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1 Jay-Z vs. Nas

Nas won with Ether, but that was still a damn good battle, The Takeover was still pretty good.

This Beef is the most greatest beef in rap history. mad rappers was working with each other to take each other down - xXLennyKingXx

This is obvious way bigger than the kanye 50 beef and this was more real

Jay-z won with takeover

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2 Bad Boy Records vs. Tupac

Tupac came at Bad Boy with Bombs First. Then they started coming at each other - xXLennyKingXx

I prefer Tupac because ha had more hits but Biggie won and was just deeper than Tupac, came straight from the heart and his flow was BOMB

Come on no beef will ever get bigger than this...
2pac was real rida.. Possibly winning the beef...

Tupac won.

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3 2Pac vs Notorious B.I.G.

Most well known beef of the 90's

No one won this

2pac wins obviously but this should be number 1

This is what you call a beef

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4 Eazy-E vs Dr Dre

Eazy killed that guy who

Seemed dead even to me

Dr. Dee was a coward. Eazy E exposed him and dre got owned. Eazy fo life!

Ruthless for life that's all I got to say extra special thanks real muthaphukkin g( real Compton city GS) real its on down to the last roach ole school what would u do DPG killa Compton swangin everyday allday don't bite the phunk mo murda and shotz to the double glock killer track towards deathrow so ruthless win

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5 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule

This was one of the most realest rap beefs ever, way beyond some Jay Z and Nas thing. 50 ended Ja's Career.

Ja Rule people shot 50 at his back. - xXLennyKingXx

The got shot 9 times and stabbed and he STILL walkin, 50 was way better than Rule and murdered his career cause it wont be long before you're dead, ha

50 hands down won, for example listen to "your life's on the line"

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6 Eminem vs. Benzino

Benzino thought that will beat Eminem in "Pull Ya Skirt Up," because he works for The Source. But Eminem knows what a good diss track has to go, so listen to two of his greatest tracks: "Nail in the Coffin" and "The Sauce." Benzino tried to gain more support, but happens to get kicked out if every record label there is, gets fired from The Source, and he is now a nobody. Eminem is the champion, and let's don't forget the other disses like "Bully" and "Go to Sleep."

Eminem completely destroyed Benzino, and Benzino never was heard from again. We all know who one this beef.

I say Eminem won that beef

Eminem fo the win!

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7 Ice Cube vs N.W.A

These Idiots know nothing about Hip Hop...Ice Cube absolutely murdered NWA to the point they wanted him dead, but knew they couldn't touch him...this is the best rap beef of all time...because NWA tried to ruin Ice cube for leaving and not being stupid, but if you listen to "No Vaseline! He ruined them...

You fool ice cube no Vaseline murdered the whole nwa

Look up the song "No Vaseline" and listen to it. Then you will realize why this should be ranked #1.

Cube smoked them with one song!

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8 50 Cent vs. Lil Wayne

Louisianimal is a song on 50. - xXLennyKingXx

9 Ludacris vs. T.I.

Ludacris came at him. Then T.I. came with the song Do You Wanna Die - xXLennyKingXx

50 cent and ol slim shady hands down can destroy any one that wants it lamos

Luda was the best but T.I by no means is a bad rapper

10 G-Unit vs. The Game

G-Unit Was killing it back then. It was a crazy beef.

I think it was kinda even

This was easily one of the best beefs!

300 bars killed g-unit
"you sell records but a g-g-g-unot"

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11 50 Cent vs. Kanye West

From the College Dropout to 808's & Heartbreak and from Get Rich Or Die Tryin to Before I Self Destruct. Apperentally Kanye won. Thats why 50 ain't making no albums now because of his bet. - xXLennyKingXx

Damn never thought 50 would go ahead with the Yeez King but then it would be the best beef ever

12 Beanie Sigel vs. Jadakiss

Broad street bully diss jadakiss an it was over

2 of the best freestylers dissin each other!

13 LL Cool j vs Kool Moe Dee
14 Foxy Brown vs. Lil Kim

Kim went at Foxy first, and ten years later this beef is still alive.

15 Death Row Records vs. Ruthless Records

Ruthless records win because the have eazy

I say ruthless because then tupac would end up dissing snoop and dre. everyone in ruthless was cool with each other they united. Ruthless records family all day

Eazy e can top Dre day any day.

