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21 Fernando Hierro Fernando Hierro

Hierro was my favorite player back in the day. His passing skills matched Pirlo and his defensive presence was equivalent to that of Thiago Silva. His leadership skills were impeccable. Top 10 all time in my opinion.

He is a real legend one can't think of. he is a solid defender and a good character and a great player. he is a captain by example and he scores and create from center back. he can played in center back and in mid field. great personality. my best ever defender. I like and love him

He's a legendary player, I never have sean a player with his dignity and pride

Wonderful captain and great player

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22 Luka Modric Luka Modric Luka Modrić is a Croatian footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Croatia national team.

He controls the defending mid field side

Modric is probably one of the best midfielders ever he is a very amazing player

Without Modric... Ronaldo, Benzema, and Bale simply don't score

One of the best playmakers ever

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23 Santiago Bernabeu

He is the original superstar of Real Madrid

He should be in top 5 for starting as a player then transforming the Club to a European powerhouse being real president during our back to back European cups in the 50s

It's a stadium

24 Angel di Maria Angel di Maria

An amazing argentine surpassing Messi and maradona

He makes the team win most of the times with his nice passes to CR7 and he is fast and can shoot

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25 Arjen Robben Arjen Robben Arjen Robben is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich and is the captain of the Netherlands national team.

Robben did play for Real, he moved from Chelsea and then we sold him to Bayern

What the **** Robben never played for Real Madrid who ever put this crap is STUPID

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26 Emilio Butragueño
27 Marcelo Vieira

Marcelo is a beast he is like the best lb in the world such a boss

28 Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Zidane Zinedine Yazid Zidane, nicknamed "Zizou", is a retired French footballer and current manager of Real Madrid.

Best legend

29 Toni Kroos Toni Kroos Toni Kroos is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid and the German national team.

He is a great player he sets up amazing attacks that normally lead to goals

His passing is unbelievable.

The second xabi alonso

This is a no1

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30 Raphael Varane
31 Luis Figo Luis Figo
32 Raymond Kopa
33 James Rodríguez James Rodríguez James David Rodríguez Rubio, known as James Rodríguez, is a Colombian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Colombia national team as an attacking midfielder or winger.

He should be 2 place

That is nonsense James is better than Modric he deserves to be in the top 15 at least

James should be 5th place

He is the best A. M

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34 Michael Laudrup
35 Davor Šuker
36 Gheorghe Hagi

Scored ONLY 3 goals in his first match under Real's name.

Gotta love Hagi.

Hagi is the best player

The King!

37 Isco Isco Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, commonly known as Isco, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Madrid.

Amazing skills, crosses but not like ozil

The next generation for madrid

He is an amazing player with skills

38 Míchel Salgado
39 Alvaro Morata Alvaro Morata

Nothing to say we know him

40 Santiago Hernán Solari

I think zedine is the best playre in the world nobody can play the ball like him. he is the best of the best. but I also think that Ronaldo is the king is scoring the are the best

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