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81 Run's House

Finally a MTV show that isn't all about whiny teens and their birthdays

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82 Spy

A group of everyday civilians volunteered to undergo a short version of the same espionage training real spies are given, from real experts. Then, they were sent on assignments, to test their skills.

Now, *that* was some of the most interesting "reality" programming, ever.

83 Laguna Beach
84 Rob and Big

Rob dyrdek has lots of money and lots of free time and very little regard for his personal health

85 The Simple Life

This was funny and very entertaining

Laugh out loud Paris and nicole are the original blondes!

I loved this show so much.

86 American Pickers

I love these guys!

87 Parental Control
88 American Gladiator
89 House of Carters
90 Atlanta Housewives

Love this show but they are too much of a backbiters can't stand Nini.

Love this show. Especially Ms. Leakes. It should definitely be in a higher ranking!

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91 The World's Strictest Parents
92 Skin Wars
93 Cake Boss
94 Black Ink Crew
95 I Love Money
96 Dance Your Ass Off

OMG!! this show should be number 1 cuz it rocks. I love Latona and Adamme!

97 Daisy of Love
98 Mob Wives
99 Basketball Wives
100 The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off, often referred to as Bake Off or GBBO, is a British television baking competition produced by Love Productions, in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of rounds, attempting to impress a group of judges with their baking skills, with a contestant more.

The thinking man or woman's reality talent show in which ameteur bakers compete in this gentle show that's the complete opposite of that freak show X-Factor

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