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Red is a great christian rock band what songs are their best?

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1 Already Over

Abseloutley their best song!
It should be number 1!

A great song by them
It really makes you go crazy. Great lyrics and the singer is really great and really is going to make be addicted to this song...

this song is addicting, you just want to hear it over and over again

I voted for Breathe Into Me yesterday. But I changed my mind and came back again today to vote for this after listening to this song. Mind-blowing song. So powerful and catchy!

2 Breathe Into Me

It's just great... Listen to it and you'll understand why
The way he sings and screams the lyrics, is just breath-taking! And the lyrics are absolutely perfect! One of the best songs I have heard in my life.

Great vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals make this one awesome song. - sheriboudreaux

The starting hypnotizes, then you are mesmerized, by the middle you are singing, and then comes the end, when you rewind again!

Haha, it's already over so let go of this faceless contest. Don't feed the machine and leave this list in pieces or else it may be the death of me and I'll be lost! So don't lie to me forever and just hide the mystery of you because then you'll never be the same. Which song's the best? Let it burn, come to the ordinary world, start again and vote for breathe into me!

3 Feed the Machine

DEFINITELY my favorite by them. Harder than their usual stuff. Completely BAMF beyond belief

totally epic... A totally different song by them - RavenDimn2011

This song is so hardcore. DEFINITELY my favorite. I can't get enough of the growls, screams, and incredible guitar riffs!

Once you hear this song in a RED concert u will understand why this song should be number one.

4 Let Go

It's amazing how the song starts with that wicked hard rock beginning and ends with one of the most beautiful endings I've ever heard.

When I look at the underlying message to his song I realize that it should be 1 or 2. Never be the same is 1 because it is better vocals and when I think about it it is such an amazing song jut like this one is

A great, melodic, addictive song! The chorus yet gives me goosebumps. I think this is their best song and it deserves to be number one.

Let's face it, everyone must get chills each time the end begins: "I don't wanna be afraid, I don't wanna run away, I don't wanna be here fading, it's more than I can take!... I'm never gonna be the same, I threw it all away. I don't wanna be here fading, just. Let. GO! " Just listen to the beautiful sound of the piano.

5 Fight Inside

I love this song! It is really awesome I think... I don't know why it is so far down on the list!

It really shocked me

I would have picked let it burn from until we have faces but it isn't here! Fight inside is my second favorite. then death of me and either lost or never be the same.

Awesome song! First red song I heard fell in love with the band... very very nice song... still like it th most

This song should be equal first with Breathe Into Me. Fight Inside consists of amazing lyrics, soft verses and heavy chorus's and bridges. The vocals and guitar work are absolutely amazing as well.

6 Pieces

By far their best song. Very melodic, not heavy but still excellent. Starts off with piano chords good use of background cello and some faint guitar chords. A perfect song.

One word - beautiful. I don't think anything can top this. There is so much emotion in this song.

It's the most amazing red song! it should be number 1
the vocals are just amazing and it has that deep sensitive voice.. the combination of the guitar, drum, and the piano is the perfect combination for a great song

I'm probably a little biased because of a personal connection I have to this song, but it really says something when an artist that's primarily metal can make a song using piano and cello having it still be as good as their other work. And it really is, if not even better. Definitely my favorite Red song.

7 Faceless

When I first heard this amazing song it was like 2 AM, and I loved it, so great that I just had to hear it again and again. And later that night when I actually woke up at like 5:30 AM I just couldn't prevent mu self from listening to faceless one more time. I know there are songs a way better and deeper than this one, but at list I will remember it for turning me into a MUSIC ADDICT.

What? This is best.. Between all singles of em'.. This song deserve to be in top 10.. First listen then vote on this page.. This best one..

All Songs Are Good But this One Kinda has everything in it... Its hard to pick but this is more of a combo.

This song should definitely be one. This song describes everything about me. I used to be lost and didn't know who I was. This song saved me. This and Not Alone

8 Death of Me

I love this song so much. I love the meaning of this song. This song means that god and the devil are fighting over you but god wins!

it's just an awesome song love it! great work and great band it deserves the 1st place honnestly

Awesome song goes right through glory to the lord in heaven

Great song, but I interpret it differently than most people. Just because Red are a christian group doesn't mean every song has to revolve around God. I think this song is about recognizing that some people are fake- they claim they care about you but only want to screw you over- and letting go of them.

9 Darkest Part

WAY TOO LOW! Darkest Part easily takes the #1 spot! The entire sound of the instruments together with the lyrics, it's breathtaking. This song could also relate to Tom's of people in so many different ways.

