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41 Wife Swap

One of the most interesting shows I ever seen and the families are and chemistry with eachother are off the charts, great show. Not really a fan of reality shows but this is one of the couple I seem to like. Watch it, when there is nothing to do. - Undertaker15-0

Put two opposite women with different family = entertainment - Razor79

42 WWE Monday Night RAW
43 The Voice (UK)

It's such a nice show that is looking for the best voice of UK, nothing less, nothing more.

44 America's Best Dance Crew
45 Dance Moms

Dance Moms will show you about how hard the dance world is. I'm not a dancer but this show made me respect the hardwork of a dancer and how moms stand up for their children. This show also makes me love to watch a dance show. No matter there's a lot of people saying negative things about this show, but this will always be my favorite reality show. Its really entertaining!

It has everything a good reality show needs. The drama, the hysteria, the reactions, and mainly, a load of the girls dancing and their care towards their dance teacher.

This show is the bomb-diggity! I love the way the parents react to the dance teacher... Hysterical! This should be #1 for sure! I dance moms! It's amazing. And everyone will enjoy it! Fun for the whole family to enjoy together and laugh so hard they cry! :') I love it and so should you so vote for it to be on the top of th charts!

This should be first, have you seen maddie ziegler

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46 Chopped
47 Bar Rescue
48 Pimp My Ride
49 American Ninja Warrior
50 The X Factor

It's the best show suckers!

51 The Girls Next Door
52 Cutthroat Kitchen
53 The Bad Girls Club

best tv show ever! I love it with all the drama! they should make a lot of them just like that!
I am watching them from Europe!
thumbs up for Bad Girls Club

So much drama makes for great T.V.! Hysterical and wildly entertaining! I watch every season.

7 bad girls in 1 house=drama=GREAT TV

I will never get tired of watching it, its an amazing show!

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54 The Challenge

This is actually an addicting show. One of my favorites - JCchrom3

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55 Family Feud
56 Here Comes Honey Boo Boo V 1 Comment
57 The Contender

The contender shows the lives of boxers and their struggles to get to the top. They don't pick up a script. This is real. Watch how the best becomes the king of the sport.

58 Kids Baking Championship
59 Temptation Island

What an idea put 4 happy yeah right couples on an island of some of the hottest people and see if they cheat. They should bring this one back.

60 Cake Boss
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