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21 Nas / The World is Yours / Verse 1

Something about the flow of these opening lines are perfect

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22 Eminem/ No Love/ Verse 2

Best rap verse ever. BIf you don't think so, go listen to it right now. I'm black and I like this verse. Dope, dope, dope. Listen to it. He says never before seen rhymes.

The Greatest Rapid Fire Verse of All Time.

Had me at "i'm alive again".


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23 Eminem / Rap God / Verse 3

Missing the lyricism, which bumps it down a bit, but bar none the most TECHNICALLY impressive verse for sure - Themusicman

This will be the greatest verse in next 2-3 years

This whole song has very complex flows and rhyme schemes in it, but the lyrics are just corny.

Not even a good song

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24 A Tribe Called Quest / Butter / Verse 1

Not even the best verse in that album. Q-Tip's verse in Check the Rhime wipes the floor, or pretty much any of Scenario.

25 Big L / Put it On / Verse 1
26 Eminem / Love the Way You Lie / Verse 3
27 2pac / Keep Ya Head Up / Verse 1
28 AZ / Life's a Bitch / Verse 1

Everything just clicks, from the flow to the lyrics. Masterful

AZ and Nas were both unbelievable on this track

Way too low. Smh to many biased Eminem fans. This is better then all of his verses, the only one that's right there with it is the verse 3 in Stan. Anyways, this should be top 5.

Keepin this schwepervesent street ghetto essence inside us
Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us

Now that's how you rhyme.

29 Kanye West / Jesus Walks / Verse 1
30 Nas / Halftime / Verse 1

This is great, but the second verse was better

31 Eminem/ Infinite/ Verse 2

How can this not be at least in the top 5? You clearly were not paying attention to the greatest rhyme scheme ever to be put into music.

It eases you mentally, gently, sentimentally, instrumentally with entity dementedly meant to be infinite

Sick verse

32 Jay-Z / Da Graveyard / Verse 4

Absolutley ill you cannot listen to this and say its not ill - infinite96

33 Jay-Z / Can't Knock the Hustle / Verse 1
34 Killer Mike / Reagan / Verse 2
35 Hishaam / All I Do / Verse 1

Timeless piece of inspiration by the boy from Port Elizabeth

Hishaam honzo's finest verse, this verse is hot yho, don't believe me? Listen to it -

36 GZA / Liquid Swords / Verse 2
37 Eminem/ 'Till I Collapse/ Verse 1

This verse is so hardcore

38 Proverb / Writer's Club / Verse 1

"I write what I like and I like what I write, I like to be right but I don't really right to be like (difference)// I get hype when I right like journalists, but I'm no journalist so I don't write 4 the hype// not saying the hype is not right, but writing won't get you hyped and having the hype doesn't mean you can write// Hype is a right cover up, so that whatever you write might just get you on the cover of Hype..." - Proverb's first 4 lines, otherwise it's a great concept (probably the best I've heard so far in this decade) and it's got a great wordplay/flow to it. This song's a classic -

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39 The Notorious B.I.G. / Notorious Thugs

Best rap verse I've ever heard

40 Lord Finesse / Da Graveyard / Verse 3
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