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61 Shivdharma

ShivDharma is the solemn declaration of our religious freedom

Scientific & True Indian cultural heritage, religion. The best solution to human mankind.

The best dharma is shivdharma... Shiva shiva shiva

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62 Ahmadi (Mirzai)

Love for all hatred for none

Islam was the best is the best will be the best
LOve you Islam

True form of Islam in modern days

True and Great people's in the world

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63 Daawat e Islaami

Dawate Islamic is the best that had happened, and learned many things about our religion, and I love my religion, Islam is the best religion and I am proud to be a Muslim

Allah turns those people into good whom he feels is good enough to accept Islam from heart

Islam is the best anytime

Every faithfull peoples has to believe in theirs lords. But there is very popular faith is islam in the world. Why because it learns to cover by every good things...mashahallah

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64 Shenism V 1 Comment
65 Lingayatism

A religion away from orthodox ritual and near to humanity and real life facts.

In my opinion this is. The best religion as we believe in conserving the resource

This is a small branch but same as Hindu.

Om Shree Guru Basava.

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66 Brahma Kumaris

We are one God, one world family

This is the 1st organization who conduct by female

Love, Peace and happiness.

We all are children of one supreme father.

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67 Dudeism

Dude, this is like, dude, the best religion ever, dude... dude

Hail the king of kings... dude man mega dude supra dude cool dude supra mega cool dude and our main leader mega cool supra super king dude man

We're all dudes yeah!

Love this dude

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68 Bonism

Islam is the best

Islam is the best Religion in the world.

Islam is the best religion in the world & only Allah is the king of this world.

Islam is the best religion in whole world

Islam is that best

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69 Bishnoi

Save animals and. Trees

Being bishnoi...

Bishnoi are the part of the Hindu but Bishnoi have a different personality bishoi are belive in the life of plants and animals are more important than a human

Proud to Bishnoi

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70 Sulh-e-kul

I love Allah I'm Muslim

I am Muslim thank for allah I am not Muslim to much problems

Islam is a peaceful

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuho
You are the great that going on straight path.
You got the straight way.
All Pure Muslims are my heart my life hope you will success in your life.
Mohibbullah Hassanzai

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71 Vaishno

It is all about us, the love from us to god krishna

Jay sri Krishna

I am vaishnav.

Jay Shree Krishna, Vallabhadhish ki Jay, Shree Girirajdharan ki Jay, Shree Yamuna Maharani ki Jay.

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72 Hellenism

Just cause it has the name "hell" in it doesn't mean that it needs to have anything to do with hell. If anything, you should be shamed for both jumping to irrational conclusions and offending many. Not me though, I am Jewish. And don't anyone DARE talk crap about Judaism. - username34

I don't have a problem with it, except you persecuted and killed Christ on the wooden cross. You're still waiting for His coming, but guess what? Whenever He comes again, it will be his second time. But other than that, I honestly don't care if you're Jewish - mpgami

Hellenism is the revival of the Ancient Greek Religion. Yet the religion is not unified and never has been. There is a lot of diversity in Ancient Greece. Myths are not interpreted as literal fact.

Look up the religion, it has nothing to do with hell. It is based around the revival of the tradition and worship of the Greek Gods.

The ignorance is strong with this thread, all you love preaching people need to get off of Hellenism and go get a life.

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73 Oshoism

Osho's is not a religion and gives insight of the real religious person

I love Osho and his teachings.

Osho he spoke almost all his life continous. Osho greatest mind in the world


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74 Maheshwari

Proud to be maheshwari

I am Maheshwari... Nad m proud of it... Best religion ever... A part of Hinduism... - raghavladdha

75 Avatar Meher Baba

Proud to be Sikh

I am Sikh so singh is king

Proud to be Sikh


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76 Mandaeism V 1 Comment
77 Mahanubhav Dharma

I am proud to be mahanubhav

Mahanubhav drama is great

They are lucky who is born in Mahanubhav Darma

Mahanubhav's are the believer of Chakradhar swami. It is a dharma which acts on his path I. E no voilence and
Love everyone.

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78 Heaven's Gate

Absolutely the true path to happiness, a totally unique and amazing experience...

Where the real life for a Muslim begins

Is that even a religion..

Can't wait to be on the away team

79 Shri Krishna Pranami

Jai shree ram every one like his religious god so proud. But human love is best religion in the world so stop this war for religion

Jai shree krishna is best religion of world and every country krishnha temple I am visiting krishnha temple for mumbai city best temple awesome

80 Shaktism
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