Hi I am the person who written Thank you allah for the everlasting life.

I always come her and I mashallah always vote.
Islam is a really lovely a great religion, some people are letting our big and huge family of one down. We need to be in the religion we are in. And if you are a non-muslim please come over to our religion, because when the end come, don't come crying to us, we can't do much. Jazakallah for liking the letter I written or as for all a letter I typed. May allah bless you all. REMEMBER TO PRAY NAMAZ AND DO THE FIVE PILLERS.
Spread salam amongst you. Islam is a modesty of a branch. The one who breaks relationship shall not enter paradise. Don't let cruel words out of your mouth. Use your knowledge you have.

Oh allah you are mighty and strong, you are perfect and wise, you are so great everyone can jump off a cliff for you, I know allah I have never seen you, people will think I am weird to call you beautiful, but all I have hear about you and learn ...more

I proud to be a Muslim and Islam is the best religion of universe and the original too.

My vote is only for Islam

This is the best religion EVER. But people all over the world are doing horrible stuff under the disguise of Islam. The do bomb bursting, killing people even cut their own body. But believe me, their concept of Islam is totally wrong. Islam means peace. It wants peace not destruction.

Very practical, yet simple and logical religion. No Dogmas, no unexplained and illogical theories that would make you confused and lost.
Offers practical solutions for every problems that humanity faces.
As the name it self suggests "Islam" aims at providing peace and prosperity for the entire humanity through its strong and unbreakable ideologies.
It's core is so simple - of oneness, oneness of the creator! Yet so infallible and unbreakable! In Islam this idea of monotheism is summarized in the shahada- the declaration that makes one Muslim. Shahada also confirms that Prohet Muhammed is last and final messenger to the mankind which is also confirmed by most of the previous messages like the Bible, the Zend Avesta, the Dasatir, and in various Buddhist and hindu scriptures. Islam thus strongly emphasis that Muhammed (PBUH) is the last of the line of multitude of prophets ( muslims believe that there are as many as one lakh prophets and consider disrespect and ...more

There are many proofs that islam is the best religion, it is the perfect religion! It embraces everything in a human's life, from ethics to law to heritage, literally everything! And it respects all other religions, in fact faith in islam is not complete unless you believe 6 things; 1) in God, 2) in ALL of the Prophets (yes including Jesus, Moses, and of course Muhammad),3) in angels, 4) in the holy books (like Bible, Torah and of course Quran), 5) Judgement Day, 6) fate whether it was good or bad.
Islamic lifestyle is perfect, if it was used in all countries the economy would be perfect, there would be no poverty or destitute, no strong overcoming weak, no rich taking over poor, there would be equality and justice! Proof that the United Nations and Europe took many laws from Islam. Unfortunately, there are many enemies to Islam that try to prove that Islam is terroristic. They think that terrorist that pretend to be Muslims are the same who do Jihad. Jihad is entering a battle to ...more

This is the only true religion! Jesus never claimed divinity, and by accepting him as a prophet and not a son of god we Muslims show that we love him more! We are even better Christians than the Christians themselves! Christians should not drink nor eat pork, and yet they do! Look at America! 50 billion dollars in the porn industry! And it's mainly populated by Christians! Ever since these terrorist attacks began people wondered why it was Muslims and they researched the Quran, and found that it was actually the genuine work of god! The truth is in front of you, and yet you lie to yourself! Come to Islam! For every thing that the Quran prophesied is happening, and will continue to happen!

Islam had said things before only what science is saying today

Islam had said things before only what science is saying today

Yes but these days people wont agree as they do not want Islam to be known as the true religion and most people not all people but most hate Islam. And I don't get the point of hating another religion - Sabeen

Islam is an Arabic work mean Blessing. Some peoples says that Islam is nothing so I want to clarify the Islam. You know that Christianity and Jews are excepts that Islam is the true religion? (but indirectly)!. Because Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is illiterate person before he is a messenger of Allah (God). But After that, He says the word of Allah (God). He says about the old prophets, About Prophet Adam (A. S) Prophet Nooh (A. S) Prophet Moosa (A. S) Prophet Isa (A. S)[jesus] etc... He says the important facts about honey bees, About the rain that's how cloud rains to us (Water cycle process), How human created in stages. Science is believed on this fact before 60 years ago but we believe on it before 1400 years ago When Our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him says to us, from Quran.

