Best Reece Mastin Songs


The Top Ten

1 Good Night

Reece's First hit that got him noticed in the Music Industry, upbeat and a really catchy song.

2 She Will Be Loved
3 Shut Up & Kiss Me
4 Shout It Out

This is an upbeat, and happy love song.

5 Dirty Paradise

A sexy side to Reece, Good song, worth listening to.

6 Beautiful Nightmare

Yet another one of Reece's Sexy songs, lyrics are pretty full on but such a great song.

7 Rock$tar

Such a good song, You could listen to it over and over again it's got a real happy and upbeat vibe.

8 Stars

This song is so beautiful and sweet. I think it shows a real soft side to Reece.

9 Alive

One of my Favorite songs by Reece, Really strong Vocals. Such a meaningful song, lyrics are fantastic. Absolutely worth listening to.

10 Addictive

Just a really good song.

The Contenders

11 Breakeven (Falling to Pieces)

A cover of The Scripts "Breakeven". I think Reece did this song justice, he sounds amazing. Its such a great song.

12 I Kissed a Girl
13 Always
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