There is no religion other than Scientology that is able to save your life once a day or once a week. I've seen so many profound changes in so little time. And it is all standard. Meaning the wins and cognitions some get will be reached by others too. But at the same time, it is totally individual. Only the method used and the states aimed at are the same. The personal realizations are always very unique.
Scientology offers some things that no other religion offers. For example, if you don't get the aimed result, there is automatically a correction unit that makes sure everything went well and brings in order whatever what not perfect. It corrects itself permanently from occurring errors. Where do you find that? Imagine a person going to tell his sins to a priest. At the end the person is still not relieved. Well, in Scientology, if the relief doesn't happen, it means something went wrong. And it's gonna be looked at until the parishioner gets relieved. Whatever it takes. That is ...more

I'm usually pretty tolerant of other people's beliefs, but scientology is one of the most idiotic "religions" (cults) ever invented. - Alpha101

As far as I'm concerned, Scientology is the religion of religions. The one that actually makes good on all the hopes and promises of others. Through its study & practice I achieve a truly deep and personal understanding of life, the universe and everything.

I love it - Scientology is about you. Anyone who defames any religion on this page should be marked as anti-religious freedom. Everyone should have their choice of religion and TOLERANCE is the watchword.

If it's followers get spiritual fulfillment through Scientology then more power to them. I used to live in LA and they were everywhere- I try to be open minded but the readings on the street and the numerous buildings with followers trying to lure you in from the sidewalks made them seem a bit cultish and creepy to me.

Scientology helped me to get over one of the most difficult situations a girl can experience as a child. Now I'm free of that, I'm a happy and productive person, a happy mom and I don't have any of that past hunting me any more.

Scientology changed my life in a positive way. I have a perfect relationchip, my business has expended, my relationship with my family is much much better. I'm a very critical person, so I only use something if is working for me. If it's working its true. I always waited for the day when I see the true in the media. Then one day I realised that there is no truth in the media. Not every person wants you to be better be free, but scientologist wants you to be free!

Everything in this world is science related. People should understand that.

In this religion you don't have to spend time doing all that praying and spiritual stuff you also don't have to think about god, gods, or spirit stuff all day but the down part of this religion is that if you live in a very Christian community like I do you may be bullied and made fun of people may judge for not believing on god so when that happens I ingnore it and say "Most of worlds population doesn't believe in god"

I've been a Scientologist for 33+ years, and it is definitely the coolest religion on earth. My fellow Scientologists and friends are members of all the above mentioned religions. That's what's beautiful about us, there is no bigotry, or need to spread hate and fear. We don't have to make others wrong so we can be right! All are welcome! Look and decide for yourself. You will be welcomed in any of our churches, and you will never be asked to give up your religious practice. Scientology is a religious philosophy.

Scientology is a cult... but not everything can be explained by Science, nor Religions. Both is fair... but I think God will causes bad stuff to happen to me for saying such stuff.. - GirlyAnimeLover

Everything in this universe is science or beyond science. Every movement happens has cause and that cause are science, not religion. Religion is a only plateform to create and follow the system. Who has create system and gave a title, that title is name of religion. If you accept any particular religion then you have to follow that system.

It's the best religion. As simple as that. In the beginning I thought it was stupid that I had to pay money to join, but afterwards I understood. You will all understood...

May be today it is not religion but many other religions were also not there only few centuries back. So in modern world it can develop as religion

I picked it because it's based on proven fact, not written legend

Scientology is a religion which has the tools to teach how to live life better, how to help others and mankind. Scientology has workable solutions for the troubles of humankind, like drugs, low moral, violation of human rights, a workable technology of really learn things for application and much much more. The only place where through a spirital science you can gain real spritual freedom you never ever imagined before. Scientology has open doors for everyone. Do not let yourself fooled by the lies of the meadia, find out for yourself. You are welcomed, you can be helped!

Best religion in the world, you would not believe how much better at Run 2 I have become since donating my life savings to Scientology!

Our Jainism is very tough religious. Jain is greatest.

Wrong religion. This item is Scientology not Jainism. Jainism is very different from this. - RiverClanRocks

Scientology is run by a corrupt, evil, stalker who tricks the unfortunite into giving money to him for as long as you live. Its horrible

Scientology has helped me like nothing else in this life.

Religion of people who believe in science fiction

No, just no, please, I have family members torn apart from this cult

Scientology may be weird and have some strange beliefs to it, but if you watch some of their videos and check out theor website, you'll see they make a point.

Scientology is like the religion version of pay-to-win. - username34

Good is in science, so believing in science is the best way to connect with Good.

People need to realize that Scientology means the belief that aliens created the earth. That's not science. It's just the name