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141 Where Bluebirds Fly
142 Yes I Am
143 India Rubber
144 Killer Cars
145 Lozenge of Love
146 Fast - Track
147 Kinetic
148 Molasses
149 Nothing Touches Me
150 I Want None of This
151 Mk1
152 Mk2
153 Up on the Ladder
154 The Tourist

Oh man, why is The Tourist this far down? From Thom Yorke's signature wail in the chorus, the amazing guitar solos throughout (don't you find it creepy how you can predict every single little sound as the song progresses) and how the song makes you think of... Nothingness, this is by far and wide one of Radiohead's best tracks.

I like to think of this as their hidden gem, their secret weapon if you wish. The best song that nobody's ever heard of.

Totally agree. Nobody ever seems to have heard of this song, but its amazing. The guitar at the start is so good. Potentially their best song if only it were given a little more recognition. Definitely recomend giving it a listen and voting it up.

One of their best songs (however, this can be easily said about 2/3 of their discography). While listening to it I'm 16-17 years old again and living in a different city and at the same time, here and now. Difficult to explain but this is how I feel every time I listen to it.

Should be way up man

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155 Fitter Happier

This is the greatest Radiohead song, if not the greatest song ever crafted! It's so reminiscent of Revolution 9 by The Beatles. How it's not among the top five on this list, I don't know, but many reviewers have given this track great credibility.

This is definitely a masterpiece. It's scary, weird, and awesome.

The Microsoft Sam in Yorke's voice really speaks to me.

Very scary song

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156 Subterranean Homesick Alien

Before I listened to OK Computer, I looked at some websites to help guide me on what I should focus on. All of them mentioned songs like Paranoid Android and No Surprises, some of them went further and mentioned Electioneering and Climbing Up The Walls, but none of them mentioned this gem. It became one of my favorites the first time I listened to it. Truly underrated.

My favorite song off of OK Computer. The guitar effects in this song are simply amazing, and Thom's vocal performance is great as always. - NorwegianWood

My goodness me, how can this only be at Number 40?! Just listen to the grandness of the overall sound, the expansiveness, the brilliant balance between high energy and delicate, quiet intricacy. Easily in the top 10 for me this one.

As Radiohead would say "This doesn't belong here.." lol It should be waaay higher.

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157 Where I End and You Begin

Not even listed come on! For shame! Live from the basement all time favorite Radiohead performance.

This song, along with the rest of Hail To the Thief is criminally underrated in the rest of the Radiohead discography.

Awesome song, perhaps my very favourite Radiohead song...


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158 Videotape

This song is so underrated, it should be at least on the top 10 replacing creep.

An overlooked gem! Not top 20 or material but come on, 101?

One of the best songs I've ever heard

Wonderful song. Wonderful lyrics.

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159 Black Star

This is an amazing song build... Should be much higher

This deserves to be in the top 10. My favourite song on The Bends next to Fake Plastic Trees.

The end to that song "This is killing me" is amazing. Definitely one of the best.


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160 Feral

Last? This is one of the best songs on the album.

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