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61 Trash Boat

Best episode! So funny, everybody was scoring jokes on Rigby for his stupid name. Benson, Skips, even Pops laughed at the utterly stupid and funny name.

Amazing set up is used to its full potential!

A true Regular Show classic. Seemingly simple plot with a lot of funny moments.

Why is this 75 it's the best episode ever

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62 More Smarter

How is this sooo low it is like one of the funniest episodes

I thought Rigby is the smartest man around

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63 Bank Shot V 1 Comment
64 Sugar Rush

I was almost going to add this episode until I saw it was on here. I found it funny that Skips was skipping (unlike the others) extremely fast while trying to get the donut to Benson.

65 Camping Can Be Cool

I love this episode because it has all four of my favorite characters!
1. Eileen
2. Mordecai
3. Margaret
4. Rigby
It is also the 1st time rigby and eileen start to become friends, oh and, eileen is a cool, cute, and certainly pretty mole who is perfect for the cool, allstar, bigshot rigby

I love this episode it's funny and cool

Any raccoon problems would probably be rigby - Unknownguy

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66 Muscle Woman

That show was the first regular show episode I ever watched, today I know more episodes

67 Terror Tales of the Park

It is the most shocking episode of all. Halloween Time. Rigby was turned into a house in his own story, Pops's old doll turned daredevil and he had the chance to draw on everyone's faces. Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost find a truck and meet Skull Punch

I LOVED that episode. I have been always waiting to see it and finally I saw it and it was so funny, scary, and awesome. I also heard they are making a second one so I definitely want to see that too as well. I thought the Creepy Doll was a little freaky.

Definitely the best terror tales of the park. The second was a bit disappointing and the third was ok.
Why do people say regular show is a rip off of adventure time? Adventure time is one of the worst and most overrated cartoons ever made.

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68 Go Viral

Somebody has dropped a shilling (pops) - Unknownguy

69 Skips vs Tecnology

I like this episode because Techmo's first appearence but I hate those guys from the computer place because they're so rude to Skips.

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70 A Regular Epic Final Battle

Perfect way to end of the show how is it not #1

The final episode.

71 Death Bear

Mordecai was a total badass taking down death bear with that tranquilizer dart rifle

It has like an AWESOME fight scene!

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72 Blind Trust

Blind trust is an amazing episode.

73 Replaced

This is a great episode now I would want to do a PIZZA PARTY!

I like it. That simple

74 The Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys

I spammed the original one but this one was way better heck it was actually okay - bolbi9

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75 Prankless

It's such a creative idea, and the episode is really fun to watch!

76 Out of Commision
77 Silver Dude

This is the best one, all of the songs are really good. This should be 1 or 2 on the list.

78 Bad Kiss

Epic music and montage

Oh My Gosh! " Its nothing. Its just, your breath smells really bad." LLOL!

79 Stick Hockey

Stick hockey will never a be professional sport

80 I Like You Hi

Mordecai needs to learn how to stop punching people!

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