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41 Tier Tier

Really? Number 53? No way! Because of this song I started digging Rammstein. Absolute awesome riffs and effects.

This is my favorite of all! Come on!

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42 Amour Amour

Well I don't know German and the literal English translation scare the crap of me but after Reise Reise, Feuer Frei and Du Hast this is my favorite song.

I'm also shocked. This song can't be so low! Rammstein have a great deal of cool songs but Amour is really something special. So strong in both music and lyrics, so touching and rough simultaneiusly...

Aw, c'mmon! This must be the song that shows love in the most raw and original way. I'm out of here.

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43 Zwitter Zwitter

I'm pretty surprised this is so low on the list. I think Mutter is their best album, and after having thoroughly enjoyed Ich Will, Links 2 3 4, Adios, Mutter, Sonne, Feuer Frei and Mein Herz Brennt I decided to continue exploring the album. I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Leave it to Rammstein to compose a song about a hermaphrodite and come out with fine art.

This is definitely a song that should be a bit higher. I'm not saying top ten, but 30? No... This has one of their best riffs and what the song is actually about is pretty damn humorous. I'm surprised they haven't played this song live in about 11 years. I'd go nuts if I was at a show and they played this.

This song rocks, should be there in better place as 10

Zwitter, sehnsucht and asche zu asche deserved a better place

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44 Rein Raus Rein Raus V 1 Comment
45 Hallelujah

This song was on the way to being my favourite song ever. Heavy rammstein on top dirty dance riffs underneath. Would have loved those dirty dance squirts to win more of the battle, but it's rammstein so fair enough. Still an uber classic.

One of the few songs that truly sends shivers down my spine when I hear it. The guitars are indescribably awesome, and the text's mystical nature is really good. Kind of disappointed this one didn't end up on an album. Their best song, and very underrated.

Glad to know that people are starting to notice this song! It's not known just because of its rarity I think. One of Rammstein's best in my opinion. Album-Mutter (Limited Editions)

Hallelujah is a criminally underrated song, and definitely up there along with Reise, Reise and Ich Tu Dir Weh as my favorites. Addictive riffs and Till's awesome poetic lyrics on obscure but disturbing subjects (priests engaging in pedophilia in this case) make this song great. What were Rammstein thinking for leaving this off of the Mutter album?

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46 Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen ? Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen ?

Come on guys! This had got to be the best out of all of them!

One of the tracks that got me hocked on Rammstein. A song that sums up what Rammstein is all about.

Epic song, very angry. My personal favorite.

A real rammstein anthem!

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47 Morgenstern Morgenstern

I'm a big Rammstein fan and I think this song is very much underrated its one of their good intense songs love it I'm not to sure about the top ten list think it needs re shuffiling

Awesome song, as simple as that. Well, at least it's gotta be around the first 10, in my opinion it sounds amazing.

Composition of this song is mind blowing! Great impact!

It's a shame this song isn't in the top 10!

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48 Te quiero p***! Te quiero p***!

Definitely not the best of R+, but I must vote for it, cause 5 days ago I made a tattoo on my chest with the name of this song :)

49 Moskau Moskau

Exquisite. I don't usually dig songs with chicks but this is beyond great and the Russian really nails the feel. Any Rammstein fan, new or veteran should check this out. This is easily in my top 5.

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50 Donaukinder

Great lyrics, great melody, and that synthesizer intro that Flake composed is genius. Definitely sets the perfect mood for a song about an environmental disaster.

Its very underrated song, my opinion this is the best song of rammstein.

I voted for this song because I really think this has got to be one of the most underrated songs ever. This song is extremelly strong, with deep lyrics and very good melodies. I still don't understand why this song isn't on the "normal" LIFAD album.

51 Los Los

Absolutely head blowing - how come it is so low in the ranking? Go LOS...

Great song, very catchy... Who needs to understand the language in order to understand that this is an awesome tune?

Los is a great song and it's even better live

Great Song. I like playing it on my guitar =)

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52 Stirb Nicht Vor Mir Stirb Nicht Vor Mir

Oh when I listen to this song, it take me to Germany by my love, she is far from me but when I listen to it I have a spacial feeling it is love...

For my opinion that is the best power ballad from rammstein

All time fave! Her voice is hauntingly mesmerizing

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53 Heirate Mich Heirate Mich

Rammstein's song are always epic, but this...
The lyrics and the music in the background...
I always get goose pimples while listening this song.

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54 Küss mich (Fellfrosch) Küss mich (Fellfrosch)
55 Spiel Mit Mir Spiel Mit Mir

Melodic with unexpected metal change. Has a creepy beginning which makes it even more cool. When It goes from melodic to metal, your life just might change...

A truly creepy and dark song! No doubt one of their most underrated songs, and one of their best!

That's an awesome song! I've heard ALL the Rammstein songs and Spiel Mit Mir is my favourite.

Personal favourite

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56 Feuerräder
57 Stripped V 1 Comment
58 Fuhre mich

Cannot believe this song is sitting this low. Maybe because it was a bonus track from LIFAD. Anyway, amazing song.

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59 Feuer und Wasser Feuer und Wasser

One of their more powerful songs ; and this power is made of music. Of harmony. This song is not sleepy, is not violent ; it is just a perfect balance and a perfect musical meaning.
Such a pity it's so underrated, along with Spring and Spieluhr. Because, with Reise Reise, Mutter and some others, they represent a Rammstein I love.

Best. Song. Ever
Emotional, powerful, harmonic and so underrated... Same with Spring.

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60 Buckstabu

Why the hell song is so underrated?

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