People eat what they believe to be sweet, but it turns out to be bitter in taste. They attach their affections to brothers and friends, uselessly engrossed in corruption. They vanish without a moment's delay; without God's Name, they are stunned and amazed. O my mind, attach yourself to the service of the true Guru. Whatever you see will pass away. Abandon the intellectualizations of your mind. Like the mad dog running around in all directions, the greedy person consumes everything, edible and non-edible alike. Engrossed in the intoxication of sexual desire and anger, people wander through reincarnation over and over again. Maya has spread out her net, and in it, maya has placed the bait. The bird of desire is caught and cannot escape, O my mother. One who does not know the Lord who created him, comes and goes in reincarnation over and over again. By various devices and in many ways, this world is enticed. They alone are saved, whom the All-powerful, Infinite Lord protects. The ...more

There is no doubt Sikhism is the best religion. Sikhism has many different qualities which are actually true. A number of costumes and superstations are removed by Sikhism. So please learn the teaching of Sikhism and follow

Sikhism is an all inclusive religion, based on science, promotes equality of all peoples, Built on 3 principles: work hard, share with the less fortunate and remember to always thank God!

God is one and he is inside us. Find him by the true guru. He will give you naam (Holy word) you will chant it and get salvation. God abides everywhere and religion doesn't exists. It is only humans that have created it. God want the love and not the argumentation about which religion is better than which religion. It is only thatb the satan has entangled us to this wordly attachments. We have forgotten god absolutely. Here is an absolutely important thing to all people around the world do not eat meat eggs or fish you will be punished here or there. And for you who doesn't believe at god ask yourself who is holding the planets and the sun? Who is giving the sun fire when its not oxygen up there? Religion is a thing that we have created not god. So please stop comparing religions and my god or your god because of it is only one god and shall always be one god and god doesn't care about our religions he just cares about our love we give to him.

I have studied all religions and this one makes sense. Also treats men and women equal.


As a teacher of religion in secondary school, I can safely say Sikhism promotes its teachings wonderfully. I am not one to say 'oh it is the best religion' because there are many good religions out there, Hinduism and bhuddism etc. However I do feel like Sikhism is teaching great honest values that can relate and be carried out to modern day society. It promotes women rights and equality, does not expect you to be overly religious/obsessive and pray many times per day. Sikhism is on the right tracks to creating better people with great morals, stand up for yourself, have respect for yourself and others, work hard etc.

I think we Sikh people shouldn't be competing here. We are not supposed to show that we are superior or inferior to others. We are not fighting to prove that we are the best. Let other religions fight to show there superiority, we ought to be happy with what we have

As someone who is not affiliated with any particular religion, I thank you so much for showing such wonderful compassion and respect, no wonder you guys got number 1!

Sikhism is a modern, scientific and practical religious way of life. Sikhism is a philosophy which has validity of all cultures and religious. Guru Nanak (1469-1539) was postulating views on the origin of the universe that will make the Big Bang theorists proud. He stated unambiguously that there were countless earth, moon and Suns. He called the natural laws that govern their motions in space. His Hukam (cosmic law). Cosmos is the manifest form of God and Hukam (cosmic law) is the invisible form that pervades the cosmos. Long before Darvin's (1809-1882) theory of origin of spices Guru Nanak had declared that the life began in water and involved through many life forms. Later it spread in the water over and under the land and in the air. Human being are the ultimate life form. Death is a loss of consciousness. When a person dies he/she doesn't go to heaven or hell, because heaven and hell exist only in our imagination. It is we who make a heaven or hell of our lives thereon this ...more

Unfortunately, most people are ignorant about this religion. When you read about it, it seems to make the most sense.

Sikhism does not look down upon people who follow other religions as "inferior, non-believer, etc". That is one reason why you don't see Sikh Missionaries actively pursuing conversions. Sikhism is a religion of Equality. Equality between Men and Women and also stressing "universal equality" amongst all human beings. Which all other religions do not have.
Sikhism is a modern way of life, it doesn't subject people to valueless rituals. A few examples being the caste system, bathing in holy rivers, facing a certain direction for a prayer, slaughtering animals in the name of God, circumcision.

Sikhism very new and recent religion, which is related to humanity and truth. It narrates that god is only one and have no shape and equal for everyone without partiality on base of color, religion, ethics and its equal for male and female without ristrictions. it teaches the simple and straight way to live on the path of peace and Truth. It teaches we should always chant the name of that one and true god, that is alive in everyone everywhere in whole universe... Because this is the only way to make our life happy in this world and in other world after death.. Without any greed of money, relations, desires, and needs of all nonliving things of this fake world.

A pratical religion that has shown to be most generous religion for helping humanity in need with service and humility.

Sikhism does not condemn others to Hell or uses fear and threats

It does not says it is solely right, but that all pathways to God are equally good as long as one practices the goodness in them.

It emphasises upon on ONE entity of God who is omnipresent and yet to be born, and that rituals are no use if one does not sing the praises of the maker and do goodness in this life.

It does not threaten with hell or heaven but all good deeds here are judged and rewarded here when One immerses with the NAM_ of God.

As a religious Sikh I have spent my entire life researching about not only Sikhi but other religions also. I can confirm that Sikhism is the only religion to serve free meals to all in our gurudwara (place of worship) and the Khalsa which is an army of baptised Sikhs was the only army to ever conquer Afghanistan. Not only do we preach peace but also to wield swords and fight against injustice. Unlike many religions we also believe in the equality of women. We believe in 11 gurus, 10 in human form who ruled panjab which is our homeland from 1469 to 1708 and one eternal guru which is our Guru Granth Sahib and our holy scriptures.

