I am not Buddhist but Buddhism is the only religion of Peace and Harmony. If the whole world was Buddhist, there would be much less violence.

Gautam Buddha taught us the way to live and let others live peacefully. Buddhism gives one the privilege not to accept anything on blind faith, but to think and decide for themselves, then follow. Buddha encouraged everyone to have compassion for each other and develop their own virtue, "You should do your own work, for I can teach only the way."

Buddha did not deny that there is happiness in life, but he pointed out it does not last forever. Eventually everyone meets with some kind of suffering. He said:
"There is happiness in life,
Happiness in friendship,
Happiness of a family,
Happiness in a healthy body and mind,
But when one loses them, there is suffering."

He also gave the world a Nobel Eightfold Path to end the sufferings.
1. Right View - The right way to think about life is to see the world with wisdom and compassion.

2. Right Thought - We are what we think. Clear and kind thoughts build good, strong ...more

After the happiness there is a pain. Buddhism is the best for those who want to see the reality of the life that everybody want to know.

When a muslim pray he ask for the happiness of every muslim
When a christian pray he as for the happiness of every human
When a Buddhist pray he ask for the happiness of every living beings.
I guess you can see which one is the best.

Buddhists, if I am to compare them to other religions, are never arguing or trying to convert you, they are peaceful and their teachings are clear, practical and most of all, they do not cast out other religions or speak ill about them. They respect them. Unfortunately, as far as my own experience goes, Christians emphasize the fact that if you do not believe that Christ is God's son, and that he died for our sins, you are wrong and I have heard as well that they claim to be the only religion on earth. I wonder what Christ thinks about this because I can only think of him as a true enlightened Buddhist and sometimes feel a little sorry for some of his deluded followers.

Buddhism honestly cannot be considered as a religion. It is a way if life, it is a teaching, it is the truth. Buddhists don't blindly believe in an " almighty god" buddhist know that is god was real god wouldn't have made people suffer. If god is merciful then why do he create firms if suffering like diseases and if god is kind then why did he create poor people who suffer every waking day of their lives. Some religions like Islam say that god only does such things to test us. But Islam also says that god already knows what is going to happen to you. If god already knows what's going to happen to you then why test you? It is false beliefs like these that make religions like such bling faiths. However buddhism has no blind faith, Buddhism teaches you the truth about life and thus is the number one and most realistic religion of the world.

Buddhism is a religion of peace, not only inner peace but with the world around oneself. Many people say Buddhism is not a religion and more of a philosophy. That is false, Buddhists pray, worship and go to religious sites like every other religion, the only difference is that there isn't a fear of god. People need to stop being ignorant and reconsider their definition of "religion". Also the teachings of the Buddha are very in depth, and people do not know this. There is the Bible and the Quran but in Buddhism there is the Pali Canon which is a series of dictionary sized books. The most famous Buddhist book would have to be the Dhammapada. The Buddhist way is the peaceful way, a religion that is tolerant and loving to the whole world, it accepts and coexists with other religions.

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost. " - Dalai Lama on religious equalty

No matter war happens for good or bad and no matter its between good and bad people, the fact is there is always killing on any one side or on both sides. Wars is not the solution for peace. And this is the fundamental of the Buddhism. Buddhism is the ultimate formula of living. And that's what worrier Ashoka learnd. Everyone need love, peace, care. Buddhism is purely based on science. Its whatever you see by your own eye. There is always reason behind every happening. There is no place for wonders in Buddhism. Its coincidence to what people call wonder. Buddhism is the thing only by which the world is working peacefully without violence. Every religion does not allow violence and this comes from buddhism even if anyone accept this fact or not. We always say that make love not war and this is Buddhism. Buddhism is flowing from the nerves of the world. Remove buddhism and world will turn into coal. Every one from this planet has some amount of buddhism in them. It is the best religion ...more

BUDDHISM let a man live like a man.
It has principles which are being made in the benefit of people in the society.
It has the most scientific approach when compared to any religion in the world.
The knowledge which is being posses by the monks are unmatched.
Be a Buddhist and live like a human.

The only religion in the world that asks you to think before follow it is Buddhism, not once, not twice and trice. It is just because Buddhism is the only religion that reject creation of the world as well as teach how to control human mind to enlighten. It is very peaceful teaching and I like meditation most. Buddhist meditation is not similar to Yoga or any other Hindu meditation. It leads you to the enlightenment of life. Find a good teacher who can teach you pure as well as complete knowledge. The best country in the world still you can find the real Buddhism is Sri Lanka. Thank you!

