Best Rap Songs of the 2010s

Best rap songs from 2010-to the present. Feel free to add your own to my list!

I graded on lyrics, vocal performance, effort/inspiration, instrumental, realness and originality. I did not take into consideration popularity and songs that were heavily auto tuned.

The Top Ten

1 Not Afraid - Eminem

Not even close. The #2 is pretty close though, Dre and Em are one sick duo as neither would be where they are without the other.

Lyrics - A
Vocals - A
Effort/Inspiration - A+
Instrumental - A
Realness - A-
Originality - A-

2 I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre V 1 Comment
3 No Love - Eminem & Lil Wayne

Half of the songs in the top ten have Eminem in them which shows just how talented he is. But this is the best of the lot. Em spits the greatest verse of all time and it is in my top 5 Eminem songs.

Most Underrated Eminem Song And The Only Song In Which Lil Wayne Doesn't Sound Like Pelican. - 12cc

Lyrics - A+
Vocals - A-
Effort/Inspiration - A
Instrumental - A-
Realness - A-
Originality - A-

4 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne

The hottest lyrics I head

5 Fast Lane - Bad Meets Evil V 1 Comment
6 Lighters - Bad Meets Evil

Lyrics - A+
Vocals - A
Effort/Inspiration - A
Instrumental - A
Realness - A-
Originality - B+

7 N***** In Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye West
8 Give Me Everything - Pitbull

Besides the terrible start off with Pitbull's dumb line, this is my favorite Pitbull.

Pitbull is an underrated rapper
His style is unique and is the second best rapper after Eminem
His rhymes are clever,his hooks are catchy and his beats will get even the non-dancers to dance
People just can't see all of this because he is pop and mainstream

9 Otis - Jay-Z & Kanye West

Lyrics - A+
Vocals - A
Effort/inspiration - A
Instrumental - A+
Realness - A
Originality - A

10 Power - Kanye West

No this is bad

Lyrics - A
Vocals - A
Effort/Inspiration - A-
Instrumental - A+
Realness - A-
Originality A-

The Contenders

11 Yonkers - Tyler, the Creator

Tyler displays a new batch of rap music with this song. His rhymes are amazing, and he has arguably the sickest flow and style. He is one of the greatest rappers out there, and whoever is voting up Eminem songs has got to figure it out; his songs aren't that good, and they are all mostly about the same thing

Ew. Not Afraid is #1, can't say I'm surprised but I'm still kind of disgusted. Anyway, Yonkers is easily one of the greatest rap songs of not only the 2010s but one of the best of all time. The lyrics are great, the flow is great, the beat is great, and to top it all off the song is just one big paradox. - AlteredState

Tyler The Creator sucks. This shouldn't even be here. His best song isn't even good.

Really good. Sick beat and great rhymes. How can you not like this song. It's so amazing. I just love it. Really great song should be in top ten. Screw all the emminem songs.

12 M.A.A.D. City - Kendrick Lamar

Insanely good song off of an insanely good album

13 Rap God - Eminem
14 Boom - Snoop Dogg
15 Mercy - Kanye West
16 Space Bound - Eminem

The best rap of 2010. Just behind not afraid. Made by the best rapper-Eminem. It got nominated in the Grammy's. What more do you need.

17 Earl - Earl Sweatshirt
18 The Monster - Eminem
19 Mirror - Lil Wayne
20 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown
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1. Not Afraid - Eminem
2. No Love - Eminem & Lil Wayne
3. I Need a Doctor - Dr. Dre
1. Rap God - Eminem
2. 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne
3. Boom - Snoop Dogg



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