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THE READY SET is a really great band. I only got to download two of their songs, because I don't know which one was the best. Why? Because there was nothing here on TheTopTens. So, I'm gonna let all those The Ready Set fans out there decide for me! Thanks.
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1 Love Like Woe Love Like Woe Cover Art

Who doesn't love this song! Its got such a catchy beat and addicting lyrics. I thought I listened to good music and then I hear this and was blown away. I wish all music was this good nowadays. If you haven't heard it then what are you still doing reading this? Go on youtube and play the song!

Love this song to death! Totally the #1 song they've ever written. I know they're an awesome band, and I've been to almost all their concerts!

I am in love with this song. Its melody still is very fun to hear. It is one of the best song of all my favourites.

I personally love the song. I think it's their best song ever. Love Like Woe!

2 Young Forever Young Forever Cover Art

It's just a nice and catchy song. Fun song about living and it makes a good dancing song to enjoy.

3 Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)

If you haven't heard this song before, it's really catchy! I can literally sing it in my sleep. It has a really nice beat and it is, most definitely, a song you can easily dance to a a party!

Though it's one of Jordan's newest hits, it's still awesome. It's got a nice beat to it, it's upbeat, and a perfect party song. Who wouldn't love this song?

The ultimate party song this one. Like seriously.

It truly is the best song ever!

4 More Than Alive More Than Alive Cover Art
5 Killer Killer Cover Art

So catchy. This is the song the ready set used to addict me to them.

I can't stop listening to this song! It's amazing.

6 Wishlist Wishlist Cover Art
7 Higher

It's a relatively new song, but it has catchy lyrics, and it makes me want to dance every time I hear it!

8 Limits Limits Cover Art
9 Hollywood Dream Hollywood Dream Cover Art
10 Notions Notions Cover Art

Notions is his best song

The Contenders
11 Airplanes Airplanes Cover Art
12 Melody's Song
13 Spinnin' Spinnin' Cover Art

Even though I totally hear the sexual undertones, it's really catchy. Even more so than Love Like Woe.

14 Back to Back Back to Back Cover Art

Uhm no. Needs to be in the top five! This song and killer are WAYYY TOO LOW on the list. This song is great.

15 A Little More A Little More Cover Art

A song about how we should give a more love. Nice and catchy with pop essences and cute lyrics. One of his best songs. Not a hugely recognized song, but it should be.

This is a very cute kinda jazzy song!

16 Giants Giants Cover Art
17 There Are Days There Are Days Cover Art
18 Freakin' Me Out

Really good Ready Set song. I love his vocals in this one, and the music is great.

19 Fangz
20 Roll Up Roll Up Cover Art

Roll Up is one song from Punk Goes Pop Vo. 4.
For me, It's The Best song by The Ready Set. It should be the big five The Ready Set best songs.

21 Stays Four the Same Stays Four the Same Cover Art
22 Carry Me Home
23 Bitter and the Sweetness
24 Don't You Need Me
25 Bleeding

The "Ooh-ooh-ooh" part is really annoying but I love everything else.

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