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101 Anglican

Never hear it

102 Hasidic Judaism V 1 Comment
103 Discordianism V 3 Comments
104 Seventh-Day Adventist Church

This religion is very good it teaches you that God came and saved us we don't have to sacrifice someone for God to like us he loves us already God will for give us our sins to everyone Jesus will love you to the end. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who believe in him shall perish but have everlasting life John 3:16 God bless you all

I'm an Adventist and I like being part of Adventist.I think seventh day Adventist is the best religion that I know,even though there are more religions.

Because, they respect both oldtestament teachings and newtestament teachings in the bible

V 1 Comment
105 Odalism V 1 Comment
106 Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

This is a homophobic church of hell

The best for me, I think,thisisthe true church.. of the living GOD!

The True Church of the Living God.
Mass Healing and Miracles only happens here.
Cancer, Diabetes, Aids, Lukemia, Leprosy, Drug Addict, Homo Sexual and vices were healed and freed.

107 Bathouism

Bwra bathou is sign of five principle like air, water, earth, sky and fire and many more

108 Yoruba
109 Kemetism

Revival of the Ancient Egyptian faith

V 1 Comment
110 Deobandism
111 Episcopalian

Wear is sindhe

112 Yezidism

I like the religion yezidism because it has the mixture of judaism and Christianity

They are Kurdish Ethnic group living in Iran and Iraq, their religion is mixture of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. they are very peaceful people ans respect all other religion and also Satan.

113 Mithraism
114 Udasi

Jai Shri Krishna

115 Presbyterian
116 Calvinism
117 Theravada Buddhism
118 Kabbalah
119 Neopaganism
120 Gnosticism
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