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41 Oh Carolina - Shaggy
42 You're My Jah - Djimbe

Listen it! Amazing song

43 Quiero Bailar - Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen's 2003 hit "Quiero Bailar" combined Reggaeton with Reggae when her producer Ivan Joy sampled Reggae's riddim Liquid produced by Jeremy Harding. The song became the first Spanish song to reach #1 on on Miami's WPOW Rhythmic Top 40, an American radio station based in Miami, Florida that did not usually play Spanish music.

This song and it's remixes kept the fire in the clubs way into 2006 three years after it's release in 2003.

44 Antonia - Gondwana V 1 Comment
45 Dark Angel - Tribal Seeds

Sit down, relax and listen to this song. Master of reggae! - joshsanz

46 Dawn of Time - Tribal Seeds
47 Still Blazin - Alborosie
48 Soul Rebel - Bob Marley

He's a Rebel, I'm a Rebel and We are a Rebel

49 Dat - Pluto Shervington V 1 Comment
50 Rest of My Life - SOJA

You must love this one.

It's one of my favourite songs!

51 I'll Be Here Awhile - 311
52 Stir It Up - Bob Marley

This should EASILY be number 1 and I had to add it to the list... hopeless

It really stir's one to inspiration


53 Natural Mystic - Bob Marley & the Wailers

This is THE Reggae performance of all time up to this day.

This song just let's you go to wherever you want to be, it just relaxes me like no other song can do. Jah Rastafari.

54 Boombastic - Shaggy
55 Can't Remember to Forget You - Shakira
56 World a Music - Ini Kamoze

The original Welcome To Jamrock. Of cause Bob Marley is better then this, but this should be up there in the top 10

57 Safe and Sound - Rebelution
58 Ehu Girl - Kolohe Kai

Nice song... All the time I play this music I remember my ehu girl ^^ I miss here veryyy musshhh...

59 Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton V 1 Comment
60 Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs

This song should be top ten old school jam

V 1 Comment
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