Jainism is the oldest religion in the world and was being practiced by almost 400 million followers in the world few hundreds of years back. However now only some 10millions followers are there which is why many people in the world does not know about this religion. It does not believe in any forceful conversion and just tells people that they have to look inside themselves so that they could understand the true meaning of coming to this world as human being and get eternal knowledge. It says that all the living humans have the potential to attain "Nirvana" (coming out of the cycle of birth and death) but they have to do wipe out all the bad sins done so far in previous lives and this life. It is so minute in non-violence that even it advises against killing of those invisible insects by naked eyes which are found in vegetables, water and all around us. There is no comparison of this and other religions in the world.

I am proud to be a jain which believes in non violence and believe in live and let live

Searched it up then voted this. Honestly a beautiful religion. - LemonComputer

Peace is what a self, society and the world needs. Among various religions, Jainism enables it most. some religion believe that they are superior than others and non followers are sinners or inferior and needs to be converted or supressed. From centuries these conversion drives are achieved by force or financial offerings to poor just to increase the head count and thus gain control and influence on others. This madness for gaining control over others is a prime reason for conflicts between people, society, countries. Sad part is when its done in name of religion, defeating it's main purpose of providing a peaceful ambience around and inside an individual to help him/her focus b the goal to unite with the supreme power. The non violence philosophy of Jainism makes it one of the few religions which does not think others inferior or impose itself. Moreover most of its practices are more of a way of life helping an individual in maintaining health and simplicity while having compassion ...more

I love to be Jain because I am luckiest Jeev in this world who received company of true Dev, Shastra and Guru. Jainism does not favour any superstition believes it works on reality. In Jainism teaches to love each other instead of murdering animals and birds, eating them and enjoying there taste. Jainism is based on many facts which are proven by many scientists. We do not eat inside earth vegetable and fruit. We do not eat in Night because it has logic and fact behind it. Our Gurus does not live in luxurious ashrams. They spend there life by teaching good lessons to Society and in meditation of there soul. They even does not sit and eat luxuriously they have a separate process to follow before and during there "Aahhar Charya". They even have many rules which they follow very strictly. Jainism is purely based on principle of Ahimsa, We do not hurt anyone either physically or mentally. We do respect other religion. But I am very Proud to be Jain because I follow the principles which ...more

Jainism believes in Non Violance.. It doesn't allow harming any living creature which can't be seen by even a normal microscope! For ex, it doesn't allow drinking unfiltered water! Because it has been scientifically proved that even in a small drop of an unfiltered water, there are billions of warms which can be seen only by very powerful microscope.. It believes in the slogan " LIVE AND LET LIVE ". It strongly believes that same as we have a desire of living, other living creatures also have the same.. We don't have any right to kill them and eat them.. Say for example :
NON VEGETARIANS KILL ANIMALS (LIKE COW, FISH, CHICKEN, etc. ) AND EAT THEM. IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF SOMEONE DO THE SAME WITH YOUR CHILDREN OR WITH YOUR PARENTS OR EVEN WITH YOU? Those animals also have children, parents, family. Have non-vegetarians ever thought about this? We people give money to beggars or any needy people, for their good blessings.. We also believe that their good blessings will ...more

This is the most scientific and practical religion where there is an explanation to whatever is done or preached by the saints n preachers according to the books of Jainism. This is the most resilient n vegetarianism is its basic foundation. Jainism preaches Ahimsa which is the need of the hour for the whole world at large. Population wise Jain's don't match other religions, so to conduct a survey on basis of votes is misleading.

They believe in not harming anyone and that's what all the god preaches

All religions are not preaching that way! Specifically, Muslims and Christians are eating all those living creatures in the world; and so, most of them are violent in nature. Because of this, these religions were and are failures, in keeping harmony among people and countries!

The best and proven religion on the world. The unique temples all over the world proves it's existence of oldest religion. Jainism is the only religion in the world which allows to the touch the statues of gods and also proves that anyone can become god.

The rebirth and death is linked to our karmas. If a person is born Jain, He or she can be assured that they have done some good karmas in the past.

Let and let live, said by lord Mahaveer says that everyone has a right to live in this world. He was a true preacher of Ahimsa and Non violence.

I am really lucky to be born as Jain and feel proud of my religion

World is insecure as everybody is facing the biggest problem of Terrorism.. It's Jainism whose very first problem is NON-VIOLENCE..
Secondly health issues.. The other day the world was fighting with epidemic like bird flu, this was all because of having chickens... Then swine flu which was also contagious and transferred with the virus coming out from ones mouth while coughing, in Jainism we always keep a piece of cloth on mouth this is only in Jainism.. Jainism is the only religion which is completely logical and scientific if adhered with the principles of Jainism one can feel a healthy way of life..

It's about self discipline and training. A path to achieve the true happiness which cannot be found in this material world. It itself says that no religion should be tagged a the 'best'. And that a person needn't follow a religion to be a good person. This is the oldest living religion. It's a spiritual path. No god is there who created us and we ourselves are responsible for better or good. Ow a days as we can see everyone is on the way of violence... But it will not take us to the piece which we want to live happy and successful life... Non violence is the only way to spend our life in a great and successful way...