Simply breathtaking...RED dominates with its brooding strings and profound lyrics. Every time the chorus rolls around, I fight back tears.

In my opinion it's the greatest song ever written and recorded. Songs have never gone this deep into the human experience and it really sets this song apart from all the others. If this song had been by the beetles or Linkin Park it would have been so popular but because it was from a band that isn't that well known it will forever be a hidden gem

My personal favorite song of their "of Beauty and Rage" album, and quite possibly my favorite song they've EVER made. The chorus to this song is just so breathtaking.

10 Not Alone

"I Will be your hope, When you feel like It's over, And I will pick you up when your whole world shatters, And when you're finally in my arms you'll look up and see, Love has a face! " Definitely The Best song lyrics ever, and The Best Song By RED!

I really love this song. It has a very sweet message and I love the music its softer than red's usual but its beautiful. After listening to this song you feel like there are others out there like you, there are people who are with you, you're not alone.

Just listen to the lyrics, it brought tears to my eyes once I concentrated on what he was saying. Simply beautiful.

One of my absolute favourite songs of all time. It is so powerful and uplifting with the perfect build up of tension being released at the right moment. A very cathartic experience listening to this especially when I'm feeling down.

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? Fracture

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11 Lost

I agree this is for sure the best song I've heard by Red so far. I am a new Christian currently looking for songs listing the best songs by Christian bands based on this song. Then I find it at number 12 on here. Just listened to the first 5 of these songs on YouTube and I have to say the lyrical content is great, but musically this one is way better. Maybe its because the breakdowns don't impress me as I like August Burns Red type music when it comes to breakdowns.

So many Great Red songs but Lost has always been my numero uno. I still get shivers when I hear it.

The is the one of the best. It's got great lyrics and everything required to be a great song. This has to be a bit higher in this list...

People listen to it and connect it to your lives. I bet you will vote for it. Epic emotional scream, epic lyrics. No one can scream and sing emotionally like Michael Barnes. Love you RED!

12 Shadows

This song is so underrated! Talks about the internal battle that everyone goes through. Finding that inner peace. Usually that comes through another person, some say their significant other, others with say God. Either way this song is truly amazing!

I'm listening to it right now and by God this song truly is one of my favorites. I certainly have no idea what it's doing a;; the way down here, but if you have yet to listen to it then listen immediately. I just can't get enough of this song! Talking about your shadows...

I've listened to every single Red song and this one is definitely one of the best. It's simply perfect.

HOW does this not even make top 10!? You'd think at least the mention of Breaking Benjamin would boost it up!

13 Mystery of You

Wow was looking for this song for the longest time, I had to use this list to find it, and now I'm so damn glad I did.

I get chills every time I listen to this song.

Really surprised this isn't higher. Like one reviewer mentioned below, gives me chills every time I listen to it.

Damn its so good should be in top 3 at least! So damn good lyrics

14 Let It Burn

I love this it reminds me of the characters who lost their lives in fire emblem fates

It's an amazing song, the only reason it is so low on the list is that it isn't as popular, seriously, listen to this song before you go back and vvote for breathe into me and already over

Great... How can there be so many deaf people in this world sometimes?
Have you people heard this song? Its amazing!

Without a shadow of doubt, their best song ever in my opinion...while RED's discography is chock-full of sensational songs that can blow anyone's mind (only if one possess a decent taste of quality music), but this one just puts the rest of the songs in the shade...

15 Lie to Me (Denial)

This song is just magnificent should be 3 or 4 definitely one of their brilliant songs more recent.. So its 12 for god's sake seriously?!? This is a great song vote for it!

It's just so amazing, the way he sings and the music, it's just.. I can't even explain it right.

This has been my favorite song out of any artist, album, or song ever! I love how it starts out with an amazing intro, lyrics are amazing, just everything is PERFECT

The B-E-S-T song ever. Period. Hats off to RED for creating such a masterpiece.

16 Buried Beneath

Why this song is at #17? It should be around the top 3 fighting for the best.just listen to it and judge yourself.very deep meaning this song has the ability to touch your heart

Their most Underrated song. It really is amazing. Just listen to it.

Give this song a listen. Think "Break Me Down," but with the more refined style attuned to the rest of the Until We Have Faces album.
This is everything Red. The Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Christian rock influence just explodes in this song.

This song Is amazing! This should at least be in the top 10.

17 Break Me Down

I think this is one of their most under rated songs even though it's clearly one of their bests other than Buried Beneth!

LoL How Should Break Me Down Be Out Of List It Should Be 6th On List Because It A Great Song In Music And Already Over! Should Be 3th in The List :) Ok Have Fun Guys

Heard it at a summer camp, found it online Emotional and gets to Christians weakness

One of their best song n needs to b at the top. Pumps in adrenaline to achieve more in life.

