When was the last time the Jews started a hate group? When was the last time they committed a terrorist attack? I don't remember ever reading anything about that. Sure, they did start a resistance, but that was against the Nazis who were just wiping them out. Some people say that Christianity was persecuted, which it was, but do you know how that ended? With the Emperor Constantine making Christianity the official religion. Did anyone do that after the Holocaust? No. They just left them traumatized and horrified. The LEAST they could do after that was give them a tiny strip of land that they would be safe in.

For this guy who says he will die being a Jew, I am all for that. Being a Jew myself, I take pride in who I am and the faith I have. Me and that guy both know that no matter what anyone says, we are both the inspiration for Christianity (look it up) and special in our own ways. - username34

Best religion and way of life, hands down. You're not just joining a religion upon conversion to Judaism, but joining a people, a culture, a history. I could go on for ages about what I love about Judasim and the Jewish people, and how I came across the faith on a spiritual search for truth having been brought up in a secular Christian family, but I'll just say that they don't force conversion on people, they believe all good people go to heaven, they don't believe people are born evil, they have a practical, logical belief system and they encourage and are open to other/new ways of thinking. Their attention is on this life, to enjoy it to the fullest and they value community and family life. They are accepting of others. I am an open minded person and I love learning, I feel right at home among the Jewish people. I will continue my study of Judaism and hopefully one day convert and marry Jewish for I want my kids to be brought up and have the values present in Judaism. Shabbat Shalom!

Jewish people are blamed for everything because they are successful. We were blamed to be the cause of black death because almost no Jew dies. That is because Jews are told to wash their hands all the time, so they didn't get germs. Judaism teaches peace, love and friendship.

I ask one thing to every Jews if they had 7 universal laws like not killing not being cruel. So why they are killing innocent people of Palestine.

Judaism literally the best religion, hands down. I grew up as a Christian filled with unanswered questions everywhere so I went on a search of the "truth". After researching and experiencing many different religions, I finally came to a conclusion that Judaism is the ultimate truth and a final answer to all my questions.

Ancient scriptures of and based on Judaism provides modern scientific evidence of astronomy, biology, ecology physiology and other forms of science. The Zohar, a book written by influential rabbis provides detailed descriptions of the nature of the universe, and the dwellers within it, along with scientific evidence (as listed above) to further prove these points. How could rabbis long ago be able identify these facts? For example, the Zohar states the amount of stars in the universe. In the past hundred years a scientist named Hubble studies the universe, its size and the stars within and calculated the same amount, but he used the scientific method with evidence. Therefore Judaism relates with modern science, which is thus evidence for its existence.

Also, it is the most reasonable religion because it cannot be a lie. Christianity was created by St. Paul, after he took a walk and and angel revealed to him the truth of Jesus Christ. The angel basically told Paul Jesus was the ...more

It's based upon being nice to your fellows and to animals and I'm not going to go into so many details, but its all about being a good person.

I think Judaism and Christianity =truth there is only one God The messiah Yeshua (Jesus ) the Jewish God not Christian God, that name Christian was given in Middle Ages by Constantine the first roman emperor, which the catholic church became. then the people broke off into different sections of religions, Jesus was never called a catholic, He is A Jewish God, the Jewish people need to read Isaiah 53 :3-12He died for our sins no need for animal sacrifices any more, Jesus didn't come end the Torah but to fulfill He's truths. I don't call myself a religion but a follower of Yeshua the holy one of Israel,

Some may not know this but Jesus was jewish so shut up about your greedy jew stereotypes. I don't know why this religion is so hated.

The most scientific & oldest religion of the world. This religion came into existence along with first civilisation in India.

It is one of the religion which even speaks about the smallest organism which may be visible or invisible and protect them

Why is this not higher? It has the best rules and promotes happiness!

Is the best religion because the REAL GOD is with this religion listen to me it is the best

Judaism happens to be the truest (and the oldest) of all "religions" and all of the others (the later ones) conceptualized on the lines the Judeo faith system.. However, we do not hate them for that as such, indeed, our love for humanity is responsible for all the good in the modern world.. Had there been no Jews, there wouldn't have been the world we see today..

Jainism walks on the path of non-violence.

Bro, this religion gave people Christianity and Islam, how is it not number 1? It promotes equality for everyone, unlike Hinduism and Islam, and also promotes animal rights.

Religion is the opiate of the masses. More evil has been perpetrated in the name of religion than for any other reason. I am not a fan of any of them but consider Judaism one of the least offensive (at least at the more liberal end as in Reform ).

Judaism is not about blind worship of an idol- rather, the intellectual philosophy of the world around us.

Great festivals, great mystical aspect (Kabbalah), ancient, gave the world the ten commandments, does not persecute anybody, there is also a place in the world to come for NON News!

They are peaceful, kind, and altruistic people. I admire their kindness.

I m jain or my religion is jainism worlds best

The best thing about jainism, it just focus on live and let other live

Why is Judaism number 6? It should be the worst for killing its Muslim neighbors with no mercy.

The amount of triggered palestinian's in this comment section far exceeds the amount I originally anticipated. - username34