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I am Christian. But I will tell you the truth without "ism" but in NPOV (neutral point of view).

To start away with, Christianity is simply the followers of Jesus Christ and his words. Which means that if someone claims to be a Christian but not walk in His way then they are either lying about their religion or not able to walk the life of a Christian. Christ teaching about non-violence is recorded 2000 years back in the Books of the Gospel. MK Gandhi also goes with the same line and now-a-days it has become quite popular and have won the heart of tens of thousands of people all around the world. What a coincidence? Yeah. Christ mission was to come and seek the lost: lost in sinfulness, lost with no direction of life and death, waiting for fate. The Bible records that "the wages of sin is death" but Christ came took the sin of humanity and died on the cross, went to hell and buried away the sins of the world. But God raise Him up on the third day fulfilling ...more

Our Father in Heaven is the God of Love, peace, hope, forgiveness, faithfulness, and every goodness I could ever think of. He love his creation and He want all of His creation to go back to Him. He love you so much that is why He sent his one and only Son to save you and I.

His love is everlasting and unconditional. It doesn't matter what you are, poor or rich, beauty or ugly, good or bad, He love all of us. None of us have to ever live in His mercy because He forgive us.

Christianity is all about love, hope, peace. Although mankind have sinned, there is always a hope, a Salvation, that will save your soul. Father love us so much that he don't want anyone of us to suffer.

Life may be hard, but He comforts you and He is always there for you.

You don't have to hate, hurt, steal, or kill people to please Him.

Jesus was born to all mankind, poor or rich, good or bad, or whatever you may be. He was not born in a glorious or wonderful place. He came to ...more

I vote for Jesus Christ and his teaching, his life style and his miracle works.
I am voting not because of religion view and not because of same Islam and Christian, Islam is totally different wit Christianity.
I am voting for Jesus Christ and his love forgiveness and for perfect love massage from god for god's creation.
I am voting for Jesus Christ because his name is Jesus, if someone know about Jesus, if someone can think and go what Jesus did, what Jesus told is more then enough.
Religious there hiding is only selfish, but in my life Jesus never became religious Jesus is my personal life and guide for eternal life.
It doesn't mater who and which country what they are dong behind Christian.. is personal love care, if you can do it and you can care and love other too. god bless you all.

I am Christian and do my best to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. In the Bible I read, the words actually spoken by Jesus are written in red print, and I pay special attention to those. Unfortunately, in America today, I think there are too many people who forget that we live in a free country, including religion. I know that we are instructed to go out and spread the Good News of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I do that at every opportunity. I just don't feel that you are meant to spread the news by passing legislation to make your religion the law of the land, which I see conservative politicians doing these days. Romans 13 states very clearly that our leaders are put there by God for a reason, and that authority is to be obeyed and respected. It saddens me that I do not see very much of that in my conservative church. It also bothers me a great deal that I hear a great deal of hatred toward our first African-American president when our congregation is over 95 percent ...more

The message of Christ is love, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice. He willingly gave up His own life for others; however, those who have called themselves Christians throughout the ages have not always lived by his example. It is a shame that they have used His name to justify war. To get a true understanding of Christianity, read one of the 4 Gospels by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. There you will find the true message of Christ. The words and life of Jesus are what inspire me to love all of God's creations, Christian and non-Christian alike. If you want to find those who are living the message of Christ today, look at the many missionaries who risk their lives all over the world feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. That is the true beauty of the message of Jesus and the fulfillment of what it means to be Christian.

Christianity should be number 1. It is based on LOVE the core of Christianity is LOVE. Universal Unconditional Love from GOD. Who so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, so that we may repent and be saved. It is a beautiful religion which teaches us to love one another unconditionally, to not judge each other or criticize each other, or compare ourselves to one another. Our Job is just to love. It teaches discipline and self control, Teaching us to over come & control our feelings and emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, greed, lu st. e tc. It teaches us morals and to have respect for ourselves and others. People think of religion and they just think it's a big list of Do and Do Not. Or else you'll be damned. That couldn't be more wrong, Christianity is A way of life and If you live your life following Jesus's teachings YOU WILL BE HAPPY. Take away all the Nonsense from life Like Materials, Fashion, Cars, Houses, Money. Eliminate all of your bad behaviors ...more

Christianity is the best! That's not just because I'm a Christian, it's a fact. When your a real Christian, your a better person. I'm not saying you stop sinning, we all sin every day. But Jesus died and rose again and now lives and reins with the Father. Here's what I believe: I believe in one God the Father almighty, Maker of heaven and earth. And of all things visible and unviable, and in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten, Sin of God. Begotten of the Father before all worlds, God of God, Light of Light, Very God of Very God, begotten not made. Being of one substance with the Father by whom all things were made. Who is men and for out salvation, came down from heaven. And was incarnated by the Holy Gost, if The Virgin Mary, and was made man. And was crucified also for us, under Ponchos Pilot, He suffered, and was buried. And the third day He rose again according to the scriptures, and acceded into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father, and He shall come again in ...more