18 Who We Are

There is just so much that is done right with this song it's hard to even talk about it. The guitar is simple, but extremely awesome and the vocals on this song (in my opinion) are some of the best by Michael Barnes. And if any of you Red fans have seen this song live, then you have seen one of the best performances by modern rock artists. My top 5 songs by Red.
1. Who We Are (obviously)
2. Death of Me
3. Mystery of You
4. Let It Burn
5. Already Over

No. 32!? This song deserves to be in the top 5. This is one of the most awesome songs I have ever listened to. Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, amazing guitar, and so catchy. Definitely one of Red's best songs!

Who we are is my favorite Red song ever! It has great guitar, great beat, and great lyrics. I'm surprised that people don't appreciate more because it is a lot better than #26.

Lyrics, rhythm, arrangement, vocals, drums, - name it! This is their best song, for me

19 Never Be the Same

This song is one of my favorite song, not just by Red, but just in general. This is certainly a different song for them, because its not as intense as some of their other songs, however its not as slow as their slow songs. I feel like this song is the happy medium between the two different styles, and really showcases ALL of their ability. SHOULD BE #1

This is the most amazing song I have ever heard in my life. It reminds me about the girl that I love and how amazing she is. This song should be 1 not 15. This easily is their best non screamo song. I love red, they help me keep my faith. All of their songs, but non of them can top never be the same

This is the first song I've heard from them and they have become my favorite band ever! They are simply the best! This song should be in the top ten at least!

AWESOME SONG! The vocalist sings with so much emotion... should definitely be in the top ten!

20 Forever

This should be number one cause in this song it describes exactly what can can and will do to someone And it should most definitely be number one this and not alone one of those two because not alone has saved people's lives just watch the not alone fan letter video

I heard this song on a video my sister was watching, It had hardly any views with no one knowing the song, A few months later I was listening to some music when I noticed Red-Forever in related. I clicked it and heard the song. This song was the first song I heard from Red and in my opinion one of the best.

This deserves to be number one come on people open your eyes

Doesn't deserve to be number one at all. Ever. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

21 Out from Under

This song should be at the top the fact that it isn't makes me question this whole list. Easily one of their best. I get chills listening to it.

Not sure if people just don't know this song, or if its just underrated. Everything about this song screams greatness - X_xvBaTMaNvx_X

I love this song. It's different, crazy, and full of the awesome guitar and mayhem Red is known for.

The bridge in this song is the best I've ever heard in any song period.

22 Start Again

This song is just incredible, it takes the best parts of Already Over and adds amazing lyrics and an even better beat. By far the best song of Innocence and Instinct.

I don't really like this type of rock but this song is just amazing. The vocals just take you into another planet

I am very surprised that this song is so far down on this list. Amazing chorus, stunning instruments...

My favorite song, should be fighting for top 3 at least

23 Of These Chains

This song is definitely one of their softer songs, but it's still beautiful none the less. It has a good mixture of piano and violin throughout the song, with probably the prettiest soft male voice I think I've ever heard. The song itself is absolutely enchanting, and I wish that this was somewhere on the actual list.

Great song.. Michael has a Magical voice

Red rules has begun...


24 If We Only

This one is like Already over, Never Be The Same, Breathe Into Me, Lie To Me, Forever, and Out From Under mixed to gether to make one of the most Epic Red songs ever.

I don't understand how this isn't number 1! Best RED song and one of the best rock songs I've ever heard.

You can really fel the song. It has it all. Power the feel, the rhythm. Best song in their new album "release the panic". - alexpaul1

Best song of Red, amazing sound and atmosphere, that song make me crazy🤘

25 The Outside

One of the best, I don't understand why this song is Number 30 in this List!

26 Shadow and Soul

Beautiful masterpiece! This is definitely one of RED's best works! This song tells a remarkable story, its about not knowing where to go. 'Should I go back to who I used to be? Or should I join the dark side? ' The chorus is very captivating, a beautiful sound. When you hear this song, it's impossible not to feel an immense emotion. The reason this is now my favorite RED song so far, is merely because this song is the ultimate struggle, the internal battle, the struggle to find out who you were and who you are. Shadow in this case refers to the evil, and soul is the good. The tragedy (although still beautiful) is that you eventually fall into the shadows once again. But there is a part of you, a small part, that still remembers who you used to be. I give this song 10/10

This song should really be at the top ten in my opinion. Every time I listen to it, I just melt. I think I listened to this song on loop for about 2 hours straight. This song along with the rest of "Of Beauty and Rage" is one of their best albums ever.

