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81 Muscle Mentor
82 Slam Dunk Slam Dunk

This episode was epic, plus FILTER had an awesome song in this episode hey man nice shot.

Your talking about the god of basketball

They should of added Michael Jordan in this episode

Margaret is a gay with Eileen--Eileen helped her to make a web...

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83 Skips Strikes V 3 Comments
84 Trucker Hall of Fame
85 Bet to Be Blonde
86 The Parkie Awards V 1 Comment
87 Tants

My Dad loves this episode! TANTS!

I wish the products in the episode were real

88 Skips' Story

Skips has had a very interesting life due to his immortality and adventurous nature. This episode puts some of skips life into perspective, and I enjoyed it very much, albeit the ending was really sad.

I liked this episode, but it had a sad ending. - macyquinn5678

Rigby was a jerk as usual - Unknownguy

Please stop it Mordecai,this is serious,you couldn't killed Rigby

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89 The Real Thomas

I can't think of a better way to depart a character. If you haven't seen this episode watch it. It doesn't have a whole lot of jokes, but the jokes in this episode are really funny. Its got good action, the writing is good, the jokes are funny and they get rid of a character in a much better way than last time, Don't deny it you know that the way they got rid Margaret was really stupid and forced. This way however does feel a bit forced at first glance, looking back it really isn't. My favorite episode.

I was so upset for 2 years about how they just add in a new character and do not make him do ANYTHING! but that was before this came out and now I am glad he did not do anything. anything but spy

US and Russia, so child appropriate. It's still a cool an an emotional episode - Unknownguy

I can't belive this.

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90 The Last Laserdisc Player

"This one was epic, not only did they bring old formats back, but they made an action episode about it. True the movie that the gang was trying to watch sucked, but at least they had fun fighting.

91 Benson Be Gone

There had to be consideration making this a Halloween episode

92 Think Positive
93 The Unicorns Have Got to Go

This likability of this episode really depends on who you are - Unknownguy

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94 Video Game Wizard

This was one of the best! Why can't I see it on top 10?
This episode was so emotional and epic!

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95 That's My Television

I love this episode because of that one part during the chase where the T.V. blew up that helicopter with a rpg-7 and I wanted to beat those fans who didn't win which they blocked the bridge with burning cars to a pulp

96 The Pilot

I thought that when Rigby took the wizards key board when he went pee in the bushes was funny

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97 Temp Check
98 The Eileen Plan

THIS is one of THE best episodes for Rigleen shippers. it shows that rigby really cares about what Eileen thinks of him and he thinks she's GORGEOUS. RIGLEEN for the win

99 The Lunch Club V 1 Comment
100 Terror Tales of the Park IV

I put planned because Rigby's story was AWESOME it was actually quite scary. Unfortunately, it didn't make it into the final episode.

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