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1 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem

Eminem is just so amazing with his compositions! Love to hear a song so appealing with wonderful lyrics from his life and I always get something to learn from him!

Very inspiring, no one can compete, can't wait for his new album!

This Is The Greatest Rap Song Off All Time. None Is Better. It's Even The Highest Sold Rap Song Off All Time

It's the best rap song ever written
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2 Stronger - Kanye West Stronger - Kanye West

From top 10 rap songs of 21st century 6 songs are from kanye west and every one of them is amazing but this song... I could listen to it whole day and than again and again...

This song is motivation

3 Stan - Eminem Stan - Eminem

This song must be in top 10 for sure! This is the best rap song of 21st century. Em deserves the first 3 positions in this list!

Who ever voted 4 dis list sucks, dis list is weak... Kanye really!

This song was inspired by the song called one love on illmatic


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4 99 Problems - Jay-Z 99 Problems - Jay-Z

It just sound amazing. And Stronger, Through the Wire, and Jesus Walks are all better than Gold Digger.

I got 99 Problems why isn't this number 1?

5 In Da Club - 50 Cent In Da Club - 50 Cent

Best song of 50 cent

In the Club is a good song. The beat is hard, and it fits perfectly with 50's lyrics and flow. - SwagFlicks

The only song that I have never gotten tiered of. - CDShark

Best song ever

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6 Jesus Walks - Kanye West Jesus Walks - Kanye West

Love the song... Though some people are criticizing it... Duh

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7 Rap God - Eminem Rap God - Eminem

Just look at the 6000 words he spited in 6 minute

Wow, wow, wow unbelievable man, love Eminem should be no. 2or3. Eminem forever!

The superfast part it simply amazing - _Infinite_

Pure brilliance!

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8 Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar

One of the best rap song in this century and jay's verse is so underrated

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9 Not Afraid - Eminem Not Afraid - Eminem

Look up his story on the Internet. His best friend was shot in the head 3 times. He was out of the biz for me than a year. But he came back with this powerful song that is about his comeback. This song is amazing, should be in the top ten!

Great song! And great message to

Amazing song

10 Beautiful - Eminem Beautiful - Eminem

Just listen to it, and your respect for him (musical talent and otherwise) will skyrocket. Trust me.

Not only the best rap song of the 21st century, the best song of all time. - SwagFlicks

Shouldn't be this high, but it's in the top ten Eminem songs for me

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? Ante Up - M.O.P. Ante Up - M.O.P.

Legendary rap song made in 2000. Before rap went downhill to just words without emotion, this song gave the rebellious tone for change to happen and gives anyone motivation. Perfect song for early mornings. - Wafzal2

POpularity doesn't mean the songs this century by hip hop stars are necessarily any good, There are always songs in the top 40 that are catchy, cute, sellable with reliability of promise a product was good and.= not montonous out there, USually NOT by big name stars.

? Hero - Nas Hero - Nas

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11 'Till I Collapse - Eminem 'Till I Collapse - Eminem

Ultimate song everybody should listen it's very close to lose yourself and should be second after that... Real rap is in this song

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12 Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Kanye West Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Kanye West

WOAH I guessed lose yourself would be number 1 but this is THIRD?! FINALLY THE WORLD UNDERSTANDS HOW GREAT THIS SONG IS! Better than Eminems stuff, the rap in sick, the beat is incredible, the lyrics are good but it's not his best song. One of them. Surprised Ridin' by chamillionaire isn't here, but this list has showed me that kanye isn't underrated at all! Jesus walks is also a fantastic song with a great meaning, but through the wire 10#? Not quite...

It good and I love it and I would rate it 10/10 and its cool and how do I make this more than poor :s anyway I'm just gunna write until its like the best possibl. E and I like the way its nice to slaves. There we go finnaly the blue bar has popped up

13 Gold Digger - Kanye West Gold Digger - Kanye West

Yeah, this is easily one of the best rap songs of the 21st century. - SwagFlicks

14 Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique

If more people really searched for the truth in hip hop, this song would be in the top 3.

This song is unbelievable. More than 6 minutes of rapping in this song. Unbelievable story telling in this song.

This is one of the greatest song in rap history.

What why is this 25? Know your hip-hop people! - EMBIGNASPAC

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15 Runaway - Kanye West Runaway - Kanye West

The only reason that this masterpiece is not in the top 10, or top 20 at least, is how underrated it is. - yaygiants16

This song is nothing short of iconic. Should be top 5

16 One Mic - Nas One Mic - Nas

This song is just unbelievable, get this to number 1. There are 18 songs ahead of this, when 0 songs should be ahead of this

One of the best rap compositions, a perfect song on some Mozart level!

This should be on top 3,lyrically untouchable!

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17 Hey Ya! - Outkast Hey Ya! - Outkast

This is a great song, but it's the exact opposite of gangsta rap

Awesome song grew up with this


18 A Milli - Lil Wayne A Milli - Lil Wayne

This is no where near the best song of the 21st century

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19 Through the Wire - Kanye West Through the Wire - Kanye West
20 Changes - 2pac Changes - 2pac

Wasn't this released in the 20th century? A good song nonetheless. - SwagFlicks

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