My thoughts on "(Marilyn Manson Ate) My Girlfriend"

This may sound like a weird thing to post on a list like this but this has been bothering me ever since and I just had to get it out. It's not something I'm taking too seriously I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Now I love the band Relient K. Their music has got me through hard times that I was going through in my freshman year in high school. But this was before I knew that one of their songs called Marilyn Manson Ate my Girlfriend or Marilyn Manson even existed. Until the time I was about to get out of school for the summer that's when I was first introduced to Marilyn Manson. The first time I saw him I was shocked. He looked like someone who wanted to corrupt the youth of America. I told myself "This guy's going to hell." And I kept thinking that but then I've looked up these rumors about him being a nice guy. I was like "What? That can't be true." But when I started delving into him more I found out that he IS a nice guy! He's someone who actually does have morals and positive messages in his songs. He doesn't disagree with a lot of the ideals Jesus was trying to get across. He just doesn't like how people have used them in a bad way. He's someone who likes to provoke people so they think, that's what he says he does.

So what are my thoughts on the song by Relient K you ask? Well before I share my thoughts let me tell you what inspired Matt to write it.
Matt wrote it when he was 15, inspired by a female friend who lived eight hours away in Pennsylvania. It wasn't a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, but it was a friend who was a girl as he puts it. Sometimes they would talk about things of deeper consequence, of spiritual matter and usually just seeing where god was taking them in the future.
Then one day, she started getting into Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson so much that an obsession grew out of it. And through this she changed her lifestyle and what she believed in. This change in mindset got her expelled from school, getting kicked out of her house and moving into a youth detention center. She had this new-born dislike for Matt and what he believed in. She felt that Christianity was stupid and just this big hypocrisy. So Matt wrote the song as a way to dealt with it. Writing it about how she got so consumed by Marilyn Manson.

My thoughts on the song now? Well for one thing I just wanna say that I'm really sorry that Matt's friend took the bad side of life. I really am. Just the thought of people using the media as an excuse to do terrible things just makes me cringe. What do I mean by this? Well you all remember the Columbine shootings where the killers were influenced by Marilyn Manson's music. But Manson himself said that he doesn't endorse school shootings and that he's never tried to create anything that would encourage people to hurt others, or themselves. He also said that he expresses condolences to the victim's families at Columbine. So I don't think he would approve of Matt's friend turning bad and hateful. I don't think Trent Reznor would approve of that either.

Kids get influenced by violent movies, games, music, and other pieces of media to do horrible things. But those pieces of media I just mentioned were never made to condone such behavior in them. If anything, if I were a true Manson fan, I would understand the true meaning behind one of his songs instead of using it as an excuse to be violent. The media doesn't make people bad. You make yourself bad. It's your choice. And it's a terrible choice you're making so never make that kind of choice ever. There are things in the media that were never made to encourage you to become sad, depressed, angry, and violent.

So what do you guys think of this? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.