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Wow. It's just disappointing to see that Rakim doesn't have a list on here. Well I'm going to show him some love and create one. Quite possibly the best MC/rapper ever, what's your favorite Rakim song (solo or with Eric B.)?

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1 When I B On Tha Mic

May not be "classic Rakim" but still is incredible and deserves #1.

Rakim I think is the greatest mcs.

Best Flow. #01 all the way.

Best rap song of all time

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2 It's Been a Long Time

This song is amazing. Should be first!

I love the beat and the words.

3 I Know You Got Soul
4 Microphone Fiend
5 I Ain't No Joke

This song is perfect! Rakim at his best and I just love Eriv B.'s beat. - EMBIGNASPAC

6 Paid In Full

1 of the best rap songs ever - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

7 Know the Ledge
8 Move the Crowd
9 In the Ghetto
10 Guess Who's Back

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11 Lyrics of Fury

Why isint this number 1 this is rakims flow to the greatest perfection and eric b serves one of the best beats and high giving accompaniment

12 Don't Sweat the Technique
13 The 18th Letter
14 R.A.K.I.M.
15 Eric B. Is President
16 New York (Ya Out There)
17 The Mystery (Who Is God?)
18 Follow the Leader
19 My Melody
20 When I'm Flowin'
21 Remember That
22 Casualties of War
23 Stay a While
24 Holy Are You
25 Walk These Streets
26 Juice (Know the Ledge)
27 What's on Your Mind
28 Dedicated
29 We'll Never Stop
30 I'll Be There
31 You and I
32 Kick Along
33 No Competition
34 How to Emcee
35 Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em
36 As the Rhyme Goes On
37 Mahogany
38 Guilty All the Same
39 The Saga Begins
40 Show Me Love
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1. I Know You Got Soul
2. I Ain't No Joke
3. When I B On Tha Mic
1. Paid In Full
2. It's Been a Long Time
3. I Know You Got Soul
1. When I B On Tha Mic
2. It's Been a Long Time
3. Know the Ledge

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