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21 The Biggest Loser

Great show that helps the world get healthier every year. Sure, it is a big sob story most of the time, but that is because people who get that out of shape are broken to begin with. Inspirational show.

The most inspiring reality show

22 The Bachelor

You go on a reality show to get hitched with a total stranger? This show kind of explains better than any other why reality shows are weird...

It's the best show ever! I stay interested until the last episode and I simplys love it!

23 Pawn Stars

Unlike many other of these shows I actually learn watching pawn stars and its funny and interesting

For humor and knowledge as well as improving bargaining skills

Good people rick and his dad are the show


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24 Total Drama Island Total Drama Island

Not really a reality show but its still good

BEST reality parody ever. What better way to skewer the genre than with animation? Another great animated parody is Drawn Together but that show didn't stick to the strict elimation format.

I love total drama island and I love courtney

Squawking - Puga

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25 The Osbournes

Probably the funniest reality show I've seen. Ozzy is the complete light of the show and is one of my funniest heroes

26 Man vs. Wild

Cause BearGrylls grylls a Bear because a bear Cannot gryll Bear grylls while Bear Grylls

27 The Bachelorette
28 Impractical Jokers

What the hell! Can't believe that I had to add this. I mean come on this is rated 7.8 out of 10.0. This show that makes me laugh really hard. Those who haven't watched this I recommend you to watch just one episode and I guarantee that you won't regret it.

How the HECK is it way down here? How is it NOT number one? Just because it's not extremely popular does not mean it sucks. It is the funniest show on the planet.

Of course...I just love this show, it's so real and hilarious and just AWESOME...and all the four of them are just great... - Ananya

VERY best show on T.V..

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29 Chris Angel Mindfreak V 1 Comment
30 Britney and Kevin

Britney is so hot, and even though the show was cancelled and britney and kevin are now divorced, it's still a great show to watch and look at how britney was during the good old days before she shaved her head and attacked a car with an umbrella.

This show sucked white trash Nick and Jessica.. Britney is a wannabe of Paris hilton

31 Project Runway

It the best reality ever, there should be more episodes, and not as much time in a year without them. Every episode is very entertaining and interesting.

I love this, because I like the idea and a lot of the talent, but also becuase I think this show is much more objective and down-to-business than a lot of other reality shows. I mean, I don't think the judges are trying to put on a facade, when they are on stage and then act completely different outside the show!

This is simply the best show I've ever seen!

32 Survivor Man
33 RuPaul's Drag Race

Embraces the camp of reality shows and takes it to a whole new level. All the drama, talent and quotability any reality addict needs.

Hie, No T No Shade No Pink Lemonade but this show is the best and I FEEL VERY ATTACKED because this show is not higher

This show is hands down THE BEST--sorry bout it!

Greatest reality show on T.V..

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34 Gold Rush
35 The Mole

Brilliant! I wish they would bring it back. My wife and I have watched all of the US episodes and have viewed a fair amount of those from the UK and AUS. By far our favorite is the American version which is surprising be/c we really don't like much that comes out of the U.S. Humm...

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36 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I am praying someone will makeover my home. Badly needed, it was my father's dream to keep it in the family. If my mom gets her way, none of us will ever see it again. please help.

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37 Deal or No Deal V 2 Comments
38 America's Funniest Home Videos

This is a great show I like to laugh and this show will make you laugh.

Disagree. Pretty much 90% of the "funny" stuff on this show is people randomly falling down or tripping over something.

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39 The Apprentice

I love the apprentice so ducking much

I don't care about the contestants, I just like the hosts(Dad(original) and Schwarzenegger(replacement). - Therandom

The apprentice has had some terrible contestants like April Phillipé and Karin

40 Big Brother Canada
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