Top Ten Best Regine Velasquez Concerts

Ms. Regine Velasquez has definitely raised the bars of music excellency. Her phenomenal voice and her versatility as a performer made her one of the world's most unbeatable divas, and still, by far unmatched.

She gives 100 percent of herself in all her performances but being very fortunate to have watched her LIVE twice in a concert made me love her more, and more, and more. I just put up this list to know what is your favorite concert of the one and only SONGBIRD.

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1 R2K the Concert - 1999

Definitely the best so far! Although, all of her concerts are over-the-top incredible, this concert has stood out the most in my mind. Not only that it showcases the vocal abilities of the Asia's Songbird, it also presents carefully chosen songs by OPM singers as well as other genres. Even though the stunning dress designs that perfectly fit her confident and perfectly shaped body is the icing on the cake, I can honestly say that the aerial stuts she pulled off while singing "On The Wings of Love" is the cherry on top.

If she hasn't already proven herself at the time, this concert will only confirm that she IS the best singer in the world in our eyes.
Thank you God for giving us an opportunity of a lifetime by giving us Ms. Regine Velasquez. May her legacy be passed from generation to generation.

P.S. I'm such a big fan and I was only 11 when I started watching her videos. A year after, I think I know every single details about her public life. Gotta love the progress ...more

All of her concerts are really great but for me this one stands out. It created its own record of not only being the best concert performed by an Asian artist but by filling the Araneta Coliseum in a major way where seats are not only the ones occupied but even the aisle and all corners by audiences even the back of stage is provided with seats that rarely happen to other concerts. Imagine it occurred for two consecutive nights. What a record!

cited by Wikipedia as "the best concert by an asian artist for the last 25 years" - reigne27

Regine Velasquez is the only diva who can reach high notes perfectly while soaring high in the air

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2 One Night With Regine - 2002

Concert par excellence no doubt.

It is indeed a majestic concert tastefully produced and impressively performed - from the repertoire to the accompaniment; from the conductor to the chorale; from the guest performers to the venue; and, from her fashion sense to the aura of class.

I only wish that she'll be able to do another concert of this sort with a closely similar laudable cause as its main beneficiary.

Best concert of regine velasquez its her finest year


3 Narito Ako - 1990

In this concert she proves her vocal power and extra ability in singing, regine also recieves eight(8) stading ovations from her audiences. She is the true diva, a world class songbird.

4 Songbird Sings Legrand - 2003

As they say, better late than never. And so this review of the recent Songbird Sings Legrand.

For three nights at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall, love spoke and thousands of hearts listened. Songbird Sings Legrand happened on Feb. 14, 15 and 16 and French Maestro Michael Legrand teamed up with Regine Velasquez before a sold-out crowd in all three nights.

I am very privileged to have performed with this very talented lady here. And each time Regine sings my songs, I couldn't help but say she sings the best versions. I just never heard my songs sound so well, Legrand said during the show.

Legrand started the concert with a piano piece that spoke of musical passion. His fingers on the ivory paced of the audiences hearts; listening to every key and keying every emotion. No less than eight times did the crowd clapped and yelled even before the concert started. Eager and anticipating, the audience egged the show to start immediately. ...more

She has a very most beautiful voice in the concert. And she use pure voice sing a song many and many in the concert. Somesong in concert regine have emotion is very good in once you been in love. Regine has still in this song and has F5 in this song
. Thank you

5 Martin and Regine: The 2003 World Concert Tour

Perfect diva of all one close to her.She is incredible who had a perfect tone now and forever.Timeless and brilliant DIVA forever..

The best concert!

I may have missed the spectacle that is R2K concert but in this concert, Regine was effortlessly singing and nailing her performances, with or without Martin on the side. But Martin was good too.

6 Twenty - 2006

I'm christine naval, "your one of the most best singer all over the world but for me you're the only one "love you,

I idolize her so much, I love you regine, you are still the number 1 diva, for me you're the Asia's song goddess!

Throat slashing high notes galore on this concert. Done in 2 days, its amazing she survived those nights.

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7 Songbird Sings the Classics - 2000
8 Silver Anniversary / Silver the Repeat Concert - 2012-2013

Regine's SIlver concert proved that no one else comes close to the Songbird...not in this lifetime...her voice, be it at the most perfect or worse condition, proved that "43" is the new "25"...her voice is unbelievable...the dynamics, the brilliance, the maturity, the range, the soul...and the beyond compared...Regine is truly a national treasure!

In this concert, she proved that a singer can hold a huge audience without a voice. She let her heart and soul sing for her fans though her trademark high notes aren't there for her to celebrate. Proven to be the best diva in all times, worst or at her best. Still the voice to beat.

Very entertaining. First concert I've ever watched. A dream come true. Fulfillment. Achievement. An ICON. A LIVING LEGACY.

The most fabulous concert ever of all times

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9 Drawn - 1998
10 Reigning Still - 2004

I love the moment that Regine sings with 3 new divas (Sarah Geronimo, Kyla, and Sheryn Regis). The moment they sang And I am Telling You together...

I perfectly enjoyed the concet just in front of the stage. There still reflainig her and guests voices. Is there any official video available?

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11 Reflections - 2005

I have seen this concert twice. Seeing her perform live means WOW!

12 Queens... On Fire - 2005

The Songbird and the Concert Queen in one spectacular event! - reigne27

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13 Regine at the Theatre - 2015

She stepped out of her comfort zone. Singing broadway songs that's not her genre but conquered it. At the age of 45, she hit the a5 note at the musical presentation.

14 Regine Live sa Antipolo - 2000
15 Retro - 1997
16 Music & Me - 1993
17 Divas 4 Divas - 2008
18 The Songbird and The Songwriter - 2004
19 Ang Ating Musika - 2007
20 Forever After: A Fantaconcierto - 2006

Asia's Songbird plus The Comedy Queen is equals to: TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT! - reigne27

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