 The Butcher
111 4 Minute Warning

Give this bonus tack from In Rainbows a listen if you haven't heard it. this deserves to be higher, there are definitely more intense and complicated songs in radiohead's discography, but this packs so much emotion into a slow and truly haunting song. Great message with a chorus that will stick with you

Listened to all the ones of radiohead in the top list, but this one made me come to tears. Powerful, pleasing... outstanding concept by radiohead. MUST listen!

112 Permanent Daylight
113 How Can You Be Sure?

How Can You Be Sure that it's not on the list? I had to check 3 times. Surely How Can You Be Sure has to be surely on the list. I'm sure it's a great track. Definitely Top 10 anyway.

114 Fog V 1 Comment
115 Backdrifts

My favourites include 'There there', 'Backdrifts', 'Subterranean homesick alien' among many others. But it hurts to see Backdrifts so far down on the list. Its one of their darkest and most beautiful soul-touching songs. Obviously, their happy, pop-sounding songs like 'Fake Plastic Trees', 'Karma Police', 'High and Dry' and Creep (yuck! ) etc are more popular, but I don't think these songs are representative of Radiohead. I guess die hard fans would have their own favourites.

This song shouldn't be so low on the list...anyway all radiohead songs are great. It just depends on the events going through in your life.

116 How Do You?
117 Morning Bell / Amnesiac

It's weird but that's one of the things that makes Radiohead so good in the first place.

118 Treefingers

Doesn't deserve to be so low. Beautiful instrumental from an incredible band.

Probably the most underrated song on this unforgiving list. - DestructiveGenitals

119 Little by Little

Really so low? Listen to it please, it really is awesome.. So awesome that it's totally insane it make you realize that this world is just an illusion it real.. What you feel.. Everything starts having meaning and you realize everything and feel everything.. And start writing like I'm writing at the moment..

120 How I Made My Millions

One of their best and most underrated songs found on the Collector's Edition of OK Computer

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