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Rigby is a character from the cartoon Regular Show created by JG Quintel. He's best friends with Mordecai (A talking Blue Jay). Together they slack around and have fun in the park. A place where they work and have the risk of being fired from.


Rigby is Halarious. It was sad when he got drownded in egg yolk. for some reason I think Rigby is related to Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes", although less rude. Mordecai would be Hobbes, since he's more mature and smart. but Rigby is weak, and I think Calvin is pretty strong. Rigby is also short, like Calvin. do you think Calvin is just a human version of Rigby when he was a kid?

Rigby used to be annoying and an aggravating character to watch. But then, when he started dating Eileen, he became much more mature and even gave Mordecai advice. Not to mention his amazing speech at his graduation. Rigby used to be my least favorite character, now he's my favorite. I like Mordecai less now that I've seen how jealous he was when Rigby graduated, and how much he needed to retain a sense of superiority over Rigby.

Rigby's been through a lot of crap in this show (alone and with Mordecai and the group). I admire him for being strong-willed and sharp minded when trying to complete a task (Muscle Mentor, Lift With you back, one Pull Up). He should be recognized more as the main character and not just the secondary character or Mordecai's sidekick.

I'm not gonna lie right now, Regular Show would literally be DEAD without Rigby. Without Rigby, we'd have to deal with more of Mordecai's relationship crap and more of Muscle Man, who isn't even one of the important characters to begin with!

Rigby is definitely the show's all-star and people should recognize him a little more.

Rigby is better than Mordecai because he is more funny and loveable. Rather than Mordecai he dosn't have a girlfriend to worry about and can just have fun. Also a lot more stuff happens to him in the cartoon like when he gets nearly turned into a were-skunk and when he gets hunted down by a bounty hunter for changing his name to trash boat and also when his younger bro, Don comes he gets jealous. Rugby is amazing

Rigby is the funniest character in the show! People say he is annoying and other stuff but I don't know if you have noticed without rigby being annoying or immature there would be no conflict! So there will be no show!

Best character by far. Mordecai has too much relationship crap with the two worst characters: Margaret and CJ, but I hate CJ even more than I hate MARGARET! Don't understand why people can even tolerate that stupid cloud

Rigby should be number 1, I like Mordecai but rigby is the best in my opinion. He is the funniest character in the show absolutely hilarious in every episode throughout the show. He has increased in maturity as the show goes on unlike Mordecai that seems to be doing the opposite with him stuck in a stupid love triangle with CJ and Margaret. They sometimes even take Rigby's place as on of the main characters that disgusts me. People want to watch adventures with Rigby and Mordecai not awkward dates with CJ or Margaret that always end up going wrong.

Rigby, If Rigby Isn't In The Show The Show Wouldn't Exist If You Watch Regular Show The Movie You Would Agree At The Part When Mordecai Say To Rigby That "If He Dint Do That I Wouldn't Be Stuck In This Dead End Job" If Rigby Dint Change The Letter Mordecai Would Be In University U And Rigby Will Be In the Job Alone So Rigby And Mordecai Wont Be Friends Anymore So No Mordecai.. Good Thing He Change The Letter For The Great Or Good

His superhero name should be rigbone you know what bone I like rigbone for his commercial

He's the best guy on the show. He's made his mark with injuries and anger while hanging out. This 23 year old, or so, is the most likey person on the show to be in touch with his teen side. He also has a crush on someone who should make the first move cause he won't cause he's shy. - coolspy74

He's cool he's my second favorite charther out of all cartoon shows first is Darwin from the amazing world of gumball but I like rigby because he's silly and is lazy he's always getting in trouble and always getting into cool adventures like fights dares and food contest I think he's super awesome he's the best chart her in regular show he's one of the reasons regular show is awesome - speed

Yes, he can be a jerk. But nobody's perfect. Rigby is my favorite because he is a good, loyal friend and one of the funniest cartoon characters I've ever seen. - Garythesnail

Rigby is pretty cool, yeah he's always the fall guy but he should get appreciated more by Mordecai. He and Mordecai are actually good guys and Benson should know that, but ironically, it's funny how Rigby always slacks off.

I love all the characters but rigby is bazaar and funny but I sill like mordecai, benson, skips and pops but muscle man needs to get a life ( just kidding he's cool to )

Rigby can be ignorant and annoying but he is one of the most caring and in-the-moment characters of the show. He is the underdog and it's admirable that he can always remain positive. - spacegiraffe

Rigby is my favourite cause he likes to slack off at work (like me with my homework) he's silly goofy and HAMBONING my favourite Rigby Moment is when he got farted by the unicorns HAMBONING! -Emerald

Mordecai is very calm but Rigby is totally the opposite. He makes a ruckus which causes the show to have a plot. He always is funny and always will be. Hooray for Rigby

I loved Rigby since the beginning of the show. I love him even more now, since Mordecai is stuck in a super annoying love triangle.

Rigby is the funniest character in the show and Mordecai is so rude to him sometimes, that's why I prefer Rigby than him

In addition to what others have said I think rigby has more will for example in the episode lift with your back he was determined to get a paycheck on his own and he did

I have to say rigby is the best character he is funny in almost every episode even the longest weekend which sucked - Wrestler99

He is way funnier than mordecai. And also Mordecai is a big dousche bag. In the show almost everything that happens revolves around mordecai. Mordecai is the stronger, and the quote un quote "cooler one". It doesn't make sence that mordecai is the best of the benson ballers (dodgeball team) which makes no sence considering Skips is Skips (do I really need to explain that? ) so back to rigby: rigby is funny, and without him the show would suck.

He's more funny and a little lazy also he fought a big eye ball with a laser and looked epic

He is so funny I think he should be the number 1 character! He is my fave character!