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1 This Is My Jam

The dancing tape is the best! Aww snap! Aww snap, come to our macaroni party then we'll take a nap!

Summertime loving is a good song and they make there own song at the end aw snap!. I also like the start when it starts clearing out the gutters I rate this episode 5 out of 5 stars!

Its summertime loving baby why can't you be mine


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2 Exit 9B

This is my favorite episode because of all the villains and all the good guys this episode also have other episodes

This was probably the most epic episode ever how is it fifteenth it should at least be in the top 5 in fact it should be number 1, my mom was so stupid I mean like seriously.

This episode is okay. It's definitely not up to the Regular Show classics, like "Just Set Up the Chairs", "Free Cake", "Do Me a Solid", and "First Day", but the battle with all the bad guys that have ever been in the whole series is pretty awesome!

One of my favorite cartoon episodes of all time. - PeeledBanana

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3 Just Set Up The Chairs

This inspired me to make 2 flash games so it's by far my favorite episode!

This episode was TOO epic!
They find a new game, play it like normal people
And BAM! They have to fight the other video character! I love how it was really funny too!

It's funny how I was thinking what a stupid episode they just set up chair I was going to turn it off till. I saw that they found those video game so I liked it till the cool part how the had that monster come out of the video game and how they fight it together and how the kids at the end start cheering about how cool that was

I loved this episode with all my heart. - Catacorn

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4 The Thanksgiving Special

Mordecai and Rigby did "the worst thing ever" and they went to fix that. I never saw these two fox their mistakes like they did. Mordecai and Rigby did something special by going to the concert and trying to win the Turdunkin. I loved the part when Benson whispered "I forgive you." I was alson impressed when the people that Benson, High 5, Skips, Pops and Muscle Man fough before worked together to help Mordecai and Rigby. That's amazing what they did. At first Mordecai and Rigby's singing weren't the greatest. But when later on in, they had great voices. to be honest, this is by far the best Regular Show episode to date.

Good story and plot. Like a good comedy movie. It had many hilarious scenes, like foam football, and beautiful scenes like "what are you thankful for! "

This episode could be considered one of the best for the song alone. But the rest is awesome too this is my favorite

I Love this Special - ChiefMudkip

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5 The Power

Don't look at our crotches while we synchronize our watches!

So funny and awesome

Everything. Just everything. Rigby's run was so cute, too.

Good old days of 2010 and 2011 :D - Idiot244

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6 Rage Against The TV

It was a awesome episode. THE HAMMER for the win

My Step-Son would always watch this show and I didn't really pay attention. This was the episode when I gave it a chance. I laughed so hard my eyes were watering! Then it became one of my favorite shows to watch with him.

Killing in the name of!

Funnesest best episode, yay ya

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7 My Mom

You know who else likes this episode? MY MOM! You know who else thinks this should be higher on the list? MY MOM! You know who else thinks this episode is timeless? MY MOM! You know who else read this comment? MY MOM! Okay, you get the picture. You know who else gets the picture?

I like it when muscle man keeps saying MY MOM!

This episode was so stupid and annoying. It got old after a while and the rest of the episode just became tedious and a too elaborate prank that was worthless.

You know who else hates this episode? MY MOM! - Goatworlds

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8 Grilled Cheese Deluxe

They Play The Song Lies In This Episode - mkultra5

Thank you captain obvious

The ostrich thing with the balls - Brochach

Lies lies lies yeah

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9 Meat Your Maker

Those crazy psycho hot dogs were funny

I think this episode inspired the movie sausage party.

This episode was great! They said pissed off like fourteen times and it was still rated pg. that why I love Cartoon Network. Other than that it was a really great episode.

This episode is abysmally disturbing - ChefSquidward

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10 Ello Gov'nor

So scary and so funny at the same time!

It's scary and awesome

Ha! This episode is the best and ELLO GOV'NOR

Everybody scared of everything you dumbass,because mordecai is scared of death bear

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11 Brain Eraser

Planet Chaser Starlight Excellent! I am a chef and work 80+hours a week. When I do have time to spend with my son, all we do is watch the regular show. I tell my son about working hard and how I "had" a cook that just "planet chased, all day everyday." "I watch it all day everyday."

Brain Eraser was awesome! I mean, going into someone's mind through T.V.?! That's awesome. I like how you can also basically create your own world using your mind! It was very unique and also has a taste of anime in it.

Gross! I didn't know Pops had such hairy thighs! This episode is okay, but WAY too disturbing! And his butt! It's so wrinkly! Ick!

For me planet chaser starlight excellent can take it and make it into a good episode - Brochach

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12 Jinx

Actually this is one of the worst episodes, apart from some of the funny gags. I felt so sorry for Rigby as he gets punched at and laughed at by everyone in the park. - metaldude8

Jinx was a funny episode, especially when he wrote skips a note. It was also funny acting to pops. This episode was enjoyable for me and it is my 5th favourite season 2 episode

The only thing good about this episode was Rigby jabbing a finger into Mordecai's eye. That turd deserved it

Mordecai is like a biggest jerk of all time because he's always punching him,he is doing what the hell he wants,his parents won't be very(x5) proud at him

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13 First Day

Before regular show to me was a boring show but I watched this with my brother and I loved it. This gave me a good music report. We wanted to see who can write the bast parody I chose I'm alright by Kenny logins and every one loved the parody and the original.I. Owe this episode because I had the best parody

The visuals in this episode were very different. Almost like it was the first episode. - Antwon

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14 The Christmas Special

This is by far the best episode. The only other episodes even CLOSE to being this good were Sugar Rush or Family BBQ.

This should be number 1. Jinx was a terrible and mean spirited episode. Why is it so high? - metaldude8

One of the best Christmas specials EVER!

Mordecai x Margaret for the win

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15 The Night Owl

I love the music in this one. I didn't even watch the full episode my first time, but the second half of watching it made me think I was watching there first Regular Show Movie. Great Soundtrack.

Definitely the most epic ending ever in the show.

This episode is awesome. It's not my favorite but one of my favorites. I like the villain in this episode and the music just makes the episode more epic. It's definitely one worth to watch.

Top ten reasons why this is the best episode ever
1. epic villian
2. time travel
3. competition
4. cool cars
5. car crashes
6. cool robots
7. the guys are on display
8. the first time the 4 are friends
9. great music
10. stalking and isolation

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16 But I Have a Receipt

This episode was hilarious- especially the end when they think they killed the guy but in reality they just stabbed him with a ruled.

17 World's Best Boss

Worlds best boss is so funny because muscle man finds a butt mug and rigby turns the other way and he put his face in the butt mug. Sic

The episode was pretty weak, up until the ending it was mediocre.

More like World's Worst Boss

18 Over The Top

Definitely the most in-depth look into skips we've ever seen, aside from where he reveals his past. Great climax and we finally get to see skips potential, like how we see muscle man/ women when they go on a rampage

I love the music when skips and death are arm wrestling

This episode was pretty good, it's a shame CN UK had to butcher the heck out of it to make it be aired. It is because it changed the entire plot :(. - metaldude8

Its I mean cool awesome mystery woohh!

19 Benson's Car

I hate this one

So funny

20 Rigby's Body

"Mordecai, Rigby, calm down. We can all be turds" - Pops' best line ever

This episode is hilarious, yet kind of weird and not for kids under 7

Muscle Man sounds all southern in this episode 4 some reason.

I like rigby as a green glob, it's funny - Unknownguy

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