I believe this isn't because I am a Buddhist but it is because there are 5 teaching it this religion they are no killing. no stealing, no bulling, no teasing and no lying, respect life. also if you break some of these rules you don't get murdered but you go to jail as it is the law but if they did say you have to kill because you broke one of these saying the person who kills will break a a saying and the person who kills him will break a rule and this would keep going. Rarely some people think that Buddhist is a lye and where is the proof Buddha was a real well if you go to Sri Lanka they will show you the actual Buddha's tooth every one hundred years but if you missed it search it up

Buddhism is a world peaceful religion it's a only religion which teach us love with people, animal, & nature. Buddhism has no comparison with any other religion because it is a great religion itself try to follow on lord Buddha's teachings... Lord Buddha will bless you all :D

See... every religion other than Buddhism say I am the great I am the god follow me if you follow me I will take you to haven, if you don't follow me you r kaafir. some religion say if do not follow me you don't have the right to stay alive but in Buddhism there is no such thing Buddhism is the way to live life in peace and harmony Buddhism and to-days world we need the most. IN Buddhism there is no son of god or no book comes from haven it's a purly based on science and scientific way to live the life there is no restriction and no force fully following like you have to pray you r god 5 times a day or speak loudly on loud speaker in early morning to disturb the other religion people In every way Buddhism teach you the love and peace that's why I think Buddhism is the best way to live life best religion to follow

Buddha is the earliest Lord. Oh THE great Lord Buddha. Buddha way is scientific. Hinduism god is also Buddha. But they are not always talk about it.

Lord Buddha was never god, and is never god. They advice us to live according to the rules of nature.

Buddhism is about the nature. Buddhism is a way of finding peace within oneself. It is only one religion that helps us to find the happiness and contentment we seek. Buddhists develop inner peace, kindness and wisdom through their daily practice; and then share their experience with others bringing real benefit to this world. They try not to harm others and to live peacefully and gently, working towards the ultimate goal of pure and lasting happiness for all living beings.

Budhism is amazing and how everyone should view life of course this is opinion related don't be offended if you veiw it in a different way

Atheist here but Buddhism has a much better message which translates into the followers. Peace not war.

Buddhism is the only one religion who makes the sense of the life, and teach how to be a real human being. Love and piece this tow things are most important to live better life, and lord Buddha proved it. No god is present any where, just be a true human and keep piece and love every one, you will be happy forever. All world know the truth and they know, only Buddha's lesson can help whole world.

The Buddha's teachings are all contained in the Lotus Sutra/ Correct teaching of Nichiren Buddhism... The SGI is the sect fulfilling the Buddhas advent in the later day.

I am a Christian by birth. From the limited knowledge I have, this decision is very simple. Buddhism is the most peaceful and peace loving religion I know of and for me that should be the biggest virtue of a religion. Every other preaches peace but almost always they do end up resorting in violence when times get tough. Christians, Islam, Hinduism every one has some or the other kind violent past.

True religion, which is Dhamma, is not something outside us that we acquire, but the cultivation and realization of wisdom, compassion and purity that we develop within ourselves. The real qualities distinguishing the man of virtue are generosity, truthfulness, patience, and compassion. By developing and mastering these qualities within himself, a man lives at harmony with his own conscience and at peace with his fellow beings.

Buddhism should actually come first. It is the sanest, most rational, practical spiritual philosophy in the world. No jingoism, no fear mongering, just peaceful acceptance of what is.

Buddhism means peace to the world, peace to humanity and peace to the animals. Isn't this enough? Buddhism is the religion that can only survive in the future!

Buddhism revolvess around mind. It teaches control of mind. Control over emotions. He who wins onself wins entire universe. Buddhism is all about making people happy by eradicating their sufferings. Buddha invented ways to overcome sorrows. He gave his noble eightfold path and panchsheel to overcome shortcomings and lead life happily. In Buddhism, Buddha never taught to look into sky for any help or gave false believe that someone from sky will do us good. Its we and how we behave with others will make a difference. People all over the world have realised that its self discipline that will bring us happiness, may it be following road discipline or following rules of the land. We have realised leading disciplined life by following principles will do us good. We are solely responsible for our fall or rise and not the sky or earth or other planets. The world have realised that its not the war but peace preached by Buddha will make the world happier place to be in. When there are wars ...more

Buddhism Is The Greatest Religion That found the nature of this world and our lives.

Buddhism is not only a religion but it's teaches how to live a happy life and peaceful life with harmony and without discrimination. Buddhism is a practical teaching thought by enlightened Gautama Buddha. Whoever follows his teaching get direct result it's so simple Buddhism is but it's too hard to bring into practice... Buddhism is a teaching of liberation from suffering.