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1 No Escape No Escape

Missing from the list: Something Wild, Narc, and most notably Unlawful Entry.. So go ahead and view these films and do the list again

Ok, it's not the best movie ever but Ray showed the greatest acting here. I love the way he plays a good guy. Finally - Alexandr

2 Control Control

.. Also Phoenix from 1998 is worthy of praise, Ray as an undercover cop with a severe gambling addiction but he always pays his debts and has to mastermind a robbery to continue along those lines.. Angelica Huston, Brittany Murphy, Anthony LaPaglia, and Jeremy Piven costar

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3 Heartbreakers Heartbreakers

He didn't have much screen time here but he was cool though - Alexandr

4 Goodfellas Goodfellas

The greatest movie of all time bar none

It's the best maan! And his laugh... so funny... He looks like a chipmunk ahaha!

5 Turbulence Turbulence

Probably the most famous role played by Liotta - Alexandr

6 Cop Land Cop Land

One of my favorite police movies of the 90's - Alexandr

7 Corrina, Corrina Corrina, Corrina

Duet with Whoopi Goldberg was very interesting - Alexandr

8 Unforgettable Unforgettable
9 Field of Dreams Field of Dreams

His acting was superb in this film - Alexandr

10 Powder Blue Powder Blue

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11 Unlawful Entry Unlawful Entry

Not bad as a movie. He plays this psychotic cop that has a crush for Madeleine Stowe
( who is very hot in this movie ).

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