I love this not because I am Jain, but because it never says its best.. everything which is followed are logical nothing superstitious. And major point is of non violence...

Jainism makes life meaningful from materialistic and spread peace and prosperity everywhere which is necessary for this world.

We Jain believe that everybody is having right to live in this world peacefully not only for human being but also animals, insects and tree and plants also etc.

History also proves that Jain always mad things better for others also.

Jainism is the most scientific and really a religion of peace. You will hear each and every religion believe in peace but their followers do otherwise. Almost cent percent of jains are very peaceful. Other thing jainism is not a religion that believe in blind faith. each and every preaching in jainism has a logic to it. Many logics are scientifically proven. Jainism is the most oldest religion in this world which cannot be measured in time. Lord mahavir preached many things to it follower like plants have life etc which is all proven. It is the most toughest religion to follow. This is a reason why it has so less followers. Essence of jainism is karma and moksh

Jainism is the best religion as it shows you the path to liberation. It teaches how to achieve salvation. How to come out of the cycle of birth and death and get away from the never ending miseries of this world. It is based on the theory of karma. It says what you give comes back to U. So do good deeds and you will receive good. It is a religion of non-violence which believes that killing of micro-organisms is also a sin. It's a religion of loving, caring, and practicing brotherhood. I'm proud to be a Jain and pray to god that I'm born as a Jain by religion in my next birth also.

Everything is okay with the Jainism except this karma and cycle of birth, which it inherits from the Hinduism which can not be true. If one dies, everything over. No after-birth. Live a good life as Jains and see and feel the Heaven here in the world!

There are many religions out there. I, for example, am Jewish. I haven't heard of Jainism until now and it sounds very interesting and I would like to learn more about it. - username34

Please learn about it quickly; and follow the non-violence way of living.

Live and let live the moto of Jainism, it is the oldest amongst all religions, if world follows its teaching no body in the world can be in sorrow.

Jainism is the best because it is a religion of non violence. The religion makes us learn about discipline and believe not in harming anyone. IT PROMOTES PEACE IN THE WORLD and is a spiritual path. I AM VERY PROUD TO BE A JAIN.

A religion which is totally scientific and based on logics. A religion which teaches to understand the inside qualities. It teaches about oneness of soul and purity of soul. The learnings help a person at every step of life to choose between right and wrong. It believes in power of knowledge. Satisfies all criteria which should be there in an ideal religion to make the human peaceful, humble.

Jainism can simply be defined as knowing true nature of oneself and world. And the final purpose is attaining "Nirvana".
Although it is one of the very few religion which emphasize on Total non-violence and truth only.
The very principles of Jainism were key factor in building up the principles of Mahatma Gandhi.

Live and let live. One the religion which is scientific in approach and preaches things beyond normal. The prescribed path in religion is one of its kind taking into account all living and non living beings on earth. If one follows this probably the world will be a better place to live and we will not worry of any major problems like global warming, water scarcity etc. , Go and grab a book to understand this more... Its quite elaborate and one of the oldest preachings around... Its more than religion its way of life...

Jainism is the religion which shows the way to live peacefully in the world not only among human beings but with the every living being. Jainism's one of the main principle is 'LIVE AND LET LIVE'. Jainism is not only the religion but is the method of living. It's all practices are scientific and best among all religious. Jainism don't say that one should be Jain if he need to go to heaven or else he will go to hell.

If one live a non violent living, they will see 'the heaven' here while they are living in this earth. Otherwise, one will see and live 'the hell' here itself. Most of the people don't know this truth!

Jainism is the oldest religion. And had been trying to spread peace all over world. Its rules are strict but at last the final result will be the best. - bhandari_shail

Jainism is a practical and logical path to achieve immense happiness and in real sense promotes peace. It preaches non violence to all the living being in any form. A path which says you don't need to control or change the world, change yourself world will change by itself. A path of gratitude. A path which says not to judge anything on single view point.

Best part is there is no fear or threat in me that my path or religion is in danger. There is immense happiness and joy practising the path of self realisation.

It's a beautiful path.

Jainism is the oldest religion in the world and it is said that Jainism is existing from crores multiplied by crore years back and will exist till infinity. It is based on multiple dimension thinking ; justice and non violence. Practise in jaisnism is very tough but no body is forced to do practise it if you have will you can practise. If you want complete independence from cycle of birth and death then you will have practice Jainism their is no other way

Jainism is believed to be the oldest religion, but it's not that. Important is, Jainism is that religion which is complete in itself. A sincere study of comparison of the different philosophy would let one know that Jainism has answer to questions that would sound most logical in the realm of spirituality. Whole that said, Jainism in its true essence has never worried about its devotees to be really a Jain. It has always wanted the development of virtues practised by Jainism. If you have this virtue you are a Jain. If not, then you are not.

Systematic study of Jain scriptures under the guidance of an able Guru would make one realise, Jainism is every other religion understood from its perspective!

Truly a fantastic religion with no rigid complex orthodox policies. "Syadvaad" - taking into consideration the every perspective, every angle possible is the trademark of Jainism!

This is why Jainism is peace loving. It understands the perspective of others so there is ...more