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21 Chong V 1 Comment
22 Don

I like him more then Rigby by a long shot! - Marinerboy11

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23 Sensai
24 Summertime Song

The song gets stuck in my head.
Summertime loving lovin in the summertime

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25 Muscle Woman

She has scored ranking 10 for her... Well she's right for Muscle Man. She's crazy when you make her mad. Maybe more than Muscle Man! Ha ha. Don't mess with her. - coolspy74

The worst regular show character she should be number 5 000 001.

She's the manliest woman in the show, plus when she is mad she has superstrength!

Starla is a very...interesting character, to say the least. Definitely more emotive than Muscle Man. - WonkeyDude98

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26 The Master Prank Caller

Moredecai " I got 50 pizzas you ordered
Master Prank caller "bring them in"

27 Low-Five Ghost

This guy is the kind of ranked 9, cool, transparent guy you'd want to hang with! He is the Man. Being High Fives' bro and being half starred on the episode "See you there", he's made his way to becoming my top ten. - coolspy74

28 Geese

I LOVE GEESE! Especially ones that turn into A GIANT GOOSE ROBOT! I LOVE GESE!

29 Death Bear

I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It showed how Mordecai is a bit more wussy than Rigby. Also liked the plot

He tried to catch rigby and hard to stay alive

30 Starla

I think starla and muscle man were made for eachother and their romance together is always wanting me to puke

31 The Night Owl

I like his voice plus his owl robot

I'm the BIG BOSS so the 4 have to do as I say

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32 Muscle Dad

Do you know who should be in first place instead of Mordecai? My wife!

33 Country Club Leader

Dude why do you need so many toilets is it that many of you are gonna poop

34 The Unicorns

When they fart in Rigby's face. Hilarious. I died on the floor laughing.

35 Cart V 1 Comment
36 Ello Gov'nor V 1 Comment
37 Mr. Buttcheeks/Chad

You know he was on the show for like three seconds right?

He's in the episode trash boat and after rigby leaves the courthouse you can hear him say: "I wanna change my name back to Chad." "That will be $50 mr buttcheecks."

38 Susan
39 Were-Skunk V 1 Comment
40 John (Margaret's Cousin)

Man he is so cool

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