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101 Alaska: The Last Frontier V 2 Comments
102 Naked and Afraid

Love Naked and Afraid, it is my favorite. I record every show then watch them over and over.

Totally my favorite! Record and watch every episode!

One of my favorite

The best show on the air.
Packed with great survival information, great video and stimulating conversation.

103 Celebrity Fit Club
104 Crash Course

why did this get cancelled it was best - carrac111

105 Endurance

It is so good it has drama for kids

106 Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best
107 Russian Dolls

Was A reality show on The Lifetime channel about Russians and how they lived on brighton beach it only had 12 episodes and then the show was cancelled but its very entertaining

108 Ice Loves Coco

Cool show. I like that couple seems to have a genuine love and respect for each other. They manage to make their show interesting without a bunch of fake drama.

109 Bigg Boss

The best of the bests, Bigg Boss. Different from other reality show, and better too. And the anchor is Salman Khan, one of my favorite.

One of the best show in India

110 The Hills
111 Bad Lad's Army Bad Lad's Army Bad Lad's Army is a British reality show in which 30 delinquents aged between 16-24 volunteer for 30 days National Service 1950s style. The show features billet inspections, beastings and comments from celebrities who did National Service during the 1950s.

Sgt Rae is funny in this series "There are three sarges in this camp, sau-sarge, mas-sarge and if you ever call me either one of them, this is going right up your pas-sarge"! - Dale

30 delinquents are called up for 1950s army training. Expect tantrums, beastings and general arguing between the recruits and NCOs

112 LA Ink
113 Big Rich Atlanta
114 Kid Nation
115 Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life
116 Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, sometimes shortened as Fetch!, is an American animated television series that was on PBS Kids.
117 Love In the Wild
118 Same Name
119 Meera Pati
120 Vanderpump Rules

Best. Reality. Show. Ever. These kids are Awesome and the show was so addicting. How can't this be on the list? It's better than any of the housewives shows and the Bachelor. I can't wait for season two! Yea!

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