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61 Hilf Mir

I think it is the best song of rammstein. It should be in top 10 - ThePavkostek999

Are your kidding me?
This song must be in top15 at least

Come on people! This song is fantastic.
One of my favourites

62 Fuhre mich

Cannot believe this song is sitting this low. Maybe because it was a bonus track from LIFAD. Anyway, amazing song.

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63 Wilder Wein
64 Spring

Best guitar solo ever heard. Such a waste that nobody has heard this song!

Powerful song with powerful lyrics. This is a kick in the teeth from start to finish. Very under appreciated, but any fan of Rammstein should pay this song a listen. You will love it at the end.

These lyrics are amazing

Man yall really need to listen to this song, it's great. Huge Rammstein fan and this is in my top 5 (which is hard to do) LISTEN NOW!

65 Zerstören V 2 Comments
66 Bestrafe Mich

Rammstein's best song! Really heavy riff, amazing melody and heavenly vocals. Why are Bestrafe Mich and Spiel Mit Mir the only songs where Till holds notes for so long?

My favourite song of all time. Everything made by Rammstein is really good, but this one and Heirate Mich are the only ones which are truly perfect.

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67 Frühling in Paris

Totally underrated! Don't understand why it's not more popular. Love their melodramatic songs the most.

Best song how everything falls together, should at least be in the top 10

Till demonstrates what poet he is with this masterpiece.

Deserves to be in the top 10. Just amazing!

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68 Gib Mir Deine Augen V 1 Comment
69 Roter Sand

Love it! Come in!

70 Nebel

Nebel is the real master piece in Rammstein discography. Probably too deep to be fully understood by common listeners.

This song can actually make you cry if you know what it is about

Probabily the best Rammstein song if you manage to understand it.

71 Herzeleid

What?! Number 41! Are you kidding me? Lets put this song in the top 5 where it belongs.

This song is a guilty pleasure of mine

Deversed to be so much higher! Has a cool feel to it just such a great song. - wolphert

72 Ein Lied

This song is for the fans!
And the song is pure Harmony
Do you need another reason?

This song should be number one!
First time I heard it, it totally amazed me.
The slow tempo and the deep voice, catchy tunes...
This song is for us, for fans of Rammstein.
This song deserves to be number one.

73 Küss mich
74 Das Modell

Needs to be much higher, this song is great.

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75 Ramm4

New song they've been playing it live as their intro pretty good

I think the song is great and the upcoming album will be awesome!

76 5/4 (Fuenf Viertel)
77 Kokain

Awesome song! Should be on top 20 at least!

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78 Schwarzes Glas V 1 Comment
79 Absturz
80 The Beautiful People

The best! Keep Rocking Marilyn Manson!

Best song I ever heard, it should be higher

Best song ever! it should at least be on top 20

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