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Rayman is an action video game series developed by Ubisoft.

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1 Rayman 2: The Great Escape Rayman 2: The Great Escape

I literally grew up on this game and even today believe it to be maybe just the best video game of all time. It didn't take itself to seriously while still keeping a heartfelt, dark tone to the game. Excellent level design, large variety of playstyles, a simple yet captivating plot, a handful of cool boss fights and one of best soundtracks ever made, with dozens of well orchestrated, memorable tunes interchanging in every level. As much as I am entertained by the video games of today, whenever I return to Rayman 2: The Great Escape I am always pleasantly surprised by its lasting greatness and reminded of how well old games can entertain us through the limitations of the time it was made. A masterpiece.

This is not only the best Rayman game, but in my opinion this is the best game ever! I played this game a few years ago and I LOVED it! It's just the magical world, the music, the characters, the atmosphere. I loved every second of this game, so people. Play it!

(I played this when I was six years old, so I don't know if I would enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it ten years ago but it's really a good game! )

Love it so much, I have so many memories playing this game. Whenever I replay it I have a nostalgic feeling. It's aged very well and it's one of those games that you can never forget. So many creative characters and I must say the music is so outstanding. Love it

A critically acclaimed masterpiece

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2 Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

The last "good" Rayman game until the Rabbids ruined the series...

Supposedly funny Rayman 2 is nowhere near as good as this fantastic game, because of the beautiful world and characters seen in this awesome game! Rayman 3 is one of my favorite games of all time! Rayman 2 is fun too though!

Supposedly funny Rayman 2 is nowhere near as good as this fantastic game, because of the beautiful world and characters seen in this awesome game! Rayman 3 is one of my favorite games of all time! Rayman 2 is fun too though!

This was the first game I ever played I loved it really memorable and I remember playing with my when I was about 8 I get so emotional when I hear the music brings back the memories.
Love this game wish every game was like this.

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3 Rayman Legends Rayman Legends

I played Origins last year and was instantly a fan of Rayman. I remember seeing the games at a younger age but never played any as I recall. By far the funnest game that I am playing right now is definitely Legends. I am hooked and enjoy playing this game a lot.

Will the new Wii you adventure be the best we will find out this February.

From what I played of the demo I was amazed how great the game was.

The rayman game that saved the franchise

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4 Rayman Origins Rayman Origins

This game brought the classic Rayman back and in beautiful 2D, hand drawn graphics. This game is the winner because, it was challenging, had plenty of unlockables, 4-player modes, and was an overall masterpiece in regards to the gameplay and music. I have played all the other "regular" Rayman games, and this one takes the cake.

While the game doesn't attempt to create an intrigue story or characters with a massive storyline, it does bring back the classic Rayman gameplay in one hell of a game.

I love this game but it is the only Rayman game I owned and played. (p.S. I am listening to music from this game right now. )

WO! Yes! Best Rayman Game! When you start to think the levels are getting repetitive, immediately, a new world with new stages is introduced and the gameplay flows very well. The Presentation is beautiful at times. I give it a rating of... Finish It!

-Jirard The Completionist

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5 Rayman Rayman

Easily the best rayman game that has been produced. I have played all the rayman games from when I was six years old. The reason this is the best game in the series (and all time! ) was the challenge and difficulty. Bosses were great, music was great, levels were brilliant and diverse, not just the same like every other game! Everything about it was great. Definitely recommend playing this!

I received rayman 1 as a gift when I was 5 years old and it took me around 2 years to complete just using sheer persistency. I now look back at this game and realise there is an essence of magic about this game, the art and music were beautiful and complemented the gameplay perfectly. Compared to the other raymans, this one was slightly more challenging and felt rewarding to complete. Definitely a game I could play over and over every couple of years.

For me this is second best Rayman game, just after Hoodlum Havoc. Probably hardest Rayman game since you have to get all cages so you get to sixth world and in this game they are very well hidden. One of the best of 2D platformers released in 90's

Nothing can beat this!

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6 Rayman Raving Rabbids Rayman Raving Rabbids

I prefer the original series before the raving rabbids ones, but these are OK - dragon13304

This game, although not a true Rayman game, is an amazing mini game collection and for what it is, this game pretty $%^$ good.

7 Rayman Arena Rayman Arena

I still remember this game, it was really fun to play! It really was an awesome game, me and my brothers would always play this game when we got a chance. I loved racing in this gaming, even though you had to make it by foot The characters were pretty awesome too :D - Globox

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8 Rayman M Rayman M

Arguably my favourite multiplayer game of all time, nothing quite beats your friend squealing as the sticky bomb counts down to zero! Probably wouldn't feel as awesome compared to modern day multiplayer games, but was definitely a classic!

It is. Not the best rayman game ever but it is pretty badass and way better than all the rabid games

Uhmmm... People, Rayman M and Arena is the exact same game.
It is know in america as Arena, because Ubisoft would´┐Ż't have the esrb to mistake the M for Mature, so they change it to Arena.
Other then that, M and Arena is the same game, and it is really fun

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9 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 V 1 Comment
10 Rayman 3 (GBA) Rayman 3 (GBA)

Fantastic and unique game with a similar style to Rayman 2, though made to 2D in a fantastic and original way

Criminally underrated 2D platformer. Well-made levels, tight controls, secrets to find, cool bosses, and the second truly original 2D Rayman game.

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11 Rayman Golf

Rayman Golf is better than Mario Golf for sure!

12 Rayman 3D Rayman 3D
13 Rayman Kart
14 Rayman DS Rayman DS V 1 Comment
15 Rayman: Brain Games Rayman: Brain Games
16 Rayman Rush V 1 Comment
17 Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge V 1 Comment
18 Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Raving Rabbids Travel in Time V 1 Comment
19 Rabbids Go Home Rabbids Go Home

Not a Rayman Game...No, not even a Rayman Raving Rabbids Game.

20 Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
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2. Rayman Legends
3. Rayman 2: The Great Escape
1. Rayman Legends
2. Rayman Origins
3. Rayman 2: The Great Escape

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