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101 Gut Model
102 Diary

Ironic twist are the best

103 The Best VHS In the World
104 One Pull Up

This episode was aired on my birthday. - Gamecubesarecool193

105 Under the Hood
106 Country Club
107 House Rules

Some rules that benson made is not a rule

108 Last Meal
109 It's Time
110 Cruisin

Has so many cool classic cars. Just wish the 64 Mustang had more screen time. Whoever draws the cars for the Regular Show knows what their doing.

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111 Busted Cart V 1 Comment
112 Every Meat Burrito

There is an parody of an film where they shot an guy and he starts actting funny while screaming in pain. - GumballWatterson

113 Take the Cake

I now want a colma for my birthday, and got in one onmy birthday. not joking

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114 Skips' Stress

Why is this episode so disliked? Skips is one of the best characters just for how good of a person he is, and he is the star here. The plot runs smoothly, you feel like you actually care because the threat is well set up, and not to mention one of the best action sequences in the show. All around an incredibly solid episode, and I hope more people see this and vote the episode up, or at least WATCH it...

115 Maxin and Relaxin

I LOVE THIS EPISODE! It's always been my favorite it's so funny!

116 Happy Birthday Song Contest

How can you jack off to this? Do you have like a cake fetish or something?

Loved this episode, gave me an erection

117 Struck by Lightning
118 Format Wars
119 Party Re-Pete
120 The Postcard
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