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101 Anglican

Never hear it

102 Hasidic Judaism V 1 Comment
103 Discordianism V 3 Comments
104 Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry

This is a homophobic church of hell

The best for me, I think,thisisthe true church.. of the living GOD!

The True Church of the Living God.
Mass Healing and Miracles only happens here.
Cancer, Diabetes, Aids, Lukemia, Leprosy, Drug Addict, Homo Sexual and vices were healed and freed.

105 Odalism V 1 Comment
106 Bathouism

Bwra bathou is sign of five principle like air, water, earth, sky and fire and many more

107 Yoruba
108 Kemetism

Revival of the Ancient Egyptian faith

V 1 Comment
109 Deobandism
110 Episcopalian

Wear is sindhe

111 Calvinism

I like the name Calvin so I voted for it.
Haven't ever heard about this religion and I don't know what it's about but I like Calvin.

112 Neopaganism
113 Gnosticism
114 Martinism
115 Modern Satanism

In fact, it is not a religion, it is more of philosophy. However, yes, it is the best of all.

116 Vohraji

I proud to be a Muslim vohraji

Vohra community are most peaceful in the world. They always love their neighbors and their country.

I am Muslims vohraji

Vohraji's are Business Class Peoples, Calm, Cool, Positive, Friendly, Respecting e.t.c.

V 6 Comments
117 Salafism

Islam is the true religion.

Islam is tru religions

Islam is the true religion and I am a true Muslim and proud to be Muslim. I love Islam.

I might offend some people but what is salafism?

V 17 Comments
118 Agnosticism

There is no proof that God exists and at the same time, there is no evidence that he doesn't exist. Therefore, Agnosticism is the only justifiable system of beliefs. - DieGedankenSindFrei

This religion is the belief that humanity has not advanced enough to know for sure of a deity exists or not. We don't know as humans what actually happens - Phillip873

To the best of my knowledge, no great atrocities have been committed in the name of agnosticism. - PetSounds

There is no God, but there is... I guess. I don't know. The basis of Agnosticism is literally not knowing.

V 8 Comments
119 Yezidism

I like the religion yezidism because it has the mixture of judaism and Christianity

They are Kurdish Ethnic group living in Iran and Iraq, their religion is mixture of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. they are very peaceful people ans respect all other religion and also Satan.

120 Mithraism
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