JESUS CHRIST said I will give life, a life full of abundance. He said in His words to love and forgive. He proved His love by sacrificing His life. He showed his incomparable supernatural characteristics of Almighty God throughout His life and He showed His eternal power by raising from the dead. He went down to the earth and now He is exalted above every name on earth and heaven. The eternal God came as JESUS CHRIST to this earth taking form of a flesh to bear the atonement of our generarational curse and wicked sins of human race. He sacrificed, suffered and saved us by his precious blood. He is the God who is FAITHFUL AND TRUE. AMEN

I am an Evangelical Lutheran, 14 years old, and about to get confirmed into the church this year. I have to say, I was shocked (and also disappointed) to see that Christianity was only number 6, because I'm guessing most voters here are Americans, and Christianity is the religion of our founding fathers and of our country. If you have any questions trying to disprove Christianity, watch the movie God's Not Dead. Also, there are plenty other religions on this list, but Christianity is the only one that prove that God exists. Think modern science is always right? Take a notice at how many "theories" there are in modern science. For example, They think we evolved from a monkey! Science says creatures are still evolving, but notice how over the past hundreds of years no one has ever recorded this happening! People try to disprove the bible and avoid using it for stuff like history books. Really, the bible is the best resource for history they have! It has writings from lots of people who ...more

I used to be this religion until I realized that prying water apart with your hands and coming back to life and coming back to earth from some magical place above the universe was what this religion was all about - YOSHIA2121

Christianity is not a religion. It's a way life living. Those who believe in Christ are Christian. That is why it is said as " Christianity" and not " Christianism". Jesus never started a religion.

John 3:16-17

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Lord sent a part from Him to the earth in the form of Jesus to shed the blood and die for the sins of all the people of the world. Those who were alive, are alive and will be born.
If you want to accept Jesus in your heart and want to be free from the burden of the sins, say this short prayer " Jesus, please come in to my life and save my soul. I accept you as my personal saviour and I will worship you. Forgive me my sins. Amen

Why make a list like this? Everyone's has their own opinions and no one should ever try to change them. That is the thing you believe in and you just can't expect everyone else to believe it too. I can't believe today that there is so much violence in this world over religion. Don't try to change them and get mad if they don't change because how would you feel if they were trying to change you. That's how they feel, they feel every bit as good about their religion as you and you do and you think it's okay to break so many of your own religions laws like no murdering just because they don't have the same religion as you? No god out there that people believe in would be okay with that. I voted for Christianity because it is what I believe in but I would never ever make anyone change because I wouldn't want people to make me change and I just wish that people out there would get that. You can't make them change. You can't. And it's none of your business what they are either. That's what ...more

Christianity is having a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. God is naturally sinless. Because of this God cannot have a relationship with us even though he loves us. People are naturally sinful. Think about it. if you're alone is it easier to do something good or something bad? God loved us so much that he sent his only son, who is royalty, to experience what his people experience. The good the bad the indifferent. But when it was supposed to be our punishment for sin, Jesus Christ volunteered himself and took the sentence of death for us. Because he is the Son of God, he was able to conquer death and rise again. In doing so, he made a way for us to have a relationship with God the Father.

This must be on the top of the list because it is a religion where you will see the truth and you will be peaceful. Specially Born again or non Catholics. Everything written on the Bible is true. This religion started because God loves us that he was that willing to send Christ here on Earth to save us! The message of Christ is goodness, generosity and many more good attitudes, this religion doesn't want war, violence, abuse and other cruel things. May we be enlightened up and I hope that we will see the goodness and the truth. God bless you!

Christianity is the best for me, this religion deserves me a lot, it make my wishes come true just pray rosary and novena prayers, no one can ever ever beat this, when I am reading Bible, It helps to save me from the fires of hell!, I just have one lesson for myself "If your hands causes you to a sin, cut it and throw it away, it is better for you to go in heaven with 1 hand, than you go to hell with 2 hands" even Muslim cannot beat this, but Islam is not the real enemy of this religion, it is the satanism my hatest ever, Jesus thanks for everything, this is a miracle for me. I am not boasting, but this is the truth, I have many prove to myself, but I will not tell it, it is your own chose, Jesus gave us widom and knowledge, many temptations came in my way, but Christianity is my destiny! Thanks for all Jesus