Islam may have been interperatted in numerous ways being both bad and good but that does change the true message that is told by this great way of life, the messaged told by our god ALLAH. But the true Beauty of this religion comes from the fact that the 'our' I put in previously is not meant to project 'our' as Muslims, but 'our' as the whole of humanity. If you ever get the chance to even gain an ounce of knowledge from this religion from where you consider the right place, then do not turn your backs because you may like what you get. I have learned how to live life and what to live life for from this awesome religion and it constantly remindes us that we have a purpose in this world. It made me understand why we are here and what we should do in order to please the Oft-Forgiving. It is not the jihad of the sword but it is the jihad of YOUR MIND, YOUR DESIRES. It is to fight your desires and to be the most forgiving, not only to your friends, but ESPECIALLY to your enemies. I love ...more

I proud to be a Muslim and Islam is the best religion of the whole world... I like Islam

Islam is the best religion because it is the only religion that we can accept and by following islam or the teachings of islam you can realize that you are feeling good and secure. By offering your prayers or by reading the holy quran majeed you can feel a great satisfaction in your heart. True muslims remain contended with their lives and you see that inspite of great difficulties in their life they never give up and never try to attempt suicide. And also muhammad (pbuh) taught the muslims every aspect of life and tell them how to live like a successful life, both in this world and in the next world, but unfortunately, muslims forfot their islamic principles and suffered a lot. Otherwise, when they follow the teachings of islam, no one was able to defeat them in any aspect of life.

Islam is the religion with one of the biggest amount of miracles on earth. One of them were when th half creasent moon was together with the star/former planet and looked exactly like the islamic symbol. Not to mention, when you cut the middle of a goat you see Allah's name. You also have Muhammads name in your brain in arabic. Islam is the most fast growing religion on earth. Islamic people are very smart, very religious, and very civilized. Muslims believe that Allah/God loves everyone on earth and out of it. We belive in only one God, we belive he had no mother or son. Islam was dedicated by God, and reigns under the banner of peace, submition to God, and love.

All religions of the world were initially Islam - literally meaning 'submission of self to oneness' Oneness beyond the life's many dualities. But people either misunderstood, misunderstood or made changes in those religions and so their God became an intellectual object rather than spiritual one. Hence, once the humility of knowledge is lost; religion confined to images, idols and words alone. Islam that came through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was enforcing because all religions in the past changed. So a law that can't be changed, so that people can decide between good and bad acts was put forth. Quran is the only book on the face of the earth that has never changed because it's the final word of God, of Allah. Humility and acceptance to this unchanging word of Allah, praying 5 times a day is like meditation, affirmation, spirituality, present moment, positive thinking, belief, submission, humility, happiness and closeness to God, combined! So everything in Islam is belief ...more

When you look deep and close to any religion and go for details you'll find something that pops lots of questions to your head and any time you ask someone about it you won't find a straight sensible answer the answer might pop other questions to your head and you'll feel confused. Islam was the only religion that made sense to me that answered all of my questions. It turned me to a better person to a stronger and happier person. No matter how tough life could get I know that I have a god whose the creator of everything the most powerful who is stronger then everything who I can depend on and who if he wills can make everything easier and better. Whenever I need anything I just have to raise my hand and ask him for it and he'll always be there.

That is what religion is truly about. It's not about political power or superiority, it's supposed to make someone happy and a better person and make sense of things that are hard for our minds to grasp. There is no superior religion, as all religions are merely opinions. If you don't take your own beliefs to the extremes, think of yourself as superior because of your beliefs, and respect the religious beliefs of others, than you are truly a good religious person. - Kfox101

Islam is the right path in life. The day will come when everyone will realize that. But even when people know the truth they still turn away from it because they don't like it. They are not bothered to dedicate their life to the beautiful religion of Islam. Its too much effort for them and they want to enjoy their life. Oh well, at the end of the day it's their loss but alhamdulialah there are still many people who are in the right path. If you are Muslim don't be ashamed. Be proud. Be happy. You are so lucky and don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Don't let others tell you that you are missing out on the fun. Its not you who is missing out. It's them. They might enjoy a few years of their lifes doing things which you aren't allowed to do. But in the long run they will regret it and you would be grateful that you weren't tempted. May allah bless you.

I used to be Christian before, and was living in the society where people hate and disrespect each other. After a short visit to one of Middle Eastern country I was shocked to see people leave in peace, love and respect towards each other. Forget about all what media is telling you about Islam is totally not true. I am Muslim now, Alhamdullilah and leaving a wonderful, peaceful life in the Middle East.

Muslims are one of the luckiest people on earth. The closer they are to their religion and to God the more secure, happy, confident, and relaxed they are. Whenever they feel weak or frightened they believe in the one God who is the creator of humanity and everything and who is the most powerful and greatest. They believe everything that happens to them (good or bad) is from God so if it is good they'll thank him and if its bad they'll thank him too because things could be worst and they know that God knows everything in Earth and heavens as he is the creator so it might be good when they think its bad. So in both ways they are happy and the winners. They have a great belief and trust in God. They rely in him and seek for his forgiveness and acceptance. Whenever they are sad they'll recite the Quran that cures sorrow and imbue comfort and satisfaction. They know that God knows more then them and knows whats best for his creators. In the Quran there's proof of the truthfulness of the ...more

No doubt, Islam is the religion of one, unique and true whose power cannot be imagined by a human being... It is peaceful religion and is most rapidly growing religion... In 1990-2000, approximately 12.5 million more people converted to Islam than Christianity... Fearing from these figures Christians did propaganda against Islam and as international media was in their hands, so they started showing MuslimS as terrorist... But in reality Muslims are terrorized by all other nations... Look at Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, India and many a countries.

