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121 360 Records

Independent record label from London. Raised Artists like Devlin, Chipmunk, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle, Exo,

122 King Records
123 We Up Entertainment
124 YardHype Music

Really good label for young and upcoming artistes. This label is from the Caribbean, Jamaica to be exact.

125 No Limit Records

No Limit Records has sold over 75 million records year to date, even considering their bankruptcy back in 2003. Master P is a hustler straight up. He was on his way to the nba, but due to a knee injury, he lost his basketball scholarship to the university of Houston. He decided to continue with school anyway taking business classes and looking towards the future. While visiting some family in the sf bay area, he saw a line outside of a shop and had to know what they were selling. Music it turned out and so he decided to do the same. He opened a record shop and started making and selling his own music and that of his friends. He made the most groundbreaking deal in the music industry, 80/20. He did this by paying the $200,000 for distribution himself. When his music started taking over the nation, (east and west coast) he signed artist like Snoop Dogg (1997-2002), Mystikal, (his brothers): C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker and (his son) Lil Romeo. Master P was without a doubt the best ...more

Once upon a time we were all "Bout it Bout it" and we were all soldiers.

126 Arkaik Records
127 Razor & Tie

Did a soundtrack to "Another Cinderella Story" which is in stores in North America and online. The best way to find this soundtrack is Amazon. - playstationfan66

The Pretty Reckless

The Sword!

128 Victory Records

A Day To Remember! What the hell people

129 Red Cord Records
130 Forces of Satan Records
131 Napalm Records

WHOA! Napalm Records THIS low on the list?! This is where I find a lot of great songs!

Why the hell is Napalm Records so damned low on this list? It should be in the top 5 easy...what IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?

132 Mutant League Records
133 Broken Arrow Collective
134 The End Records
135 Matador Records

Matador Records doesn't have much in the way of mainstream artists, but the artists they do have are fantastic. If you're a fan of Indie or Alternative music I'm unaware of a better label.

They're a sick label. They must know how to run things considering their list of amazing indie/alt rock groups. Queens Of The Stone Age, Stephen Malkmus, Interpol, Belle and Sebastian, The New Pornographers, etc.

136 Nickelodeon Records
137 Rhymesayers Entertainment

I love everything these guys do. My favorites are Brother Ali and Dem Atlas

How is this so low?!
Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali.. Some of the best Rappers alive.

138 Megaforce Records Megaforce Records Megaforce Records is an American independent record label founded in 1982 by Jon and Marsha Zazula to publish the first works of Metallica.
139 Nothing Records

This should be higher.

140 Kontor
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