Christianity is not all that easy, no, but if you stick with it God will reward you in the end with eternity in heaven. Don't stick with it, well, you'll end up burning in the flames of hell forever... Anyway, ya, Christianity rocks! Everyone is equal in God's eyes and even when we mess up he comes after us and brings us back to Him. Ever heard of the story of the lost sheep? A Shepard had 100 sheep, but one strays away. The Shepard, worried about his lost sheep, sets out at once, leaving the 99 sheep behind, for they are safe and sound. Finally, after much searching, the Shepard finds the lost sheep, and carries it back home on His shoulders. Christ is the Good Shepard. He brings us back to the flock, back to Him. - mpgami

Let me say this to all those people who are Buddhists and Hindus and everything else: in your minds, the whole "one God, Holy Trinity" thing is bull. You don't believe in a heaven and hell the way we do, but say that on the slight off chance that they do exist (remember I'm talking from your standpoint, not mine) you would go hell. For eternity. Whether hell is up or down, flames or no flames, we don't know. But what we do know is that God does not dwell there. We need God to live, so again- don't you think that the horror of being in hell for all eternity totally outweighs NOT believing in Christ? So if nothing else converts you, you should at least consider this. You wouldn't want to take the chances of your soul rotting with Satan, would you? Even if (in your head) the chances of Christianity being true, hell completely outweighs the chances of atheism being true. In atheism, you don't believe in a higher power- you're all evolutionists. So you believe bag noting happens when you ...more - mpgami

First of all, why do you need 'The Top Ten Bes Religions'? People can change, keep or get out of their current religion. They do something by their own thinking, not which one is the best.

Also, Religions would be better if there's no so-called nerds that say Religious person know nothing about science, so why there's Greece? Spammers say a religion is bad, maybe because they want them to join another religion. - GirlyAnimeLover

Christ being God came as man to reconcile His people (the world) back with the Father, the Creator in relationship which was lost because of Sin and Jesus paid a full payment of our sins thru his blood. Today I m forgiven I just need to believe in Him that he is the only true living God and there is no religion that God came and paid a price on my behalf I have to pay or do things to have a relationship with God but Jesus paid. And now I do not have to as he has already paid on my behalf and assured me eternity with Him.

I believe what jesus was trying to get across is that we are all the sons and daughters of the lord, he was not the Messiah but merely a prophet a man with a deep commitment to he's faith. don't take this the wrong way I am not trying to discredit the Catholic Church I just think that many people misinterpret what the new testament is trying to teach. Personally I think the old testament is much more relative as it shows God has emotions other than just love, it shows the side of him that humans have taken after. Through Jesus he attempted to purge the world of its sins just like he did in the time of Noah. Essentially us Christians are just Jews with a who have replaced our old rituals with new ones.

Okay, I kind of don't believe in any real religion. I believe you do the best you can, and then see if your goodness overrides evil to go to heaven. But no one really commits evil unless you murder or do something very bad. Everyone has their own right mind. Hell is where you are locked in a cavern and are tortured with fire. I'm really not sure what to believe in. But, I DO believe and love God and Jesus. I'm not exactly sure what the Holy Spirit is. Is it like your conscious?

Jesus Christ, who came as a prophet. He is one of my favourite personalities. His teachings were so full of peace and love like if one slaps one side of your face then turn the other side too. He taught us not to have revenge & not to get angry. He gave teachings to follow ONE GOD. He was a human just like us but higher in spiritual status and has now become a son of God? Prophet Jesus Christ did not die the terrible death and was not taken up in heavens and will not come back. He lived his whole life with honour and died with honour. He accomplished what he was sent for. He left great teachings but his people misused and misinterpreted.

Hi I am a Muslim and even though I like Islam the best, I really like Christianity too! I like a lot of its concepts (many are like ours) and I have a lovely Christian friend too, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met and because she follows Christianity I know I can trust her and know that she will always be a decent person. Hello to all my Christian brothers and sisters out there!

This is the religion I was raised in, specifically mainstream American Christianity. Technically Protestant, and went to a Covenant church, and then a non-denominational church. Also grew up to worship Jesus Christ as Lord, believing in the Trinity, resurrection, ascension, etc. The Bible was our holy book, and we used KJV and NIV. My dad's family however is Catholic and I respect Catholic Christianity as, in my view, a very fancy version of my family's religion. I used to judge them as wrong as I was trained to, but my views have become more open minded. When it comes to other Abrahamic religions I enjoy learning about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses because they are quite similar to Christianity, and Judaism is basically the parent religion to Christianity. Islam and Christianity have been enemies for a while though they are also quite similar. My favorite of the other religions is Buddhism, very chill and respectable, with good moral principles. Finally one religion that I'm ...more