This song drags you through the struggles of what's it like not being able to distinguish right from wrong. The whole song is hauntingly beautiful and filled with emotion.

I absolutely love this song! The vocals are just so amazingly perfect. Definitely one of the best songs by Red and I just can't help but listen to it over and over again.

27 So Far Away

The lyrics are amazing! This is the the first Red song I have listened to, and it it grabbed my attention. It is a very moving song, and the lyrics have so much meaning (along the great music). It should definitely be higher up on this list.

Amazing song! It's so sad, but that's what makes it good.

It's the best song and one of my favourite. This track has also been played for my favourite anime DBZ.

Love it. Amazingly mind blowing. The music, lyrics everything

28 Hymn for the Missing

This song has helped me deal with a bunch of my emotional pain and depression. It is simply beautiful and the words are so amazing. This song is simply gorgeous in every single form from the lyrics to the music to the singing. I love every song by Red. But this one has to be one of my favorites hands down. It at least deserves to be in the top ten in my opinion.

Wow this song is full of sadness, I can't help myself sobbing like a little girl.

This song brings me to tears... It deserves to be in the top ten! This song is sure to make you depressed, and when you hear the girl crying in it, it just breaks your heart, one of the most relatable songs red has made!

By far my favorite Red song... Very relatable and emotionally charging It shows a different side of Red and they nailed it between this and Pieces. This song is open to the listeners own interpretation whether it be about god or the loss of someone close, its still an amazing song.

29 Watch You Crawl

I can't believe this is so far down on the list! It may not be their absolute best, but it definitely belongs in the top 10! The guitar riff is really awesome!

I agree man

30 Hide

It's a mesmerizing song! Totally stunning and just amazing! I think it should get something better than 14th place! - drishtortion

The musical depth in this song is SPECTACULAR to say the least. So many bands just through songs together and are done with them. This one feels like it was thought out thoroughly. It is definitely not just a filler track between their singles.

It is an absolute beauty by Red. I don't know why it is at such a low position..

Why is this so low? This is quite possibly their best song. The production here is insane and Barnes's vocals are beautiful, ranging from anger to beauty. Absolutely amazing.

31 Ordinary World

Just so we're clear, this isn't their original song, this is a Duran Duran cover. Not an original RED song! That being said, this COVER kicks ass!


I think this song should be in top 10 because this song has everything perfect in it

This cover is better than the original, 'enough said.

32 Glass House

The best song off the new album "Release the Panic". It has a mysteriously haunting vibe to it which makes it very pleasing to listen to. And the end of the song is amazing!

Will never get enough of this song! Its one of them where you can listen to it all day and I have hit the replay button a hundred times, must listen!

Fantastic, favorite song off release the panic. I would ran into the top tens

I can feel the emotions behind the lyrics

33 Nothing and Everything

I love this song but I have a question: isn't this song basically the slower version of fight inside? Anyway, this song is amazing, beautiful, haunting, and pulls you into deep thought. It just haunts you it lingers in your mind even after the song is done.

This song is one of their slower ones, but none the less the sound in haunting. I love this song. It's how I found the band! This should at least be within the top ten!

A stunning song that I can repeat over and over again without tiring. So beautiful!

34 Falling Sky

My favorite song from since I heard it. Place 39 seems way too low for it.

Why is this song so far down...This is one of Red's greatest songs to date. I would say it deserves to at least be in the top 5. You can really feel the emotion put into this song.

This song is epic. It should not be 37. It should be somewhere on the top 10 list.

Has the best scream in any song period.

35 Best is Yet to Come

Surprised this isn't higher up on the list! A really happy sort of hopeful vibe for a song, definitely worth a good listen to!

"Cause now the past can be outrun" So true, if you know the reason - then the best is yet to come. How is this not in the top 10?

One of great songs I've ever heard - Rocketwithpocket

It is great!

36 Perfect Life

This song is just so different from what Red have done in the past, it's like a mix of everything they've ever released: the passion on "End Of Silence", the superb riffs on "Innocence and Instinct" and the heartfelt lyrics on "Until We Have Faces". The verses, the chourus, this song is just so dynamic and creative. RED's best song so far, I can't wait for their 2013 release, "Release The Panic". Guys, vote for Perfect Life, it's a damn heavenly song. REDHEAD FOREVER :D

Number 1, this music its super... love it.

I can't wait for the new album. It comes out feb. 5th, and from what I've heard, it'll be awesome.

