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121 Murder in Small Town X

10 people are offered the chance to win $250000 if they can solve the fictional murders of the Flint Family in the small town of Sunrise, Maine. These 10 investigators have e to play the killers twisted game, to be the last one standing to solve the case and win the money.

122 The Block (Australia) V 1 Comment
123 College Hill

I miss this show loved it! It has the drama for you and fights! Check it out on Demand

An Amazing show Its perpopsterouse how they can not like yhis

124 Property Wars V 1 Comment
125 Street Outlaws
126 River Monsters V 1 Comment
127 Are You The One?
128 Cutthroat Kitchen
129 Kitchen Nightmares
130 I am Cait
131 Bad Lad's Army: Officer Class

This time around 30 delinquents are called up for 1950s Officer training. Expect failed attempts at table manners, billet inspections and in general some very mouthy recruits and shouty NCOs. - Dale

132 Chopped
133 Family Feud Family Feud
134 Cake Wars

Awesome show I love watching it learn a lot from seeing it love love watching it

135 Worst Cooks in America
136 Expedition Impossible
137 MFF: Mom Friends Forever
138 Find Me My Man
139 The Face
140 Coronation Street V 1 Comment
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