Eazye BG knocc out dresta cold 187um kokane dirty red sylk e fyne and bone (krayzie and lazyie b
Verse) destroy deathrow they only made 2 diss so Ruthless for me

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16 LL Cool J vs. Canibus

One of hip hops greatest, since canibus was the new kid in the game and LL was like a 15 year rap veteran and canibus destroys LL street credibility with 2nd round knockout, and just to make it worse he managed to get mike tyson on his song to take down LL, although canibus never hit it big, this surely did hold LL's career back

17 Eminem vs. Canibus

Come on now Em murdered

18 Gucci Mane vs Young Jeezy

Gucci killed Jeezy's friend in self defense. He did it because he had to not because he's cold.

Gucci killed Jeezy's friend which makes him a savage.

19 Kendrick Lamar vs Meek Mill

Meek is a good rapper, I'll give him that, but by starting beef with Kendrick and Drake, he basically ended his own career

Meek mill is a joke compare to Kendrick

Meek always had beefs all over but then here he blame Lamar for death of Lil Snuppe guess this one s for a good reason

20 Eazy-E vs. Deathrow
21 Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy
22 YMCMB vs. Shady 2.0

This would be great. Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, and Slim against a bunch of idiots.

If this ever happens, this would go as #1. This would be the best match-up ever. Clash of the titans

YMCMB can't even see em dissing them in their own music. Em already won without the battle even occuring. For example: No love & drop the world with Lil Wayne & Over by drake but renamed "Despicable" by Eminem. Eminem is one of the best lyrcist & the best subliminal rapper!

Yall Mad Cause Marshalls Better

23 Ludacris vs. Drake


24 Boogie Down Production vs Juice Crew
25 Eminem vs Ja Rule

Listen to like toy soldiers by Eminem


26 Nicki Minaj vs. Lil Kim

Nicki Minaj completely murdered Kim on Romans Revenge, Did it on em, and many more, Kim shouldn't start what she can't finish!

Sicki Garbage wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Kim breaking down doors for female rappers and birthing her. Poof..she gone!

Niki Manaj copied Lil Kim's style. Lil Kim took all the hate but she kept bouncin'. Lil Kim for life! Lil Kim won!

27 Kendrick Lamar vs Drake

Even though Kendrick is considered as a noob to the game, I think he's way more better and lyrical than Drake.

Kendrick lamar said he was the king of new york om his control verse and drake responded on the song language

Drake Will Commit Suicide After This. - 12cc

Drake is a joke compare to Kendrick

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28 Eminem vs Everlast

Quitter and I remember are the best diss songs after Hit Em Up

29 Drake vs. Meek Mill

This is top ten, Back to Back blew up just because he was roasting Meek

Why isn't this higher

top 10

30 D12 vs. Ja Rule

This should be number 1 have you heard of go to sleep? Or maybe Doe Rae Me or possibly Hail Mary

Anyway ja rule got murdered 2 by D12 and 50 cent

Ja rule got destroyed by d12 and obie in doe ray me

31 50 Cent vs Jay Z

Wow these guys hate each other

32 Dolla vs. 2 Pistols
33 Tech N9ne vs. The Industry

Mainstream's going Tech, so he's winning.

The industry is punks

34 T.I. vs Shawty Lo
35 Eminem vs. Cage

Cage? He gave em a run but we all no who won this

36 Havoc vs. Prodigy

They were really good in Mobb Deep but now they're taking shots at each other

37 Nas vs Eminem

This was never a beef

Eminem would MURDER! Nas

Nas would win, 100% SURE!

38 Nas vs Big Sean
39 Aka vs Cassper Nyovest

That's the beef from South Africa

40 DJ Quik vs. MC Eiht

One of the longest beef in rap music and it's my favorite one. I know a lot of people say quik because of that one line but to me eight destroy him in definitely wish II and other track as well but I will say quik has good diss track as well

Great beef the best one from two of my favorite mc's

A great beef but I think mc eiht won the songs def wish II and III were bangers

41 Common vs. Too $hort

Common coming at Ice Cube & Mack 10 - xXLennyKingXx

42 Justin Bieber vs Flo Rida
43 Kendrick Lamar vs ALL
44 Tyler, the Creator vs Hopsin

I'm surprised this beef go here I like both rappers so I will keep it neutral I would love a record with them on it doe that would be dope

45 Common vs. Drake
46 Wu Tang Clan vs 50 Cent

I know it's obvious Wu Tang won but I'd like to see others opinions on this

47 Jermaine Dupri vs. Dr. Dre
48 Yukmouth vs. The Game

It almost started a rivalry between The Bay Area and L.A.

49 Joe Budden vs. Consequence
50 Ice Cube vs. Common
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