All praise to All mighty Allah. The religion ( way of life) of Adam, noah, ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed ( peace be upon them all) was one and the same. All mighty God sent 124000 ( more or less) messengers all over the world to teach righteousness, fairness, forbidding evil and enjoining good to mankind. Islam is the religion of All the ancient scriptures that exist. But none of the scriptures were destined to stay in its original state except Quran for which God Almighty himself took responsibility to preserve till the last day on earth. Almighty Allah, creator and sustainer of mankind, has kept peace of mind in his remembrance. no luxury or any other way of life except Islam can bring peace. The greatest and the only sin that will never be forgiven will be believing in anything but God Almighty, or associating parters to the Almight. Almighty Allah or Almighty God, is the only God and he does not have patners. No mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter etc. Associating ...more

Islam is not the deen originated by/for the Arabs, or by the Last Messenger of Allah, Mohamed ar-Rasool Allah (saws) alone! All the Messengers of Allah Subhanah who came before him (saws), including the first man on earth and the natural father of all mankind, Prophet Adam (a.S. ), came and preached the exact same deen and way of life; and the preaching of all the Messengers of Allah Subhanah was: 'Worship the One Lord Who Created, Alone, and do not associate any other with Him! '.

Allah Says in the Holy Quran Chapter 2 Surah Baqarah verses 256-257:

256 Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error; whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And Allah Hears and Knows all things.

257 Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light. Of those who reject faith the patrons are the evil ones: from light they will lead ...more

Islam is not a new religion, but the same truth that God revealed through all His prophets to every people. For a fifth of the world's population, Islam is both a religion and a complete way of life. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the majority have nothing to do with the extremely grave events which have come to be associated with their faith.

. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of facts in the Quran proving that it is the word of Allah (one true God). How would a man 1400 hundred years ago (who was illiterate) know of scientific facts concerning embryology, mountain structure, cloud formation, the miracle of iron being sent down to earth, a barrier separating salt water and fresh water bodies of water, etc. That are being proven today by modern science? Even the enemies of Islam trusted Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) because he was the most truthful and the best of creation. Islam is the most rational religion out there; when we look at the creation of this earth

I am a Muslim and I am very proud. It's the true religion which we have to follow it and you ( dear reader ) to make sure about my words by seeing increasing numbers of Muslims statistics each year. We will not give up because we have promised from our holy god by holy book " Qura'an " that we are going to be in Heaven forever.
I can say here today; that all non-Muslims have received a MENTAL WAR OF ISRAEL.
To see whether Israel can defend them on the Day of Resurrection? (Impossibility)

Islam is best religion through out the whole world, proud to be a Muslim

Proud to be a Muslim. People against Islam and Muslims must feel shame.

I love islam, I'm doing 5 prayers every day, and all my life changed 100% after prayer and read qur'an, thank you allah for give me this beautiful life - MouhamadAshraf

I don't understand why people just assume that we are all terrorists and bad people, if they came here they would see that we are a very kind and peaceful Religion. People say that the Holy Book of Quran is full of bad sins and is filled with evil but they are all wrong, if they just did more research about this amazing religion they would know about our true beliefs like how Allah sent Mohammed and Jesus and Ebraham and many more to help guide us and that there is only one God. I just hope that someday people will learn that we are actually good human beings. We never speak badly about christianity or Judaism because we believe that Allah created them for a good reason. And hopefully the world will finally be peaceful.

Islam is the most peaceful and most philosophical correct lifestyle. it give us equal opportunity without any discrimination and teaches us the most mannered and disciplined life style.
It has all the knowledge from the creation of the world to the end of the world with all small and large issues which could happen till the judgement day are described and there effects and remedies are provided which makes the Religion Islam as most complete and confirmed religion of the world. In Last would Thanks and feel proud of being the follower of Islam and living the lifestyle as described in it.

Islam is far from being the most peaceful religion. If you deny that, you are either a liar, or ignorant. - Alpha101

Islam is the proof of how beautiful a religion could be. Its not man made but is chosen by Allah Almighty. And no other religion can be so complete and just. Allah has guided us through his book and taught us so many good things that are uncountable. it gives the message of peace, harmony, kindness, truthfulness, trustworthiness, brotherhood, equality, justice, good manners, piety, tolerance, humanity, mercy, simplicity, humbleness, contentedness, humility, simply greatness by being simple and kind. It makes man to give rather than take. It teaches to stand for those who can't stand for themselves. It teaches to gift what one would himself like to have. It is all about kindness towards others which make one humble. Muslims don't do good deeds just to win jannah as reward, but these are the things that should be done because they are the most right things to do. If one can even follow one aspect of Islam, it will open the way to others and will make the person the most desirable ...more