Completely agree with the comments. Had there been different GODS, the human beings also would have been different. Every human being is same. They all feel pain, happiness and other things alike. If GODS are different, it means they have great unity when THEY created all human beings alike. Then why not the unity among ourselves.
SPIRITUALITY IS ONE AND THE ONLY RELIGION. Different religions are their to explain the spirituality in their own way. SPIRITUALITY IS SUPREME.

Being human is the greatest religion it encompasses the best of all religions.

I feel Nirankari mission is the best. This is the platform wherein you connect with all sorts of people.

There is only one god but we can't find him without help of master because when we can't study without help of teacher then how can we find god (the supreme power of the galaxy's)

Every religion says about spiritualism then why we are not bothered about spiritualism. !

Laugh out loud only Hinduism talks about spirituality YOGA. MEDITATION. AYURVEDA. are great examples. What Christianity world wars. And Islam terrorism. Man made barbaric western cult

Mankind and humanity are the greatest religion. Valuing, respecting and serving human beings is the biggest worship to the creator of this mankind... God, who is one. God is the ultimate power n religion is a way to create belief in god

I'm Muslim I'm Indian thanks for Allah

Religions become institution to serve their selfish purpose only- they are away from spirituality and more towards mantra and other materialistic rituals--- too bad for spirituality.

We are not human being having spiritual experience rather we are spiritual being having human experience...

When you find your sprit no need to any religion. Sprit itself a religion you could start a journey of ocean.

Spiritualism is the core of every religion & What people normally practise in the name of religion are only the external aspects of it.

I think there has to be one religion on earth. Spirituality is the solution.

I like spiritualism because there's no rules you need to follow. You don't need to change or hide who you are. I love it!

This religion can promote humanity

Spiritualism is the concept of accepting the fact there is a realm beyond human existence, and there is no self righteousness.

Spiritualism is the best because all religions converge into Spirituality & make life a lot easier.

All religions at its base are spiritual

I go with Spiritualism, because humble ness comes from them.

Humanity is a great allows of all

Yes this the true way of all human beings to search the origin of one's self.

Lets understand the difference between human being and being human.

Spirituality starts where religion ends

Humanity is greater than everything.

Humanity only best in world thank you

Every religion has same meaning n thought, they are just different ways to follow one same spirit