Clear and concise teachings written by the Gurus themselves. Not passed down through hearsay, belief, etc. It is factual. Emphasises belief in one God, the supreme creator of the universe. Fundamental teachings are meditate to God, Work hard and Share with the poor. Sikhism teaches that the ultimate objective of a human is to reach God. It is only the human species that can do this because of their superior intellect. So human life should not be wated on material and evil things but on meditation whilst living normal lives.

Sikhism preaches of equality and respect of other religions and for me it is highly relatable.

Sikhism teaches peace, respect of all humans no matter what race colour or sex they are everyone is equal. Not like some religions that suppress women. Sikhism doesn't force children or preach to follow the religion, it's a choice & life style. Their is only one god however their are different paths (religions) to him. Sikhs are Lions & have a duty to protect anyone that needs it. Their is no religion like Sikhism given male & females equal rights to enjoy life. If your not a Sikh your still respected & so is your religion. Look around the world you will never find a Sikh being a terrorist or bombing people due to religion however you will find terrorists in all other religions. A lion doesn't need to prove anything in the jungle he or she is the king & queen. Male middle name Singh means lion & female middle name Kaur means princess so you can understand how much love & respect a male & female give each other. Wish every religion was like Sikhism the world would be a peaceful ...more

Only Sikhs believe in one God. Cristians believe in one God but they believe jesus as god. So according to them jesus is god. Jesus can be god to humans but what about other species? Then they must have god in their form. For example for animals they have some animal god. In Sikhism there is only one God who is controlling all so-called gods. He has no form. You can't see him.

That's a false statement, there are many religions which believe in one god and him being an entity which we are unable to see. Like Islam, in Islamic beliefs there is one god whom we are unable to see him and he does not take form. Also in relation to your point on Christian beliefs on Jesus being a god, the Christians had believed that Jesus prayed, which is pretty contradictory considering the fact that HE himself as they believe was a god.

All are the same. We are all children of the one God. Hence why do we judge?

Because Sikhism is the richest religion in the hole world.
My friends opinion is that: Sikhism is the strongest richest top class also has intelligence and empathy

Sikh religion believe in one god supreme power and self realization through deep meditation and living truthful life. Sikhism believe god is inside and if you try to find outside then you will be lost. Search inside you r mind and you will merge with god and truth. Planets and solar systems and galaxies have been discussed in holy book where we find how this universe got created by ultimate power and will get destroyed as well so live in truth sing truth and live you r life by sharing food etc...

Sikhism is all about helping the community and sure Sikhs may still have to believe there is a God in heaven (not an atheistic religion) and they keep they show their faith by devoting their body and soul to God and for the benefit of the community.

All people are equal, regardless of faith, gender, race or social standing. All religions, if they teach love of humankind, can lead to salvation. No silly stories.

Sikhism is not a religion but a way of life... Sikh means a learner and guru nanak devji started Sikhism by saying all humans are equal, men and women are equal. Sikhs are known for their braveness in the world, Sikhs have ten gurus (teachers not gods) and one guru, sri guru granth sahib (a holy book) which tell us how to live our life, its has very beautiful messages, shows us the true meaning of life... Wjkk wjkf

Off course Sikhism is a religion and they do have 10 gods...

If your parents team you something you can't say they are your teacher you'll still consider them as parents so please our God's are God's don't say they are not God's they are just teachers

We Sikhs are saint soldiers, we are only 2% of the total population in India, but we consist over 50% in Indian defense forces. Though we have major population all around the world, where ever we go, we built gurudwaras ( Sikh temple) we serve free food, throughout the day, in some places even 12 hours and 24 hours respectively. As we have millions of volunteers who are always ready to serve. This is an important point which every one notice, whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Christian etc regardless of faith, race, religion, any one can come and have meals in Sikh temple, because we believe in sharing and all human beings are one. Our get out and turnout looks scary to some people, as you see if every man stays like god has sent him into the world, without shaving or cutting hair, what they will look, defiantly a Sikh.. Because in our religion hairs are sacred nothing to be ashamed of as we are mortals so body will perish one day. So instead of looking after and spending money on outer ...more

Perhaps the only religion which in modern context teaches you to achieve salvation by adopting a Sikh way of life which is more humanity centric rather than ritualistic hence a person can actually achieve that spiritual bliss rather than just chasing a mirage. Other put the person in such a juxtaposition that he is reduced to being caught in a quicksand where the more he tries to do things ritualisticly he actually sinks deeper instead of being in an elevated state. Thanks to be born in a Sikhhousehold and have a relationship with the Gurus who gave us the class of sadhsangat to sing away to glory and get emancipated while being a mundane person who is not required to lead a life in exile. Bow down to such a GURU who achieved moksha and is capable to see you through.

Some one once said that in Christianity we have one Jesus whereas in Sikhism you have many. Only religion where Gurus have given their lives to save other religion & poor. Show me any religious script which has teachings/sayings from other religious people, Shri Guru Granth Sahib is the only which has. Some religions offer a heavenly paradise, where one is rewarded with Virgins (only for the males as one scripture has it) and rivers of wine (which ironically is not sanctioned for one to drink here on this earth). Sikhism rewards people with the concept of becoming "one with God". Where the soul is immersed back into the Godly soul, like a raindrop is immersed into the ocean and hence find ever lasting bliss.