It’s awesome - PumpkinKing109

37 Confession

This is one of those songs you would see on a Xbox 360 or PS3 commercial due to the aggression and in your face lyrics by Mike Barnes. I have it on my Xbox already, it's that good I downloaded it along with countless other RED songs onto my Xbox hard drive.

Its Short, But its one of my favorite songs by red, how on earth do you all not like this song. Its amazing and absolutely the best by RED. LEarn real music.

Pure awesome, No words can describe this song. God bless these people, The song that helped me find red.

The song manages to catch my thoughts and feelings. Confession is my absolute favorite.

38 Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)
39 As You Go

As always, the last song on a Red album will leave you in tears, except this one has positivity throughout the end. Definitely worth listening to.

One of the Best songs on Release the panic.

Absolute favorite song! So underrated!

This song is one of my favorites! It's just perfect.

40 Run and Escape

Its really low on the list atm because it's the most recent song. But it is so great, takes RED right back to innocence&instinct where they were at their best. Love it

Finally a song that sounds takes RED back to their roots

Amazing base and lyrics

By far one of their best song they ever made

41 Take It All Away

This song is the best example of a suspense song: Red nailed it. Listening to Michael whisper solemnly for a few minutes, then go into an orchestral/ drum build-up, and finally to smash into an epic Red guitar riff of pure awesomeness---this is one of Red's best. Why is underrated? Probably because of how long the build-up is. People are too impatient with songs.

It breaks my heart how underrated this song is. I love the emotion in his voice and how the music is soft throughout most of the song then builds near the end. Beautiful, in a sad sort of way.
Move this up!
(My favorites, in no particular order: Take it All Away, Out From Under, Pieces, Ordinary World, and Let Go. )

A very underrated song. It's my second favorite song ever. The lyrics are beautiful and haunting and the violin and the electric guitar towards the bridge is amazing.

Gotten me through some tough times in my life. A lot of people I know would call this depressing or maybe even a little scary. The depressing part I agree with, but I think it's beautiful.

42 What You Keep Alive

This song is amazing. Hypnotizing. Should be in the top 10

This song is too awesome to be #57

43 Release the Panic

Get the album, it's awesome. This is the title track, and definitely worthy of your attention. It has an awesome chorus, and the screams are really cool.

"When this comment was posted, it's on #32. I really don't get it. This song is so well done, I almost had no words after I heard the song for the first time. Please help it get farther up the list."

This song is amazing. Hands down one of their best. The only reason it is so far down the list is that it is a new song and this is an old list.

This song is awesome. It's a shame it's so low down here. This is one of my personal favorites

44 Overtake You

This song is so underrated! I feel like people look over it because it's toward the end of Innocence and Instinct, but this song really shows off the groups instrumental abilities and I really think that it has some of Michael's best vocals ever! It's very melodic and Michael's scream hit it out of the park! I could listen to this song all the time!

This song is also amazing because it too, like Out From Under, perfectly shows the mastered mayhem Red forms from craziness into a masterpiece.

This is one of the songs that keeps a person going in life. I'm a little pissed right now becuase this song is ranked 23... What People what... This song is definitely in the top 5 or maybe 10 take the time to please listen to the music :D


45 Gravity Lies

What? 47? How is that even possible to be that far down This is my first and favorite song by RED! The vocals, The screams, the beat.. Its just wonderful. Give this a try you will not regret it I promised.

This amazing song should easily be I'm the top ten soon.

A song from their new album Of Beauty and Rage.

This song captures my spirit.

46 Die for You

Here is my new top ten favorite Red songs,
1st. Never Be The Same. 2nd. Feed The Machine. 3rd. Breathe Into Me.
4th. Death Of Me. 5th. Already Over. 6th. Shadows. 7th. Die For You.
8th. Glass House. 9th. Let It Burn. 10th. Hymn For The Missing.
But Hold Me Now, Lie To Me, Denial and Fight Inside are amazing songs too though.

I don't know why this isn't any higher ranked. It is a little computerized for them but is still a great song.

47 Yours Again

I Don't Get Why people don't like this song that much, it's the best song and I can't stop listening to it!

I don't know why this is so low. One of my personal favorites. It reminds us that we need God and are His forever

The first single of their new album OF Beauty and Rage.

My personal favorite off Of Beauty and Rage.

48 Fight to Forget
49 Wasting Time

This song is one of RED's most underrated songs, it's a good adrenaline/pump-up song, it's telling the opposition that you can't beat me. In fact, they're Wasting Time.

It is one of my favourites song. It always motivated my when I was sad

50 Impostor

Very underrated song and probably the closet song that is the most similar to their first two albums.

Don't think I've ever had so many chills

Only heard this song today lol and its simply amazing it's my new favorite song by red!

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